Ginza Mitsukoshi cosmetics floor expanded, newly opened on April 20 (Wednesday)

Limited time name entry service and open commemorative kit gifts

Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building B1F The cosmetics floor boasts one of the largest number of brands in Ginza, and encounters various cosmetics such as "Ginza Beaute Concierge" where cosmetic advisors support the selection of cosmetics mainly in the global makeup zone. We provide a place. The cosmetics floor will be expanded on April 20th (Wednesday), and new <Savon> and <L'Occitane> will open. Due to changes in the living environment over the past few years, the number of people who enjoy fragrant living and total self-care of body, hair, and skin at home has increased, and we are responding to the needs of our customers by a wide range of age groups. We will start handling 2 cosmetic brand shops that are particular about meeting your needs. In addition, the "Ginza Beaute Beaute Concierge Counter" will be refreshed and opened at the same time.

・ Various services and kits to commemorate the opening


Ginza Mitsukoshi <Savon> Opening Limited Limited Kit Best Scrub Kit ¥ 12,500
A special kit that combines "Shower Oil" and "Body Scrub" from "TOKYO Collection", "Face Polisher" that leads to clean, pure skin full of moisture and transparency, and "Head Scrub" that leads to healthy scalp and hair. is.
<Kit contents> Shower oil TOKYO (100mL), Body scrub TOKYO (320g), Face polisher refreshing (200mL) Head scrub Delicate Jasmine (300g), Crystal spoon, Gift box * It will end as soon as it runs out.

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◇ Engraving service ◇
For those who wish to purchase the above kit, we will accept the engraving of your name and message on "Body Scrub TOKYO (320g)".
* The number of characters is limited. Please inquire at the store for details.
* You may have to wait when it is crowded. Please note.

◇ Open commemorative gift ◇
To commemorate the opening of Ginza Mitsukoshi <Savon>, we have prepared a special gift. Please choose one of the following.

"Sabon Original Bath Towel"
With a natural texture of 100% cotton, it feels good against the skin and can be used in multiple ways as a blanket or sofa cover. (Size: 90 x 150 cm)
* First-come-first-served 100 people with a total purchase of 13,000 yen or more.
* It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Sabon Original Tenugui"
Cotton fabric with the gorgeous design of the TOKYO Collection printed on it. It can also be used as an eco-friendly wrapping material by wrapping Sabon products. (Size: 35 x 90 cm)
* The first 150 people who purchase over 8,000 yen in total.
* It will end as soon as it runs out.


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◇ Opening limited hand cream name entry service ◇
■ Period: April 20th (Wednesday) -April 24th (Sunday)
■ Target products: Various hand creams 30mL
* Limited to purchases of 3,300 yen or more including hand cream.
* The number of characters is limited. Please inquire at the store for details.

◇ Open commemorative gift ◇

"L'Occitane Provence Tote Bag (with hand cream charm)"
* First-come-first-served basis for purchases of 11,000 yen or more in total.
* It will end as soon as it runs out.

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"L'Occitane Immortelle Welcome Bouquet"
We will give a gift to customers who come to the store on the day of opening on April 20th (Wednesday).
* First 100 people.
* It will end as soon as it runs out.

・ What is Sabon?

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Natural cosmetics bra land <Savon> from Israel, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022 this year. We are particular about natural ingredients such as Dead Sea salt and botanical oil, and propose beauty products that will make your skin and heart flutter with a pleasant scent and texture. We have a wide range of products such as body, face, hair care, fragrance and home items.

・ What is L'Occitane?

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Provence, southern France, surrounded by the brilliant sun and the abundant nature of blooming flowers. Born in 1976, L'Occitane is a lifestyle cosmetic brand that proposes a lifestyle in Provence through skin care, body care, and fragrance products that use carefully selected plant materials.

・ What is Ginza Beaute Concierge?

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The Ginza Beaute Concierge Counter on the 1st basement floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building will be refreshed and opened. At Beaute Concierge, cosmetics advisors are available to discuss your skin care and makeup items. We will help you with daily skin care advice and makeup color selection while listening to inquiries about the brands we handle and consultations about your skin.

* Please check the URL below for details.

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* All prices include tax.
* The contents of this event may be changed or canceled due to circumstances. Please note.

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