Ginza Mitsukoshi food floor refreshed open on Wednesday, August 24! !

<The Vegan Marshmallow> and <Nadaman Kitchen> will open.

Date: August 24th (Wednesday) to August 30th (Tuesday), 2022
■Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building/New Building B2F/B3F
*Food Festa will be held at the same time.

Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building / New Building B2F / B3F food floor, a shop that delivers new deliciousness will open. We will introduce a wide variety of carefully selected tastes, from elaborate dishes that decorate the dining table to sweets that create a relaxing time.
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・New open shop

◇<The Vegan Marshmallow>◇
<The Vegan Marshmallow> boasts the largest number of products in Japan as a brand specializing in vegan sweets from New York. First of all, we are proposing “sometimes vegan” that incorporates vegan meals into our lives. Instead of using animal ingredients, we use plant ingredients such as soy milk and beet sugar so that you can feel the light aftertaste.

Two types of grapes are used: Shine Muscat and domestic grapes. A low-sugar sponge made mainly from soybean flour and a soymilk cream that matches the fruits bring out the deliciousness of the grapes.

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<The Vegan Marshmallow> Two kinds of grape cake gluten-free (1 piece) 1,167 yen
*Sales period: August 27 (Sat) – September 7 (Wed)
Main building basement 2nd floor western confectionery

◇<Nadaman Kitchen>◇
Nadaman is a long-established restaurant established in 1830. We create seasonal bento boxes and delicatessen dishes that bring out the flavor and umami of the dashi stock. We offer products suitable for various occasions, such as important gatherings, thank you lunch boxes, and gifts.

A gorgeous bento packed with a variety of side dishes such as grilled and simmered dishes in an octagonal folding box. Red and white rice with white rice and sekihan is also suitable for meals at celebrations.

<Nadaman Kitchen> Opening commemorative red and white rice “Ougi” (1 fold) 2,500 yen *Limited to 25 items each day *Sales period: August 24 (Wednesday) to August 31 (Wednesday)
New Building B2F Japanese side dish

・ Refresh open shop

◇ <Kefer> ◇
Founded in 1930 by Paul and Else in Munich, Germany. The store name Kafer means "ladybug" in German. Since the ladybug, which is popular in Europe as an insect that brings happiness, perches on fresh foods, the brand concept is “fresh,” and hams and sausages are particularly highly rated. Please enjoy the authentic taste of Germany.

The soft and juicy meat around the bone is slowly aged to create a rich flavor. Pepper bacon with black pepper aroma and smoky flavor is perfect for sandwiches and alcohol snacks.

Right: Bone-in ham (per 100g/made in Japan) 756 yen
*Limited to 20kg each day
Left: Pepper bacon (per 100g/made in Japan) 594 yen
*Limited to 10 kg each day Main Building B2F Western delicatessen

◇ <Kefer Delicatessen> ◇
Founded in 1930 in Munich, Germany. Based on the belief that "quality comes from passion", it is a brand that has been evaluated all over Europe to this day. <Käfer Delicatessen>, which will be newly launched in the deli department, offers a rich lineup of traditional German dishes and original dishes, including the Käfer Classic Salad, which was made by the founder Elsa Käfer himself and has been passed down from generation to generation. I'm here.

The combination of white asparagus and dry-cured ham, which has a unique sweetness and bitterness, is popular in Germany. Chicken salad is accented with croutons made with brezel. Combined with German sweet mustard dressing.

<Kafer Delicatessen>
Front: Chicken salad de luxe with bretzel (per 100g/made in Japan) 497 yen Back: Marinated white asparagus and dry-cured ham (per 100g/made in Japan) 897 yen
Main building basement 2nd floor Western side dishes

◇<Roasted Beef ITO>◇
<Roasted Beef ITO> mainly deals with roast beef made from beef carefully selected by experts. We have prepared a diverse lineup that allows you to enjoy the world of roast beef, such as various rare cuts of wagyu beef, colorful salads, sushi, and bento boxes. Enjoy our carefully selected roast beef prepared with professional skill.

A luxurious dish that uses our proud roast beef generously and is enjoyed with sushi. The size, thickness, and even the balance of meat and rice have been carefully thought out, making each bite satisfying.

<Roasted Beef ITO>
Front: Roast beef sushi with champignon sauce (1 serving) 540 yen *Limited to
30 each day
Back: Kuroge Wagyu Roast Beef Sushi (1 serving/5 pieces) 1,350 yen *Limited to 30 items each day Main Bldg. 2nd floor Western side dishes

・ Food Festa <Limited sweets promotion> *Simultaneous event

An assortment of “Wa Butter Sandwich” with a crunchy texture that is made by kneading domestic soybean flour and rice flour, and “Ori Dora” with azuki butter cream wrapped in a soft and chewy dorayaki dough.

<Hachi by PRESS BUTTER SAND> Hachi Assortment 6 pieces ¥2,160
Main Building B2F Ginza Sweets Park III

<choupette> is a gluten-free sweets company that uses carefully selected organic brown rice flour. There are sweets for adults that add consideration to the body in addition to the deliciousness and gorgeousness.

Front right: Caramel Coco (1 piece) 501 yen Front left: Hojicha caramel (1 piece) 501 yen Back: Cream puff 6 piece set 3,001 yen
*Sales period: August 24 (Wednesday) to October 4 (Tuesday)
Main Building B2F Ginza Sweets Park II

*All prices include tax.
*Some products are limited in number, so please forgive us when they are out of stock.

* The contents of the publication are subject to change or cancellation without notice due to various circumstances.
*Please check the Ginza Mitsukoshi homepage or this page before visiting.
* Depending on the congestion situation, we may limit the entry of customers.

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