Soun Takeda Solo Exhibition-Flying- [Tokyo] GINZA SIX, [Osaka] Daimaru Umeda store will be held continuously!

-Ending 2021 with a book and praying for "flying" in 2022-What is the message that Soun Takeda sends to everyone living in the "era of the wind"?

Takeda Futakumo's solo exhibition "~ Flying ~" will be held at GINZA SIX 5th floor Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO (held from December 2nd (Thursday) to December 8th (Wednesday)) and Osaka Daimaru Umeda store (held) Held for a total of 17 days at two locations from December 17th (Friday) to December 26th (Sunday)

Souun Takeda's solo exhibition "~ Flying ~" (planned and operated by Selene Art Media Co., Ltd.), a calligrapher who has established his own style and is widely active in collaboration with companies, will be held at Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO on the 5th floor of GINZA SIX, Tokyo. (Holding period: December 2nd (Thursday) -December 8th (Wednesday)) and Osaka Daimaru Umeda store (Holding period December 17th (Friday) -December 26th (Sunday)) , Will be held for a total of 17 days.

2021 was also a year in which "moving," "speaking," and "meeting people" were restricted, and there was a great sense of blockage in society as a whole. At the same time, the values that have been taken for granted have changed dramatically. In those days, Soun Takeda saw a single "black kite" that swirled freely in the sky, leaving himself to the power of the wind.

I wish everyone could relax their shoulders and ride the wind instead of keeping their feet aligned and flying upwards. In the present age, which can be called the "era of the wind," the theme of the solo exhibition was decided to be "flying," based on Soun Takeda's desire to "at least open up his heart and fly freely." It will be held as a large-scale solo exhibition that symbolizes the end of a turbulent year and "expectations for a new year."

"Flying" is a word used when starting a new year, trying something, taking off, or leaving. In this solo exhibition, we are planning to exhibit a large number of works that combine unique perspectives and ideas in line with the theme of "flying." The world of "flying" expressed by Soun Takeda, who says, "Let's fly in the wind gently, slowly and gracefully like a black kite." Please enjoy this opportunity.

[~ Flying ~ Detailed information on solo exhibition]

Schedule: December 2nd (Thursday) to December 8th (Wednesday), 2021 10:30 to 20:30 each day (closed at 18:00 on the last day)
Venue: GINZA SIX 5th floor Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO (6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
[Takeda Soun Talk Show]
Date and time: Saturday, December 4, 2021 1st time: 13: 00-2nd time: 15: 00- (planned)

Schedule: December 17th (Friday) -December 26th (Sunday), 2021 10:00 to 20:00 each day (closed at 17:00 on the last day)
Venue: Daimaru Umeda Store 15th Floor Exhibition Hall (3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
[Souun Takeda Live Performance & Talk Show]
Date and time: December 19, 2021 (Sun) 14: 00- (planned) December 25, 2021 (Sat) 14: 00- (planned)
* A special performance and talk show by Soun Takeda himself will be held.

* Scheduled events may be changed or canceled due to various circumstances.

[Comment by Soun Takeda]
Phyororororo ………
Good morning to the black kites who make a big turn in the deep blue sky without clouds.
I said that it looks good today as well.

If you can fly freely like a bird. Have you ever thought so?
I have. It's nice, enviable and graceful, and the appearance of flying like swimming in the sky is so beautiful that you can sigh.
And above all, it's free.

An era when things that were taken for granted are no longer taken for granted.
People who can't meet even if they want to meet, places where they can't go even if they want to go.
It's frustrating that you can't talk together while eating delicious food at a distance where you can touch each other.

How wonderful was the casual everyday life that I thought would last forever. The days of "Omomori" that everyone realized so
How much courage would have been given to the birds flying freely in the sky?

At the very least, let's fly freely only in the heart.
Only my heart is my own, undisturbed by anyone.
Then, to the distance, to the place you want to go, to the person you want to meet,
Only the heart should fly freely.

That morning when I took a walk along the coast alone
Let's make the theme of this solo exhibition "flying" while looking up at the slowly turning black kite.
Yes, I decided.

Soun Takeda

[Souun Takeda Profile]
Born in Kumamoto in 1975. Studied under Sōyō Takeda, a calligrapher who has been a mother since childhood. After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, joined NTT. After about 3 years, he became independent as a calligrapher. He has worked on numerous titles such as the NHK Taiga drama "Heaven and Earth" and the world heritage site "Hiraizumi". There are also many offers for lecture activities and media appearances.
In 2013, he was appointed as a Cultural Envoy by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and held a calligraphy workshop in Vietnam and Indonesia. Held a solo exhibition in California in 2015. In 2017, he gave a lecture at the University of Warsaw. Held the second solo exhibition in California in March 2019, and exhibited at the Zurich Art Fair in September. In 2020, he will be active all over the world, such as holding a solo exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
In September 2021, the satellite art fair "VOLTA" (VOLTA), which is a gateway to young galleries and young artists, in "ART BASEL" in Switzerland, which is known as one of the largest art fairs in the world. Exhibited for the first time as a Japanese calligraphy artist at BASEL). Providing a stamp for the Japan Post "Reiwa" commemorative stamp when the 2019 era was revised. He has published many books, including the best-selling "Positive Textbook" (SHUFUNOTOMO) and the latest book "The Power to Ride the Waves" (Nihon Bungeisha).

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