[LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée] LOUANGE’s cute pink “Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea” has started!

LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée, loved by women, supports the Pink Ribbon Movement.

Operated by LOUANGE TOKYO Co., Ltd., the popular “LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée”, which is loved by women, supports the “Pink Ribbon Movement” to raise awareness and support early detection and treatment of breast cancer, August 10, 2022. From (Wednesday), we will start offering a special “Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon~” once a week only on Wednesdays.

Taking this once-a-week opportunity, we hope that women will suddenly remember self-checks and think about their own health. In addition, 500 yen will be donated to the "J.POSH Pink Ribbon Fund" for each afternoon tea.

“Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon~” is a gorgeous and cute set with pink as the theme, in connection with the “Pink Ribbon Movement”. The popular Macaron Paritro at LOUANGE TOKYO is also available in Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea Limited Flavors. Starting with tarts and fondant chocolates using rare ruby chocolate, there are plenty of various sweets associated with pink such as lychee, berry, and peach. In addition, everything from roast beef to savory meals using Mt. Fuji salmon is made with a focus on pink. For drinks, you can freely choose from 9 types of organic herbal tea, and we will prepare free refills.

As an opportunity to think about your own health, how about enjoying an exciting pink afternoon tea?

[ LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée " Afternoon Tea ~ Pink Ribbon ~ " Overview]
◆Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon~
¥10,500 (tax included)

◆ Afternoon Tea ~Pink Ribbon ~ Pink Nunus Option ¥ 12,700 (tax included)
An optional plan that adds two special pink Nunus.

◆ Preserved flowers (rental / 10 roses)
¥2,200 (tax included)
The pink rose option makes it even more pink.

pink grapefruit soda

<SWEETS: upper section>
Gorgonzola mousse cake / ruby chocolate and raspberry tart / cassis and hibiscus macaron

<SWEETS: Middle>
Palette Fondant Ruby / Red Berry Chiffon Cake / Palitro Fondant Fromage / Verrine Peach

<SAVORY: lower part>
Angel shrimp and scallop mini burger / Foie gras with flan truffle / Hida beef roast beef and sea urchin /
Mount Fuji Salmon Tartar with Salmon Roe / Prosciutto Rice Ball with Caviar / Tomato and Beet Gazpacho

Handling of the listed products <br /> Available store: LOUANGE TOKYO Le Musée (1-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku)

[Biography of Chef L OUANGE TOKYO Le Musée ]

■ GRAND CHEF Koji Fujita
2006 Participated in Coupe de Monde domestic qualifying (chocolate piece division)
2007 WPTC Domestic Preliminary Winner (Chocolate Pies Category)
2008 Participated in the WPTC main tournament Team overall runner-up Division winner (Chocolate Pies)
2010 Appointed Director of Nouvelle Patisserie du Japon
2012 Appointed Director of Utsumikai
2012 WPTC final round Team overall victory (taste)

About LOUANG TOKYO ~ With a feeling of admiration for a loved one ~

LOUANGE TOKYO is proposing the following originality to breathe new life into the modern sweets industry. It is a commitment to "selected materials", product development with more artistic and fashionable features, and a message infused into all products. The origin of the word “LOUANGE” is the French word for “compliment”. We do not just provide cakes as a product to our customers, but we are manufacturing based on the concept of providing "time" and "space". And I've been studying every day to make my customers happy. In the future, we will continue to strive to create products with a high degree of satisfaction.

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