Afternoon performance by young female Noh performers “Terai Sisters” held at GINZA SIX Kanze Noh Theater

An autumn performance by young female Noh performers, the Terai Sisters, who embody a future society in which everyone can play an active role. Also recommended for first-time Noh audiences.

“Terai Father and Daughter Party – Miki Terai Performance Noh” hosted by Noh Theater Terai Father and Daughter Association will be held at Ginza Six on Sunday, September 18th.

Noh has been around for about 700 years since the Muromachi period. It is said to be the oldest performing art in the world. Throughout its long history, Nohgaku has been performed mainly by men, but only after the war did female Nohgaku performers become recognized as professionals. Although the number of women is not so large yet, the young Terai sisters (Chikage and Miki) are also active on the front line.
This time, Miki Terai, the younger sister of the Terai sisters, will perform "Ran", the gateway to success for young Noh performers, along with dance music by Mr. Kiyokazu Kanze, the head of the Kanze school, and Kyogen.

About the Noh performers/Terai Sisters

Young sisters who have been active together as Kanze-ryu Shite-kata since childhood. His father was Sakae Terai.

In order to pass on traditional Japanese Noh to future generations, he is also working to increase interest in Noh in Japan. As a young woman who is still a minority in the world of Noh, and as a sister, she is energetically carrying out activities that open new doors in traditional performing arts, such as workshops for children and Noh instructors overseas.

Chikage Terai (older sister)
Noh Kanze school shite (junior position)
Studied under his father Sakae Terai (Ryugi shokubun). Graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Graduated from the same graduate school of music. At the age of 3, she made her first stage performance at Shimai "Oimatsu". At the age of 16, he worked as the shite for the first time at "Kagetsu". So far, he has acted as the shite for “Tsunemasa'', “Kosode Soga'', “Tomoe'', “Hagoromo'', “Kumasaka'', “Sesshoseki'', and “Nue''. In 2009, he participated in the new Noh play "Kanetsugu." Also participated in overseas performances in Sydney, Singapore and Poland. Currently working as a part-time lecturer at Lassalle College of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Miki Terai (younger sister)
Noh Kanze school shite (junior position)
Studied under his father, Sakae Terai (Ryugishoku). Graduated from the Department of Traditional Japanese Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. At the age of 4, he made his stage debut with the shimai "Genzo". Worked as the shite for the first time at "Tento Yoshino". Held Noh lectures at Japanese schools in Singapore and Malaysia. So far, he has participated in overseas performances in Sydney, Singapore, and Poland.

Sakae Terai (father)
Noh Kanze School Shite-kata
General Designated Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property "Nohgaku". In 2006, he was active in Australia as a Cultural Envoy of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. After serving as a director of the Noh Theater Association and a managing director of the Kanzekai, he is now an auditor of the Kanzekai. Born in 1947.
In 1953, he studied under Sakon Kanze, the late 25th head of the Kanze school. 1971 Memorial ceremony for sailors killed in the line of duty (held at Kannonzaki).
Participated in the service from the first time (in the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess).
Since 1986, he has served as the shite of "Kairei" as a service manager. Performed in Sydney in 2006, acted as leader of the performance in Singapore in 2010, and leader of the performance in Poland in 2019. In 2007, he served as a visiting professor at the University of Sydney as a cultural exchange envoy. Participated in many other overseas performances.

Features of this performance <br />You can casually enjoy Nohgaku in a shorter time than usual.
We have prepared easy-to-understand programs such as "Takasago", "Hagoromo", and "Ran". Please enjoy it.

■ Synopsis
A filial man named Kofu lived in Yangzi, at the foot of a gold mountain in China. One night, he had a dream that he would get rich if he sold alcohol at the market, so he started a liquor business. There was a customer who came to Kofu's shop every day to buy and drink sake, but strangely, no matter how much he drank, his complexion did not change. When asked for his name, he calls himself Shojou, who lives in the sea.
When Takafu prepares a sake pot and waits for the Shojo by the river in Shunyang, the Shojo emerges from the water, drinks sake, kicks the waves, and dances. Eventually, he praises Takafu's filial piety and disappears by giving him a sake jar that never runs out no matter how much sake he draws.

■ Other performances Maibayashi: Takasago/Sakae Terai Yashima/Chikage Terai Hagoromo/Kanze Seiwa Kyogen: Kannai/Yataro Okura/Kyogi Okura

Performance Name: Terai Father and Daughter Party – Miki Terai Performance Date and time: September 18, 2022 (Sunday) Doors open at 11:30, performance at 12:00 Ticket information: SS seats 8000 yen, S seats 7000 yen, A seats 4000 yen Venue: Kanze Noh Theater / GINZA SIX Basement 3F 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ticket inquiries: Kanze Net or

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