A new sweets spot “PARK MARCHE” has opened in Yurakucho Marui!

From arranged menus from popular cafes that are hard to get reservations to new faces opening in the area for the first time, we've got a gathering of people who will liven up your snack time!

“PARK MARCHE YURAKUCHO” will open on Friday, December 8, 2023 on the 1st floor of Yurakucho Marui, where you can find special sweets that will brighten up your daily life.

Excitement begins when you come into contact with the commitment and story behind the sweets.
“PARK MARCHE YURAKUCHO'' is a place where you can encounter “delicious events'' that can only be experienced here.
~Now, what should we have for snack today?~
I want to please my loved ones with tasteful sweets! We have an assortment of products that can be recommended as souvenirs for such occasions.

■ About the store brands


A new sweets brand, “ORIENTAL BLUE,'' has been born from biplane, which operates the cafe and bar “KITASANDO COFFEE'' with 6 stores in Tokyo, and the roastery cafe “MONNAKA COFFEE,'' and it has arrived here in Yurakucho.
A gift sweets brand perfect for tea time that interprets and expresses Western sweets from an Eastern perspective.
We offer three types: pate de fruit, financier, and blended tea, which use plenty of oriental fruits, spices, and herbs.

2. "pleine by KITASANDO COFFEE"

A specialty store of croissant sweets that was born from the cafe and bar “KITASANDO COFFEE'', which is also operated by biplane as well as “ORIENTAL BLUE''.
We named it “pleine'' with the desire to satisfy our customers' stomachs and hearts.
The croissant is baked in the shape of a full moon, filled with cream, and decorated with cute toppings.
We plan to offer multiple flavors including plain pudding, dark chocolate, and strawberry short.


UN JOUR=One day. “UN JOUR CHOCOLAT'' is a chocolate specialty store with the hope that our customers' days will be a little special.
We have a lineup of casually chic chocolates that will give you a sense of happiness, including round chocolates that combine bitters, milk, and other nuts and fruits that go well with each type of chocolate, as well as raw chocolates and truffles.
In addition to single items for yourself to make your day a little more special, we also offer assortments that are perfect for souvenirs, gifts, and small gifts.
Whether it's an ordinary day or a special day, we have a selection of chocolates that will make your day a little more special by encountering “UN JOUR CHOCOLAT.''

4. "Chaka"

A “pancake shop that is difficult to get reservations for'' that has remained popular ever since it opened in Kitasenju, Tokyo in 2010. Chaka is now opening in Yurakucho as a new business that mainly focuses on baked goods and only takes takeout.
We mainly offer scones, muffins, cookies, etc., but we also offer pancake pudding that is a little different from the main store, which you can take home. There are also products limited to Yurakucho. Please enjoy the new "Chaka" that is different from Kitasenju.

5. “ALMOND MEISTER® Refined”

ALMOND MEISTER® is an almond whose appeal is now being rediscovered all over the world. Founded in 1974, Igetado, a long-established Western confectionery manufacturer in the Chubu region, is a specialty brand born from about half a century of research and research into almonds.
Almonds are an indispensable ingredient in Western confectionery, and in addition to their aroma and deliciousness, they have recently become increasingly popular for their beauty and health benefits.
Under the supervision of a confectioner who studies almonds every day and knows all about their charm, we carefully select almonds from all over the world and use a low-temperature roasting method and homemade grinding to bring out the natural flavor and taste of the ingredients. , we have only the best almond sweets.

6. “PRESS BUTTER SAND GALLERY” *Scheduled to open on Friday, December 22nd

“PRESS BUTTER SAND GALLERY'' is a premium line that collects “unique butter sandwiches'' created by the butter sandwich specialty store “PRESS BUTTER SAND.'' Using the symbolic shape of a butter sandwich, “45mm x 45mm square,'' as a canvas, we are experimenting and putting into practice the creation of never-before-seen sweets.
We have developed a new butter sandwich that is particular about the combination and formulation of ingredients, with a precision that embodies the intuitive idea that “if you combine this and that, it should be delicious'' based on the knowledge of confectionery that we have cultivated over the years. Masu.
Please enjoy the “UNKNOWN Butter Sandwich'', which is dynamically, humorously, and creatively created with a rich aroma and luxurious taste.

7. "Patisserie MAGNOLIA"

Welcome, we would like to deliver sweets that resonate with the town.
Elegant and noble. The workshop of “Patisserie MAGNOLIA'' is located in a corner of Takarazuka.
Every day, we handcraft each piece of delicious food that is full of color and blooms with the scent of this city.
Takarazuka is a grain of food that can be enjoyed with all five senses.
Cookies and chocolate with violet blooms in a sparkling, heart-warming box. All of the sweets at “Patisserie MAGNOLIA'' are so delicious that you can enjoy them with all five senses.
Tastes and items that change with the seasons are also part of the delicious entertainment provided by this city. All of the menu items at "Patisserie MAGNOLIA" are created using the original "bikatsu" method.


This is a specialty canelé specialty store from Karuizawa.
We have more than 70 flavors, including seasonal products, and have sold more than 50,000 high-quality canelés in total.
We mainly sell through mail order, but we also open many pop-up stores at department stores in Tokyo.
We have a lineup of carefully selected flavors that have been creatively arranged for each menu, from the dough to the ingredients.
We handcraft each item one by one using the highest quality ingredients from Nagano, such as grass-fed butter, milk from Shinshu, and ground flour.
Please enjoy our carefully selected canelés, which are made with the ingenuity of pastry chefs and made with high-quality ingredients blessed by nature.

■ Win recommended products from 6 stores in the opening campaign “PARK MARCHE YURAKUCHO”!
Please follow Yurakucho Marui official Instagram and comment on the post on December 7th (Thursday) by connecting the keywords on the last page of the post for 3 days from December 5th (Tuesday) to December 7th (Thursday). !

For more information, click here https://instagram.com/yurakuchomarui_official/

■ Store overview

  • Opening date: Friday, December 8, 2023
  • Floor: Yurakucho Marui 1F
  • Business hours: 11:00-20:00

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