An event where you can surely find your favorite “#Coffee and sweets” will be held at Yurakucho Marui!

Part 1: April 29th (Sat) – May 3rd (Wed) Part 2: May 4th (Thu) – May 7th (Sun)

At Yurakucho Marui, we will hold “#Coffee and Sweets”, which develops coffee and sweets handled by popular coffee shops and EC sites in Tokyo, Saitama, Nagano, and Akita! Coffee drinks and tastings will also be held.

What is "#Coffee and Sweets" ? This is a limited-time event that handles all 7 brands of coffee and sweets sold at coffee shops and EC sites around the country.
Whether you are particular about coffee or sweets or not, we wanted you to enjoy it “feel free” and “freely”.

■Introduction of store brands *Brands listed below in alphabetical order

[First: April 29th (Sat)-May 3rd (Wed) store brands]

1. Cafe Planet Chocolat <br /> A hidden cafe in Ginza 8-chome. We offer organic coffee and European bread for a relaxing and relaxing time. We provide organic coffee and decaf (coffee with caffeine removed as much as possible) that is safe and secure for your mind and body.

German Bretzel 410 yen (tax included)
Delicious salty bread imported directly from Germany

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2.08COFFEEE (Zero Hachi Coffee)
Opened in Akita City, Akita Prefecture in 2011. We carefully roast specialty coffees from excellent farms and regions around the world every morning and deliver them all over the country.

Ice coffee mini 500ml 730 yen each (tax included)
100% sugar-free specialty coffee Authentic iced coffee extracted with flannel drip

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"When can you really relax?"
We want you to spend a relaxing time surrounded by the soothing aroma of coffee. We deliver coffee blended with such thoughts. JCQA-certified coffee appraisers are on staff at the roastery, where the individuality of the beans is ascertained, and the beans are carefully selected and roasted under rigorous quality checks.

* JCQA certified coffee appraiser: Appraiser who has acquired a coffee-related qualification certified by the All Japan Federation of Coffee Commerce and Industry Associations.

07BLEND dip type 1 bag x 10g
220 yen (tax included)
Refresh your mood with refreshing sour 07BLEND

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4. LuaRuaCoffee
In Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, we provide polite hospitality, delicious coffee, sweets, and light meals so that everyone can take a break from their lives.
We have arranged sweets from Brazil, the hidden sweets powerhouse, to suit the tastes of Japanese people. All dishes are hand-made, and no preservatives or colorings are used.

Hiyatoro cake 100g-120g
500 yen (tax included)
A cake that can be frozen with a melting texture

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[2nd: May 4th (Thursday) to May 7th (Sunday) store brands]

5. Braikan coffee
We carefully select high-quality raw beans, hand-pick them after ordering, and roast them carefully by hand to deliver fresh and delicious coffee to everyone.

What Braikan coffee values ・Selection of high-quality raw beans ・Thorough hand-picking (removal of moldy beans, wormy beans, immature beans, etc.)
・Roasting after ordering

Hand-roasted coffee beans/powder 100g each
870 yen (tax included)
Coffee that is carefully hand-picked and baked in small lots

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Bakery & Wine bar opened in October 2022 in Kanamecho, Toshima Ward. We offer breads, cafes, sweets, healthy deli menus using seasonal ingredients, and natural wines.

*Natural wine will not be served at this event.

apple cinnamon pie
450 yen (tax included)
Apples marinated in natural red wine carefully selected by a sommelier for more than a day are wrapped in a crispy pie crust with a buttery scent, and the pleasant scent of cinnamon makes this a representative Manhattan dish.

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7. meatrion
The new brand meatrion, which was born from the “Kumaki Hotcake Shop” operated by ORihon Co., Ltd., is a reward meat pie brand carefully made by the cook of a Western restaurant. The concept is for you and that person who are important to you. The gift of reward time.

Kuroge Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Meat Pies 2,480 yen (tax included)
A meat pie unique to a Western-style restaurant, with extremely coarsely ground Kuroge Wagyu beef and black pork, plenty of flavored vegetables, and plenty of fermented butter folded into a homemade French pie dough.

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Overview of the event <br /> Venue Yurakucho Marui 1F calendar
② 2nd: May 4th (Thursday) to May 7th (Sunday) 11: 00-20: 00
* The brands that will be opened in the first and second rounds are different. * On the last day of each term, May 3 (Wednesday) and May 7 (Sunday), the last order for drinks will be served until 18:30 (Open at 19:30) : 00)

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