Announcement of “MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival” from April 1st (Friday) to April 10th (Sunday)

MUJI also sells products and limited-time products in collaboration with long-established stores in Ginza to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the opening of Ginza.

Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd., which develops MUJI, will be MUJI Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which will be the 3rd anniversary of its opening on April 4, 2022, from April 1st (Friday) to April 10th, 2022. "MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival" will be held until Sunday. Not only will products from well-established stores and popular stores in Ginza line up in "MUJI Ginza" for a limited time, but we will also sell "MUJI Ginza" limited fun bags to commemorate the 3rd anniversary.

"MUJI Ginza" will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on April 4, 2022. People involved in this store, such as people from all over the world who visit Ginza from all over the world, people who live in the Ginza area, and producers who produce products for sale there, have been thinking about each other. We aim to be a place where we can actually meet and create connections. We will continue to send MUJI's "comfortable lifestyle" to the world from Ginza.

■ "MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival" April 1st (Friday) to April 10th (Sunday)
With the theme of "the city of Ginza recommended by the staff," long-established stores and popular stores in Ginza such as "Kabukiza," "Ginza Kimuraya," and "Ginza Ishingo Main Store" will gather in MUJI Ginza. We will hold many events unique to the anniversary festival, such as product sales in a limited package of "MUJI Ginza Anniversary Festival" and talk shows.

・ A city connected to the city of Ginza

MUJI's "Connected City," which is held irregularly, is a limited-time market that is created and operated together with local people. To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the opening, the following stores in the Ginza area will open.

● "Kabuki-za" Daifuku, sweets, miscellaneous goods Medetai-yaki (1 piece) 300 yen (tax included)
* Medetai-yaki will be on sale from Saturday, April 2nd.
(Limited to 100 pieces each day)
Store opening date: April 1st (Friday) to 10th (Sunday)
Location: 1F entrance

● "Ginza Tsuboyakiimo"
Whole pot and sweet potato 896 yen (tax included)
Roasted sweet potato 453 yen (tax included)
* Limited number of stores: April 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday)
Location: 4F Open MUJI

● "Ginza Ishingo Main Store"
Nikuman and Anman 583 yen each (tax included)
Store opening date: April 9th ​​(Sat) and 10th (Sun)
Location: 4F Open MUJI

● "Brewn'bar Ginza Brewery"
Summer oranges Basie Tropical IPA
Saison Brut 500ml 800 yen each (tax included)
Store opening date: April 9th ​​(Sat) and 10th (Sun)
Location: 4F Open MUJI

● "Adult jam bread specialty store Ginza Tsuki to Hana" Ultimate strawberry 350 yen (tax included) * Limited quantity Opening date: April 9th ​​(Sat) 10th (Sun) Place: 4F Open MUJI

● "Ginza Wakamatsu" Original Anmitsu 600 yen (tax included), Warabimochi (1 sheet) 420 yen (tax included) Other store openings: April 9th ​​(Sat), 10th (Sun) Location: 4F Open MUJI

・ Ginza Kimuraya's "MUJI Ginza" branded anpan sale

On April 4th, we will sell a limited number of "MUJI Ginza" branded Anpan, which is associated with Anpan Day.

● "Ginza Kimuraya" Mujin Ryohin Ginza Sake Anpan 300 yen (tax included)
* Limited to 100 pieces each day Date and time: April 1st (Friday) to 10th (Sunday) Place: 1F Food counter entrance

・ MUJI Ginza's "Ginza Tamatebako"

The Ginza Tamatebako has five keywords: "fun, delicious, discoverable, surprised, and connected", and the moment you open the box at home, you can discover, enjoy, surprise, and impress yourself as if you were hanging out in Ginza for a day. Has been done. In 2020, when the new coronavirus raged, Matsuzaki of MATSUZAKI SHOTEN (Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei Main Store) with the idea that "I want you to be an opportunity to go to Ginza when you return to your original life someday". This is an initiative that began with a conversation between Mr. Izumiji and Mr. Izumiji of Ginza.
This time around the stores of the Tamatebako founder team, MUJI Ginza's unique members selected the products in the set. Please enjoy the set that you can only meet here.

● MUJI Ginza store manager chooses Tamatebako “Hana” and “Leaf” 10,000 yen each (tax included) Limited to 2 sets each ● MUJI Ginza Food Department Manager chooses Ginza's famous confectionery Tamatebako 3000 yen (tax included) Limited to 50 sets Other dates: 4 Monday 1st (Fri) -10th (Sun) Place: 4F MUJI BOOKS


We will display a panel of stores in the city of Ginza recommended by the staff.
Location: 2nd floor cash register side passage Listed stores: Kaju Ginza Main Store, Kobikicho Yoshiya, MATSUZAKI SHOTEN (Ginza Matsuzaki Senbei Main Store), Oji Salmon Ginza Store,
BONGEN COOFEE, Ginza Nenrinya Main Store, Ginza Bar Del Sole 2Due, Restaurant Azuma * In no particular order

Ginza store staff opens a limited bar every Friday

"Willow" is a symbol of Ginza and a tree in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of "MUJI Ginza", we will open "Yanagi Bar" every Friday only with a feeling for such a willow tree. With the theme of "Hitotsugi Bar", the staff of the Ginza store will set up a place to talk with guests once a month, aiming for a place where customers who are present and people who are active in the area can easily talk about Ginza. This time, which is the first time, we will call Mr. Daichi Saito, the third generation of a long-established Japanese sweets shop, who is the representative of the "Ginza Mono-Hitotsugi Project".

