Survive the heat wave! July 23 (Sat) is Day of the Ox, a large gathering of about 10 famous eel stores in the basement of the Ginza Mitsukoshi department store.

Introducing carefully selected eels from Ginza Mitsukoshi food buyers.

■ Sales period: 2022 July 22nd (Sun) ~ July 24th (Sun)
■ Sales location: GINZA stage / event space on the 2nd basement floor of the main building, etc.

At Ginza Mitsukoshi, from July 22nd (Monday) to July 24th (Sunday), 2022, from the "eel lunch box" recommended for the summer 2022 "Ichinosuke" (Saturday, July 23) 2 We will introduce the tastes of about 10 famous stores with a wide lineup including "eel delicatessen".

■ Sales location: Main Building B2F GINZA Stage / Event Space (Delicatessen Promotion) / Ginza Delica Park / Japanese Delicacies / New Building B2F Japanese Delicacies / Bento / Main Building B3F Fresh Marche / New Building 11th Floor Ginza Dining (Restaurant)
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・ Special preparation for these 3 days only … Eel kabayaki bento

A Japanese restaurant <Narita Kikuya> from the Genroku era in the middle of the Edo period in front of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. The most popular "domestic unajū" is the lunch box. Skilled itamae will prepare it with all your heart.
<Naruto Kikuya> Domestic eel 1 tailed lunch / 1 fold 4,501 yen ■ Main building B2F GINZA stage

It is an eel shop in Nihonbashi Kobunacho, which was founded in 1875 and 147. An eel bento is a "hot eel bento" when the string is pulled out. Since the bento is warmed by the power of steam, the eel does not harden and you can enjoy it at any time. Please enjoy Kabayaki in front of Edomae hot.
<Sunday Honbashi Eel Takashima Family> Eel Bento / 1 fold 3,888 yen ■ Main Building B2F GINZA Stage

Thick eel baked softly with a secret sauce. Please enjoy the Kabayaki bento with its half body on top of rice.
* New incense is not included.
* The container is not compatible with microwave ovens.
<Totei> Eel lunch box special / 1 fold 2,951 yen ■ Main building B2F GINZA stage

The biggest feature is that it is a "ground grill" that is grilled with charcoal without steaming. The greasy blue eels are carefully sorted one by one, skewered, and the skin is crispy and the body is fluffy over high heat.
<Una Fuji> Unagi Don (pine) / 1 fold 4,700 yen ■ Main Building B2F GINZA Stage

It is a luxurious mixed bento that you can enjoy the savory grilled kabayaki and the umami of the eel itself.
<Mie Osekyu 㐂> Unagi Kabayaki / Shiroyaki mixed lunch / 1 fold 3,996 yen ■ Main building basement 2nd floor event space (delicatessen promotion)

・ It's not just Kabayaki bento … !! !!

It is a specialty sushi of <Kyoto Cuisine Minokichi>, which originated from a river fish restaurant.
* The image is a presentation image.
<Kyoto Cuisine Minokichi> Eel-shaped sushi / 1 fold (5 pieces) 2,160 yen ■ Main building basement 2nd floor Japanese delicacies * Sales period: July 23 (May) only

The selected domestic white-grilled eels are steamed, seasoned, and grilled to match the tamagoyaki of <Tsukiji Matsuro>. Being domestic and being white-baked is the commitment that <Tsukiji Matsuro> has arrived at.
<Tsukiji Matsuro> Umaki / Half size 1,296 yen ■ New building B2F Japanese delicacies

It is a bento with domestic eel and Kyoto omelet rolls.
<Saikiya Daitokuji> Eel Dashi Maki Bento / 1 fold 2,160 yen ■ Ginza Delica Park on the 2nd basement floor of the main building

The greasy eel and the steamed eel with sauce are a good match.
<Tamokami Extreme> Unagi Okowa (domestic) / 1 fold 1,480 yen ■ Bento on the 2nd basement floor of the new building

Kabayaki, a long-established restaurant founded in 1827, uses domestically produced live eel and is baked with the sauce that <Tetsuji> is proud of. You can easily enjoy the long-established taste at home.
* From July 22nd (Friday) to 24th (Sunday), Japanese delicacies on the 2nd basement floor of the new building will not be available.
<Character> Unagi Kabayaki / 1 skewer 2,592 yen ■ Main Building B2F GINZA Stage

We use soft eels from Miyazaki prefecture. We use a sauce based on the rich and high-quality "Yamotogi barrel soy sauce" made by the old-fashioned method and bake it over charcoal.
<Made in Yoshikawa> Miyazaki Prefecture Eel Kabayaki / 1 tail 3,980 yen ■ Fresh Marche on the 3rd basement floor of the main building

Made from eel from Lake Hamana, Shizuoka Prefecture, the sauce uses organic soy sauce, organic sugar, and organic mirin. By steaming well for 30 minutes, excess fat is removed and the eel is made soft.
<Fish group> Chilled eel skewer / 1 skewer 3,780 yen ■ Fresh Marche on the 3rd basement floor of the main building

・ Enjoy "eel" elegantly at a restaurant in Ginza

Please enjoy the eel that is fragrantly baked with the sauce of Tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya.
<Eel Hitsumabushi Bicho> Hitsumabushi / ¥ 3,850 per person ■ Ginza Dining on the 11th floor of the new building * Reservations on the day of the Ox on Saturday, July 23 are not accepted.

You can enjoy the popular Hitsumabushi at home.
<Eel Hitsumabushi Bicho> Hitsumabushi (with condiments, seaweed, and soup stock) / ¥ 3,780 per person ■ Ginza Dining on the 11th floor of the new building * Advance reservations are accepted.
* Reservations and inquiries: 03-6263-2157 (directly to the store)
* If you take it home on the day, it will take some time to prepare it after receiving your order. Please note.

・ Easily with Uber Eats. Eel at home

<Naruto Kikuya> <Mie Osekyu> introduced at this event will be able to use Uber Eats during the period from July 22nd (Monday) to July 24th (Sunday) in 2022. ..
* Please check Uber Eats for the area of ​​use, price, etc.

* Some products are limited in number, so please forgive them if they are out of stock.
* All prices include tax.
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* The contents of the event may be changed or canceled due to circumstances.

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