[Free admission] 7/28-30 Honey event “Honey Festa 2023” will be held in Ginza in summer

Held for the first time in four years. Beekeepers and import companies will set up stalls and hold workshops that both children and adults can enjoy.

About 100 types of honey from Japan and the world are gathered together! They also sell sweets and alcoholic beverages made with honey. You can taste and drink before purchasing. Workshops, honey bee tours, honey contest voting, etc. are also held. It is an event that is useful for children's summer vacation (8th time this year)

The Japan Honey Meister Association, which manages honey qualifications, held an event "Honey Festa 2023" where you can learn various ways to use honey on the weekend just before Honey Day (8/3) and purchase honey from various places. will be held. In 2020 and 2021, the schedule overlapped with the Tokyo Olympics, so the 2022 event was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it will be held for the first time in four years.

For consumers, even if they have an image that honey is "good for the body and beauty", the reality is that there are many opinions that they don't really know how to use honey other than adding it to yogurt or toast. Also, many people do not know that there is a wide variety of honeys in the world, and that each one has a different aroma and taste.

This event, which is being held for the 8th time this year, is an activity to spread honey . By experiencing the deliciousness of various honeys and experiencing how to use honey according to its purpose, you can reconfirm the "goodness of honey" and make it your daily life. We aim to have you use it effectively. This event is also a place to introduce lesser-known honeys, as about 100 types of honey from Japan and overseas will be available at the same time.
In addition, a general voting section was held at the venue where visitors could eat and vote for the honey that remained until the final judgment in the contest "6th Honey of the Year" to select the most delicious honey that can be purchased in Japan. increase.

*Honey Festa 2023 Flyer (PDF)

[Venue] Ginza Phoenix Plaza (3-9-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Paper Pulp Hall 2nd-3rd floor)
*2 minutes walk from Ginza Station Exit A12 *Within a few minutes walk from Higashi-ginza Station, Ginza-itchome Station, Hibiya Station, and JR Yurakucho Station

[Holding date and time] July 28, 2023 (Friday) 14: 00-20: 00 [Friday sales only]
July 29th (Sat) 10:00-17:00
July 30 (Sun) 10:00-16:30

[Admission fee] Free

[Organizer] Japan Honey Meister Association

[Cooperation] NPO Ginza Honey Bee Project / Japan Mead Association

[Event content]

●Honey workshop /charged (reservation priority) *7/29/30 held (venue: 3rd floor)

A lecture where our association's certified lecturer introduces various ways to use honey. This is a hands-on course where you can actually make, taste and taste.

[7/29 (Sat) held]
・Let's make a delicious marriage of 3 types of honey and ingredients ・Let's make honey tea syrup ・Honey and coffee pairing experience ・Do you know mead? Includes tasting of mead from all over Japan *Instructor: Japan Mead Association

[Sunday, July 30th]
・Make honey-kone-kone soap ・Refreshing honey-lemon aroma bath bomb & honey-herb bath salt-making ・Smooth and shiny toothpaste made with honey and clay

Rooftop bee tour / pay (reservation priority) *July 29th and 30th

You can actually observe the bees that produce Ginza honey.
Lecturer: NPO Ginza Honey Bee Project

★Pre-registration for workshops and bee tours will be accepted online.
[Prior application acceptance period] 6/23 (Friday) 10:00 to 7/21 (Friday) 17:00
Saturday https://0729honeyfesta2023.peatix.com
Sunday https://0730honeyfesta2023.peatix.com
In addition, you can apply from 10:00 at the lecture reception desk on the 3rd floor only if there is space on the day (cash payment only).

■ Honey Festa 2023 page https://83m.info/apps/note/2023-honeyfesta/

Honey Contest 6th Honey of the Year General Voting / Free (numbered tickets distributed from 10:00 on the day)
* July 29th and 30th held (venue: 3rd floor)
Visitors will actually eat and vote for the honey that remains until the final screening of the "6th Honey of the Year" contest to choose the most delicious honey that can be purchased in Japan. Your choice of honey might win a prize! (Announcement of final examination results on 8/3)

Honey sales /charged (Venue: 2nd and 3rd floors)
We sell honey and honey products from Japan and around the world. Rare honey, honey sold by beekeepers themselves, honey sweets, honey liquor, etc. will be on sale. (As of 5/15 , 44 organizations are planning to sell about 100 types of honey )

[Branch group (in alphabetical order)] As of May 15

*Vendor groups, types of honey, etc. may be changed or added.