<1st> Date: April 1st (Friday) 19: 00-21: 00 (L.O20: 30) Location: Salon (MUJI Ginza 6F)
Guest: Representative of "Ginza Mono-Hitotsutsu Project" Yoshiya Kobikicho, 3rd generation Daichi Saito

・ Talk live to commemorate the publication of "How to polish the dignified and beautiful inner side that only those who learn" tea "know"

The author, who presides over "Ginza Chazen," which holds tea ceremony experience classes in Ginza and Asakusa, will talk about tea ceremony, which is a traditional Japanese culture.
Date: April 2nd (Sat) 19: 00-20: 00 Place: Japanese Restaurant WA (6F MUJI HOTEL GINZA)
Speaker: Author Rie Takeda (CEO of Chazen Co., Ltd., Professor Urasenke Tea Ceremony)
For business people who want to acquire Japanese culture and spirit and play an active role in the world, Japanese traditional culture and tea ceremony,
A global tea ceremony artist who supports with Japanese manners.

・ "Recommended" product introduction by Ginza store staff

We will introduce the products recommended by the staff of each sales floor with recommended comments on POP.

・ MUJI Bakery Ginza Anniversary Limited Bread Fun Bag Limited Time Sale

We will sell a fun bag of bread that contains MUJI Bakery's popular bread in a jute my bag limited to the Ginza store.

● Bread fun bag 1500 yen (tax included)
Date and time: April 1st (Friday) to 10th (Sunday) * Limited to 420 sets in total

・ MUJI HOTEL GINZA Anniversary Limited Plan

MUJI HOTEL GINZA, which is located next to MUJI Ginza, will also carry out a project linked to the anniversary festival.
・ Experience-based hotel lounge service (opening a lounge for a limited time)
We will prepare MUJI sweets and drinks in a buffet format for our guests.
Date: April 2nd (Sat) -April 4th (Mon) 15: 00-18: 00 Place: Japanese Restaurant WA | MUJI Ginza 6F (next to MUJI HOTEL GINZA front desk)

・ Date and time of MUJI GINZA HOTEL tour: Date and time: April 4 (Monday) ① 14:00 to 15:00 ② 16:00 to 17:00 Capacity 5 people each time ※ Advance reservation required

・ TOKYO MODERNISM 2022 "Modernism Show"
An unprecedented show will begin with about 30 vintage galleries and shops dealing with modern designs from all over Japan set up in MUJI HOTEL GINZA. America, Brazil, Scandinavia, Europe, and Japan,
Please enjoy a special time where vintage modern designs from all over the world are gathered together.
Excellent design gathered with unique owners and their aesthetic eyes.
There may be unexpected encounters and new discoveries.
Of course, you can purchase the items that are available at the venue.
Date and time: April 7th (Thursday) to April 10th (Sunday) * Business hours vary depending on the date of the event << Notes >> An admission ticket is required to participate in the event.
Click here to purchase tickets

・ MUJI Diner's popular rag tofu set meal has been renewed

From April 1st (Friday), MUJI Diner Ginza will develop a new menu using Okinawa's local cuisine, "Yushi Tofu".
"Yushi Tofu" (Oboro Tofu) is manufactured at the tofu workshop in the MUJI Diner Ginza store and is provided on the spot. "Yushi tofu" is tofu that has begun to harden by adding bittern to soymilk. It is a tofu with a "fluffy" texture because it is in a state before it is put into a mold. Using "Naka ​​Sensei" grown organically in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, you can enjoy the original taste of soybeans with a strong sweetness.
While announcing and providing the manufacturing method and technology of the "true taste" and "as is" of the ingredients, raising the awareness of "Yushi Tofu" will be an opportunity to continue the succession of Okinawan food culture. Aim for.

"Okinawa Homemade Tofu Set Meal" 1,500 yen (tax included) with set drink The homemade tofu supervised by Unashi Tofu is our specialty tofu that makes full use of the original sweetness and taste of soybeans. am. It is a satisfying set meal that also includes Okinawan local cuisine.
* Supervised by Unashi Tofu Homemade Yushi Tofu, Goya Chanpuru,
Rafute, pickled island rakkyo in rice bran, homemade Unohana, seasonal mini salad, white rice (using Yukiwakamaru from Yamagata prefecture)

For details, please refer to "Event Information" on the MUJI website.

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