“Marimekko Botanical Garden” Exhibition February 23 (Wednesday) -April 18 (Monday)

Marimekko Matsuya Ginza store reopened with limited items and novelties

Look Co., Ltd. reopened the Matsuya Ginza store of the Finnish design house Marimekko on February 23 (Wednesday) with a full range of categories. Also, from the same day to April 18th (Monday), a special exhibition "Marimekko Botanical Garden – Prints Inspired by Nature" will be held at Matsuya Ginza 7F Design Gallery 1953.

777th Design Gallery 1953 Special Exhibition

Marimekko Botanical Garden – Prints Inspired by Nature
Marimekko Botanical Garden – Nature-inspired prints

From February 23 (Wednesday / holiday) to April 18 (Monday), at Matsuya Ginza 7F Design Gallery 1953, Marimekko's print design, which was inspired by plants, will be exhibited in the exhibition space inside Design Gallery 1953. We will be holding an immersive art exhibition "Marimekko Botanical Garden – Prints Inspired by Nature" that you can see by projecting it on. This is the second Marimekko exhibition to be held at Design Gallery 1953 for the first time in about 50 years since the 120th exhibition "Marimekko" in 1973.

Outline of the exhibition <br /> Date: February 23, 2022 (holiday / Wednesday) -April 18 (Monday), closing at 5 pm, free admission Sponsor: Japan Design Committee Sponsor: Look Co., Ltd. Cooperation: Marimekko

Now into the work.
Experience the "moving encounter with nature" seen through the Finnish lifestyle design house Marimekko with immersive art.

An installation that highlights the plants that have continued to influence Marimekko's design and invites you to a fascinating botanical garden. From the classic prints of Maija Isola to the new prints by Antti Kecki in the Marimekko 2022 Spring Collection, you can immerse yourself in the symphony of Marimekko's old and new prints. ..

At Marimekko Botanical Garden, organic motifs are projected using digital projection and dreamy animation by visual artist Katouli Tikkanen. The petals bloom one by one, expressing the growth of the plant. A soundscape by Licaxxx flows through the venue. It is a sound that you can experience from a new perspective without losing the charm of Marimekko's "art of making prints".

Marimekko Matsuya Ginza store reopened

The Marimekko Matsuya Ginza store will be expanded and reopened on February 23 (holiday / Wednesday). In addition to the homes, bags and accessories that we have been handling, we have started to develop jewelry with the renewal. With a full range of categories, it will evolve into a shop where you can fully enjoy the lifestyle of the new Marimekko led by new creative director Rebecca Bay.
The design concept of Marimekko Matsuya Ginza is a space that embodies the roots of Marimekko, the essence of the brand, and the Finnish design philosophy. We use abundant natural materials such as wood for the furniture in the store, creating a space where you can experience the nature of Finland, which was inspired by Marimekko designers. The clean impression of the store design complements Marimekko's bold prints and colors.

To commemorate the opening, we have prepared limited items, pre-sale items, and commemorative novelties that can only be obtained at the Marimekko Matsuya Ginza store.

Limited items <br /> Two tote bags, one shoulder bag, and a Unikko Ralli patterned tin box made from fabrics left over from the past season will be available as limited items at the Matsuya Ginza store on February 23. Now on sale from (holiday / Wednesday).
* Limited to Matsuya Ginza store / Ends as soon as stock runs out

[Limited] Unikko pattern tote bag 13,200 yen including tax

[Limited] Marimekko logo pattern tote bag 13,200 yen including tax

[Limited] Marimekko logo pattern shoulder bag 24,200 yen including tax

[Limited] Unikko Lalli Pattern Tin Box 3,300 yen including tax

[Limited (order)] Laakeri pattern silk scarf 24,200 yen including tax

Novelty <br /> The first 300 people who purchase over 16,500 yen including tax will receive a printed poster (50 x 70 cm) specially designed for the design gallery exhibition.


Matsuya Ginza 1F Window <br /> Also, during the period from February 15th (Wednesday) to March 15th (Tuesday), Marimekko will appear on the window display of Matsuya Ginza 1F.

Marimekko Matsuya Ginza Store Overview <br /> Reopening date: February 23, 2022 (holiday / Wednesday)
Address: 7F, Matsuya Ginza, 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3566-6033
Business hours: 10:00 – 20:00 / Irregular holidays Product development: Bags, accessories, jewelry, home, kids


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