[Ginza Wako] “Ma” Calligraphy Exhibition by Noriko Keitoku to be held from Thursday, July 18th

Calligrapher Noriko Keitoku, a councilor of the Mainichi Shodo Association and head of the Shuko-kai, will be holding her first solo exhibition at Wako.

Ginza Wako will be holding a calligraphy exhibition titled "Ma" by calligrapher Keitoku Noriko from July 18th (Thurs) to 28th (Sun) at the Seiko House Hall (formerly Wako Hall).

Keitoku-san says that while he studies ancient Heian calligraphy, he values the times and expresses the modern era through his calligraphy, and that he wants to continue to be a challenger as a calligrapher. By reexamining himself, he is working on new ways of expressing calligraphy.
This exhibition, marking the 65th anniversary of his calligraphy career, will feature 65 pieces, including large-scale folding screens and framed works with the Iroha alphabet written in gold and silver leaf, as well as scrolls and smaller works.
Each work, which makes use of the beauty of space and is based on the theme of "space," conveys Keitoku's unique sense of space and breathing. Please come and experience the heartwarming world of calligraphy.

Folding screen Iroha (Left: Silver leaf 95 x 164 cm, Right: Gold leaf 97 x 163 cm)

May Festival 10×10cm

White Clouds 10×10cm

Sky 10×10cm

Kiyotakiya 135×17cm

Brief biography of Noriko Keitoku

Born in Tokyo in 1941
1959: Entered Daito Bunka University and studied under Kumagai Tsuneko and Matsui Joryu
Graduated from Daito Bunka University in 1963. Calligraphy instructor at Otsuma Junior and Senior High School (until 1972).
1966: First selected for the Japan Art Exhibition (23 times selected and exhibited until 2000)
2000 – Part-time lecturer at Daito Bunka University (until 2013)
2007 Mainichi Calligraphy Award in the Art Section
2014: Winner of the Sunstar International Award at the Japan Calligraphy Art Institute Exhibition

Currently a counselor for the Mainichi Shodo Association (foundation) / a judge for the Kana section of the Mainichi Shodo Exhibition / a council member for the All Japan Calligraphy Federation (public corporation) /
Permanent Advisor of the Japan Calligraphy Art Institute (Foundation) / Chairman of the Kana Calligraphy Writers Association / Advisor of the Japan Poetry and Calligraphy Writers Association /
Representative of Koko-kai and Head of Shuko-kai

"Ma" Calligraphy Exhibition by Noriko Keitoku
July 18th (Thu) – July 28th (Sun)

Venue: Seiko House Hall (Seiko House 6th floor, 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
For inquiries, please contact: (03)3562-2111 (main line)
Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)
Closing days: Open all year round Admission fee: Free

Organizer: Wako
Sponsored by: Mainichi Newspapers, Mainichi Calligraphy Association, All Japan Calligraphy Federation, Japan Calligraphy Art Institute, Kana Calligraphy Writers Association, Japan Poetry and Calligraphy Writers Association, Shukokai

◎Wako Hall has been renamed "Seiko House Hall."
We will be communicating with the world in a variety of ways, including exhibits related to the Seiko Group's businesses in general and collaborations with artists.

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