[Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall)] “Jihei Murase Urushi Work – Tradition and Future” will be held from October 12th (Thursday)

Urushi artist Jihei Murase will hold his second solo exhibition in Wako in three years.

Seiko House Ginza Hall will be holding an exhibition called "Jihei Murase Lacquer Work – Tradition and Future" from October 12th (Thursday) to October 22nd (Sunday).

Mr. Murase is the 7th generation woodturner and the 3rd generation lacquerer since the Edo period.
When I go into production, I begin with the drawing, and handle the entire process of lacquer art myself, from making the wood to painting.

As if guided by the voice of the tree, he hollows, cuts, and carves a piece of wood to create a shape.
Sharpening his own sensibilities and being inspired by various forms of beauty, such as the seasonal scenes of Japan and the vivid color sense of Europe, he has taken on the challenge of creating new art pieces, and his works have been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Victoria & It is housed in museums such as the Albert Museum, and has received high praise overseas.

This exhibition features more than 100 items, including water vases, pails, and tea utensils that are impressive in their innovative shapes and unique colors, as well as flower vases, trays, bowls, and plates from the popular "Sawaguri" series. will come together.
Please take a look at the many gems that have passed down the traditional techniques of lacquer art, while giving you a sense of the future.

Front: Aya lacquer medium (diameter 6.7 x height 6.6cm), Back: Aya lacquer surface medium (diameter 6.7 x height 6.6cm)

Ginsai machete suishizashi (21.5 x 18.3 x height 19cm), Negoro Yakuki tea set three feet (diameter 8.2 x height 7cm)

Sawakuri flat plate (top: diameter 21 x height 2.5cm), (bottom: diameter 13.5 x height 2cm)

Benitame line chopped tea set (clockwise from the front: diameter 5.8 x height 8.1cm, diameter 5.3 x height 9.7cm, diameter 5.6 x height 9.2cm, diameter 5.4 x height 9.3cm, diameter 5.6 x height 10.1cm)

Jihei Murase Biography
Born in Tokyo in 1957
1980 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Sculpture
2001: Succeeded to the name Jihei III and became the seventh generation woodturner.
2009 Production of hearths for Myokian and Taian
2010 Exhibited at the Crafts Gallery, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, “Perspectives on Contemporary Crafts: Around the Tea Ceremony” Exhibited at London Art Fair Collect
2015 Exhibited at the Crafts Gallery of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo “Modern Crafts and Tea Ceremony”
2016 Exhibited at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Crafts Gallery “Modern Crafts and Tea Ceremony II”
2017 Exhibited at Art Basel in Switzerland Participated in the 100th Anniversary Exhibition Tea Ceremony at the Japan Gallery of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in New York Served as a craftsman for the Nezu Museum special event "Tea Ceremony for Contemporary Tea Artists"
2019 Embassy of Japan in the UK “NEW LOOK OF TEA” Exhibition/JAPAN House Lecture
2020 Wako “Lacquer Work” Exhibition
2021 National Crafts Center Ishikawa Relocation Commemorative Exhibition III: “Modern Crafts and Tea Ceremony Utsuwa – Seasonal Shitsurai” will be exhibited

Public collection:
Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA), Yale University Asian Art Museum (USA), National Crafts Museum (Japan)

"Jihei Murase Urushi Work – Tradition and Future"
October 12th (Thursday) – October 22nd (Sunday)

Venue: Seiko House Ginza Hall (6th floor, Seiko House Ginza, 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Contact: Wako (03)3562-2111 (Representative)
Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)
Closed days: None Admission fee: Free Sponsored by/Wako

◎Wako Hall has been renamed to "Seiko House Ginza Hall."
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