[Experience Report] Evolutionary flower art facility “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU” opens in Yurakucho Marui! Face diagnosis and cosmetics gifts for meditation experience

"NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" , an evolutionary flower art facility that provides original experiences tailored to each visitor through profile diagnosis, will open on the 8th floor of Yurakucho Marui on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Did.

Herb harvesting, aroma-wrapped meditation experience, face diagnosis, and cosmetics gifts !? This facility is not just for viewing art, but for all five senses. Since I participated in the preview held prior to the opening, I will report on the experience in detail.

"NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" where the content you can experience changes depending on the diagnosis result


"NAKED FLOWERS" is a flower experience-based art exhibition directed by Ryotaro Muramatsu, the representative of the creative company NAKED.

Since 2016, we have been in Japan such as Kyoto / Nijo Castle, Tokyo / Nihonbashi, Hong Kong, and South Korea as a place to provide an experience that everyone can enjoy as if they were the protagonists of the story, thinking that "everything that lives is a flower." It has gained popularity outside.

The first permanent installation in Japan is "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU" , which opened this time in Yurakucho Marui.


As the name of FOR YOU suggests, you can enjoy various personalized experiences tailored to each visitor while keeping the world view of "NAKED FLOWERS" as it is!

A facility full of refreshing and healing elements, such as four gardens whose contents change depending on profile diagnosis incorporating phytotherapy (phytotherapy), and a sustainable cafe where spatial art and healthy smoothies are provided. It has become.

Alcohol disinfection is transformed into art! I entered "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU"

I have visited each art work at the venue, so I will introduce it. (Admission fees are set in detail, so they are listed together at the end of the article.)



First of all, [NAKED BIG BOOK] welcomes visitors heading to the venue.

It is a digital art that projects the image visual of each content on a huge book object by projection mapping. From everyday to extraordinary, you will be drawn into the world of "NAKED FLOWERS" as you read through the pages.



Alcohol disinfection is performed to prevent infectious diseases before entering the venue, but a wonderful flower experience-based art [CLEAN JUNGLE] has also appeared here.

Disinfect your hands with alcohol blown from the object, just as you would clean your hands with the water of a waterfall flowing through the jungle. Even a little troublesome disinfection is a smart measure that will entertain you as a special experience.

State of disinfection

During disinfection, 6 kinds of flowers blooming in the venue are randomly projected on the palm, so be careful!

In "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU", you need to register an account on your smartphone and create a My Page for profile diagnosis, so let's do it before entering the venue.

There was an account registration guide on the other side of [CLEAN JUNGLE], and you can also pre-register from the official website ⇒ https://flowers4u.naked-app.com/

Account registration information



Finally to the venue!

At [NAKED PHYTOTHERAPY] right at the entrance, profile diagnosis based on phytotherapy (phytotherapy) is performed.

When you hold the QR code displayed on My Page over the reader, you will be asked 10 questions about your physical condition, emotions, and diet, such as "Are you sleeping well recently?" And "What do you feel when you wake up in the morning?" It will be displayed on the monitor.

There are 10 4-choice questions.

By answering, the state of the experiencer at the time of visit can be converted into personal data. This diagnosis result will be used in the garden area and cafe where you can experience personalization, which will be introduced later, so let's answer honestly.

By the way, as a caveat, the name you registered when you created your account will be displayed on the personal diagnosis screen, so if you don't like being seen by people, you may want to register something other than your real name. You can change the registration information on My Page.

After finishing the diagnosis, move to the main floor. From here, you can experience the work in your favorite order and at your favorite pace.

■ Sakura Aya OUSAI

Sakura Aya OUSAI

In the center of the floor, there is a cherry blossom art space called [Sakurasai OUSAI] , which symbolizes "NAKED FLOWERS".

The beauty of the four seasons is expressed by projection mapping on the floor. It seems that it takes about 5 minutes for the images of the four seasons to go around. I was able to sit down and take a rest.

The four seasons will change.

The part that looks like fantastic snow and clouds at the top is a special Japanese paper cut in the shape of a cherry blossom. It doesn't look like a cherry blossom from a distance, but if you look closely, it's a mechanism, so please check it out. The surrounding area is also decorated with fresh seasonal flowers.

Cherry blossom art made of Japanese paper.



Interactive art [COLORS] is also on the wall. If you draw the three elements of soil, water, and light in your favorite color on the operation monitor, the original flowers made of those colors will bloom on the canvas on the wall. You can decorate the wall attractively with other visitors.

Color is being selected on the operation monitor.

Of course, it is OK to choose the color that you imagined obediently by asking questions such as "What color of soil do you imagine?", But in the case of the author, the finish is not so good. Then it will be a beautiful flower. "It is also recommended to think about the color composition.

To four personalized experiences unique to "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU"!

Finally, we will move to the four gardens where you can experience personalization, which is the main content of "NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU".



First of all, go to the corner where you can experience meditation called [FROZEN FLOWER GARDEN] ! It seems that the concept is a space where you can meet your neutral self by calming your body and mind.

It is a beautiful garden with the image of snowflakes shining in the clear winter air. It's a mysterious space …

My page screen. The icon of the content for which personal diagnosis is utilized is displayed.

Click the [FROZEN FLOWER GARDEN] icon on My Page to display the recommended aroma essential oils analyzed by personal diagnosis.

First, I was instructed to put the relevant aroma essential oil placed on the central object on my wrist.

