“Imaichiko Original Art Exhibition -Two Worlds Spun from Hyakki Yagyosho-” will be held at Yurakucho Marui from August 4th (Friday)

Limited product release decision! Twitter campaign started!

VISION8 Co., Ltd. (EDITION88 Art Gallery) will hold an exhibition of original paintings by Imaichiko in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Yurakucho Marui 8F event space) from August 4th (Friday) to August 20th (Sunday), 2023. I will.

"Hyakki Yagyōsho" started serialization in 1995 and continues to fascinate many readers to this day.
This exhibition presents valuable hand-drawn color illustrations and manga manuscripts.
A total of 60 original paintings can be enjoyed with free admission.
Literary style, elegant color tone, delicate and emotional depiction.
Please enjoy the ephemeral and beautiful world that connects the ordinary with the extraordinary.

・ [Admission free] 60 hand-drawn color illustrations and manga manuscripts

After working as an assistant and coterie, Imaichiko-sensei has continued to overwhelm readers with her high composition and drawing skills since her debut.
In 2006, he won the Manga Division Excellence Award at the 10th Japan Media Arts Festival.
This exhibition will focus on "Hyakki Yakosho", and will display the cover illustrations of the books from the 1st volume published in 1995 to the latest 30th volume.
You can see a total of 60 hand-drawn illustrations for free, including color illustrations that color the beginning of the work, monochrome manga manuscripts (door pictures), and drama CD jacket color illustrations.

・ Twitter campaign in progress [until 8/20]

To commemorate the opening of the "Imaichiko Original Art Exhibition", follow and retweet the EDITION88 official Twitter account, and we will carry out a gift campaign where 3 people will win a "key visual poster" by lottery.

【way to participate】
① Follow @TheEdition88 ② Retweet the target campaign tweet ③ A “key visual B3 poster” will be won by lottery for 3 people.

*Winners will be contacted via DM.

For details, please check the EDITION88 official website, Imaichiko Original Art Exhibition page.
Deadline: 8/20 (Sunday) until 23:59

・Partial release of original art exhibition commemorative products!

We would like to introduce some of the products that will be sold at this exhibition.

● 88 graph (autographed)
* Specifications are subject to change as it is currently under supervision.
*The product image is an image. In fact, Imaichiko-sensei's autograph and edition number will be included.

Products will also be sold at the EDITION88 online store!
EDITION88 page ⇒ https://edition-88.com/pages/ima-ichiko

・Overview <br /> Event name: “Imaichiko Original Art Exhibition-Two worlds spun from Hyakki Yakosho-”
Period: August 4th [Fri] to 20th [Sun], 2023 Regular holiday: August 16th [Wed]
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 *Last entry 30 minutes before closing Venue: Yurakucho Marui 8F event space "SPACE1・2"
Venue website: https://www.0101.co.jp/086/
Admission fee: Free

[Event overview and notes]
For details, please check the EDITION88 official website, Imaichiko Original Art Exhibition page.

・About VISION8 Co., Ltd.

Since our founding in 2009, we have placed first priority on our relationships with creators involved in Japanese anime, comics, and games. I am producing to He owns the art gallery "EDITION88", and produces prints that apply his own printing technology, mainly autographed products by artists, and sells them at exhibitions, limited-time shops, and EDITION88 official EC.

Company name: VISION8 Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 3-14-18 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo Imperial Takanawa 3rd floor Representative Director: Akihiro Igarashi Company HP: https://vision8.jp/
EDITION88 Online Shop: https://edition-88.com/
Contact: vision8@vision8.jp

Twitter @TheEdition88 https://twitter.com/TheEdition88/
Instagram @theedition88 https://www.instagram.com/theedition88/
Facebook @TheEdition88 https://www.facebook.com/TheEdition88/

[VISION8 Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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