■Domestic honey *The name of the prefecture is the main honey-collecting area

Aivalley MIYANOMORI Hokkaido Red honey, white honey (acacia), green honey (kihada)
Ginza Honey Bee Co., Ltd. Tokyo/Fukushima Prefecture Ginza Momokamitsu (April-August), Tokyo Momokamitsu (April-August), Tokyo Honey Sake (Mead Sake)
Municipal Sapporo Odori High School Hokkaido Acacia honey, cinnamon honey, flower honey in early July
Takano Bee Farm Kagoshima prefecture Astragalus nectar from Kagoshima, Hundred Flower nectar (collected from May to June 2023, scheduled)
Nakajima Beekeeping Shizuoka Prefecture Mandarin orange honey from Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, Kuroganemochi honey from Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture
LLC HANAP Chiba Prefecture Chiba pure honey, original flavored honey, bee miscellaneous goods
888MITSUBACHI Gunma Prefecture Domestic acacia honey (golden drop), honey dorayaki (golden sum), domestic honey jam (golden pole), honey baum, black tea that goes well with honey
Hirota Bee Farm Yamaguchi Prefecture Cherry blossom honey, mandarin orange honey, Japanese pepper honey, etc.
Hiraoki Beekeeping Hiroshima Japanese Honey Bee Hundred Flower Nectar (Crystalized), Japanese Humble Honey Bee Hundred Flower Nectar (New Honey) Scheduled for 2023
Matsubara Kihachi Sohonba Co., Ltd. Gifu Prefecture Kinka-no-yamamitsu (hundred-flower honey harvested in early spring), Kinka-no-yama-no-mitsu (hundred-flower honey, scheduled), honey-based baked sweets (cookies, pound cakes, etc.)
Honey bee veterinarian [Tawaraya LLC] Hyogo Prefecture, Myanmar Hydrangea honey (April-June 2023), sunflower (2022) scheduled
Beekeeper's Daughters [Sugamo Bee Garden & Kusuido Coupmead] Iwate Prefecture/Shimane Prefecture Akashia honey from Iwate prefecture, Sakura honey from Iwate prefecture, Hundred flower honey from Shimane prefecture
Honey and Herb La table verte Hokkaido Ayurvedic honey (honey collected based on descriptions in classic books), Hokkaido Green Honey series (seasonal honey from spring to autumn), Hamanasu honey (honey with rose petals), honey source herbs, beeswax miscellaneous goods
Revive Co., Ltd. Hori Bee Garden Gifu Prefecture Winter Blue Honey, Yamazakura Honey, Yellow Hazel Honey, etc.

One Honey Project Co., Ltd. Ehime Prefecture, New Zealand Loquat honey from Ehime, mandarin orange honey, manuka honey from New Zealand, jala honey from Australia, beeswax wrap

■Overseas honey *The country name is the main honey collection area

African Square Co., Ltd. Ethiopia and Malawi Ethiopian Honey White, Ethiopian Limu Coffee Plantation Honey, Malawi Honey Zalaniyama Forest Reserve
Alienta Co., Ltd. Kyrgyzstan Holy clover honey from the Atobashi basin, milk thistle honey from the Toktogul plateau
Ilios Greek Products Greece Greek Thyme Honey, Greek Acorn Honey, Greek Fir Tree Honey
AW Co., Ltd. Austria, Hungary, etc. European organic honey, craft spice honey, lamb honey
MYM International Co., Ltd. Georgia Georgian wild JARA honey (with honeycomb, traditional technique), organic unheated polyflora nectar
Olive Bird LLC Spain Organic Unheated Honey Eucalyptus, Organic Unheated Honey Heather, Organic Honey High Mountain
Kato Agency Limited Liability Company France Lavender, Rosemary, Linden
Raw honey specialty store in Kyrgyzstan [Jebekjol] KOBUTASHA Corp. Kyrgyzstan, Brunei, Japan Kyrgyz white raw honey, herbal honey, bee pollen, bee bread, needleless bee propolis honey from Brunei, needleless bee soap, giant bee honey, domestic honey
Cosana Co., Ltd. new zealand Manuka Honey, Manuka Honey Related Products, New Zealand Related Products
dog cafe Rico north macedonia North Macedonian honey (hokkaido), honeyed nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts)
Trask Import new zealand manuka honey
Nana Honey Taiwan Longan Honey, Longan Plum Honey, Biyakuzen Honey
Franco-Japanese Trading Co., Ltd. Italy Organic lavender honey, organic acacia honey with black truffle, organic orange honey
Fujio Project Slovenia fir tree honey, chestnut honey, linden honey
Plusp Co., Ltd. Türkiye Wildflower Honey, Pineapple Honey, Energy Raw Honey
Boinamarana Kyrgyzstan and Japan Esparcet White Honey and related products, Hyakhanamitsu (domestic honey of Japanese honeybees)
pouatu manuka honey new zealand manuka honey
MA&TT Trading LLC [Mat Trading LLC] Pakistan Sidr honey (jujube), rose water, rose preserve (candied rose petals)
Mitoku Co., Ltd. Italy Organic Acacia Honey, Organic Wildflower Honey, Organic Bee Pollen
Mitsurindo Malaysia/Indonesia Stingless bee honey, polyfloral nectar, acacia, passion fruit, etc.
Mosaic World Co., Ltd. Tunisia Rosemary and hyssop honey, almond and eucalyptus honey, organic olive oil
Yasuzukaya Co., Ltd. Australia Jarrah Honey, Red Gum Honey, White Gum Honey, Banksia Honey

■Honey liquor (mead) *Region name is the main country of origin

Japan Mead Association Domestic mead from all over Japan
Mirabel Co., Ltd. France/UK Bull de Ruche, Gosnell of London


kashiki laboratory Nagano Prefecture Ka-style hives, books, beekeeping goods
Be linked Akita Apple juice from Akita Prefecture, Iburigakko, Inaniwa Udon, etc.
C'bon Co., Ltd. Skin check experience using a high-performance camera Check the "texture" of your skin over makeup! In addition, handing over medicated beauty essence samples according to your skin
Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations Co-op membership information, pudding and yogurt tasting

*Vendor groups, types of honey, etc. may be changed or added.

<About Japan Honey Meister Association> https://www.83m.info
Learning about honey and bees, we operate a honey qualification "Honey Advisor" and "Certified Instructor" course that covers a wide range of knowledge to master honey in daily life, from cooking to health and beauty. In addition, we hold a lecture on how to use honey and express the taste of honey in words. In February 2009, the "Honey Meister Training Course" was established, and in May 2012, it became the Japan Honey Meister Association.

<Contact information> Japan Honey Meister Association
TEL: 03-5244-9783 (10:00-17:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, excluding holidays)
Inquiry form ⇒ https://honeymeister.shop-pro.jp/secure/?mode=inq&shop_back_url=https%3A%2F%2F83m.info%2F&shop_id=PA01492670

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