Aroma essential oil

Then enter the personal space separated by the curtain. Hold the QR code over the installed reader and wear headphones. In the scent of aroma, go to a meditation experience for a few minutes with a recommended plan for yourself.

The cushions in the personal space are a little tall, so I took the time to find a relaxing posture to find out how to sit down. (How was the correct answer to sit down?)

Personal space

It seems that there are five types of meditation plans, such as those that increase self-affirmation and those that give a refreshing feeling. The production of sound, light, narration, etc. are all different.

An example of a meditation plan © naked inc.

In the case of the author, it was a plan to improve concentration, which is recommended for people who are distracted by work or study.

I was worried if I could calm down because the outside was messy … Headphones almost block the sound of the outside world, so I was able to concentrate so much that I forgot that I was in Yurakucho Marui. The aroma scent is also pleasant and surprisingly refreshing even in a few minutes!

I'm glad that the voice used in meditation can be listened to at any time on My Page . You will want to try it at home.



The next place I visited was [CHOCOLATE GARDEN] . In a cosmos field made of chocolate, you can find and harvest the medical chocolate you need.

(* Medical chocolate is a chocolate that is sugar-free, gluten-free, and naturally additive-free and has condensed nutritional components under the supervision of a doctor.)

A lovely atmosphere that is different from [FROZEN FLOWER GARDEN]. Each garden space is decorated with flower art, but it looks completely different, so it's a lot of fun to go around.

Cosmos blooming

When you hold the QR code over the reader, cosmos will bloom on the wall. The color of the cosmos is the same as the color of the medical chocolate package that suits me, so I searched for the corresponding package from the left and right cosmos fields and got it.

Harvest chocolate

The type of medical chocolate I recommended was "POWER ASSIST" (protein deficiency). Did you worry about lack of energy because you could replenish BCAA, a powerful animal protein?

Most of the people who were in the same group at the exhibition recommended the same "POWER ASSIST", and I laughed a little. A sense of fellowship with the same worries grows.

When I tried it, it was a slightly sweet bitter chocolate. It was a taste I wanted to eat during work. If you are interested, check it out because the raw materials and ingredient labels are written in detail on My Page.

In addition, there were 5 types of chocolate in total, such as "BOOST VITALITY" (immunity boosting) and "INNER BEAUTY" (beautiful skin / rough skin).



[WILD FLOWER GARDEN] is a garden where medical herbs with wild plant energy grow. From there, collect the medical herbs that are perfect for your condition and incorporate the effects into your body.

* A separate 700 yen (tax included) is required as an experience fee.

Hold the QR code over the reader installed on the table, search for a small bottle of prescribed medical herbs in the garden, and pick it up.

Three types are displayed, but in reality, two types are blended, so you can get two vials.

There are 5 types of herbal combinations in all. In my case, I got a blend for anti-aging. (By the way, I was asked about rough skin in the diagnosis … Thank you …)

It is a combination of rose that keeps the skin youthful and moisturizes, sage that has the effect of tightening swelling and sagging, and rosemary that has the effect of preventing aging.

There are small bottles growing in the garden (?). Herbs come with a name tag so you don't have to worry about getting lost.

You can take the herbs in a small bottle as they are. My page describes recommended herbal inoculation methods such as herbal tea and bath salts, so you can touch the plants, smell the scent, and incorporate the effects … It seems that you can enjoy it at home with all five senses.

By the way, if you bring a small bottle to the cafe that I will introduce later, you can enjoy herbal tea on the spot.


Demonstration at BLOOMING GARDEN

The personalized experience area, the last is [BLOOMING GARDEN] .

When you stand in front of the monitor after holding the QR code, various data are analyzed from the face. You can enjoy the production of flowers that match the taste of each visitor's face by mapping. It takes about 3-4 minutes each time.

After that, it is a very exciting corner where you will be presented with cosmetics that suit you!

* A separate 500 yen (tax included) is required as an experience fee.

The face type of the woman who demonstrated is "Genderless"

Diagnosis is judged by the three-dimensional appearance of the face, the arrangement of parts, curved or linear, etc., and the results are classified into 4 types "Genderless", "Pretty", "Stylish", and "Feminine".

As you can see from the photo , the flower art production that matches your face type appears in the background, so it is a space that you can enjoy as a photo spot. I took only the close-up photos, but overall, the brightly shining lines had a sense of the near future and it was a very nice sight.

The brands and items of the cosmetics that will be presented will change for a limited time. The first is the popular eye shadow "Glitter Prism Shadow" and "Glitter Prism Tin Trip" from the Korean cosmetics brand "MISSHA" !

The author, who was a "Pretty" type, got a red eyeshadow.

It came out in a capsule like Gashapon.

When I looked at my page, the diagnosis result was updated as "You are in a cute atmosphere and the HAPPY coloring of vitamin color is perfect!". Until now, I have rarely used vitamin color for make-up, but I was taught by data analysis with no sontaku (?), And I think I should be aware of this as a trigger.

All items cost 1,000 yen or more at the list price. It may be a great deal because you can get it with an art experience. By the way, it seems that you can get an enzyme facial cleansing powder sample of the skin care brand "Dermalogica" for 10 people every day.

These are the four gardens where you can experience personalization.

I thought I was looking forward to art, but … it's a bit exaggerated, but it feels like I'm back from a trip to get to know myself better. Surrounded by beautiful flower art, you can beautify both inside and outside your body. You can feel good in your mind and body. I felt that it was a wonderful facility with such expectations.

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