Tokyu Plaza Ginza launches campaign 1 year anniversary campaign Spring is celebrating the 1st anniversary of “BLOOMING DAYS 1st ANNIVERSARY”, develops events and special projects on the theme of “BLOOM”.


The installation “BLOOM DANCE” where about 6,000 petals dance in the large spill space appears on the 6th floor “KIRIKO LOUNGE”!

· March 15 (Wednesday) – April 7 (Fri) “BLOOM DANCE” (Installation)
· March 15 (Wednesday) 18: 00 ~ / 19: 30 ~ “BLOOMING DAYS Opening Act” (Dance Performance)

Tokyu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Hitoshi Uemura) and Tokyu Land Management SC Management Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato- ku, Tokyo; President: Kazushi Sato) announced that “Tokyu Plaza Ginza” On March 1 (Wednesday) – April 7 (Friday), we will hold a campaign “BLOOMING DAYS 1st ANNIVERSARY TOKYU PLAZA GINZA” with the theme of “BLOOM” We will carry out.

“Tokyu Plaza Ginza” opened on March 31, 2016 under the development concept “Creative Japan – the world will be interesting from here”. A large variety of shops such as fashion, miscellaneous goods, restaurants, cafes, etc., combining high standards and latest trends on all 13 floors, a wide variety of shops on the 6th floor and the rooftop, a public space where you can relax freely, the city of Ginza Creates a new place of recreation and bustling, and we are disseminating new culture.

This campaign which develops to commemorate the 1st anniversary of opening of business, entitled “You flower bloom, spring month. BLOOMING DAYS”, a special experience that you can feel the arrival of spring through the decoration and the event with the theme of “BLOOM” .

During the period, a special installation “BLOOM DANCE” only for this period will appear on the 6th floor public space “KIRIKO LOUNGE” which is a symbol of the facility, through collaboration between visual design studio WOW and Bunkamura. Set up transparent pillars ranging in height from 3 m to 6 m, as if they would extend towards the ceiling, in a large blow-by space of about 27 m high. Among them, a piece of paper that looks like about 6,000 petals lightens with lights and dances quietly while being colored in various colors. Flower blizzard dancing fantastically in the large space of the lounge, a little earlier than Sakura Frontline, directs the space and wishes to color the time and memory of visitors to Ginza this spring.

And, on the evening of March 15 (Wednesday) on the first day of this opening campaign campaign, “BLOOMING DAYS Opening Act” was held. Along with the announcement of the installation “BLOOM DANCE”, you can enjoy the night-long dance performance of Contemporary Dance Company “The Bambiest” by director / Suganuma Imari’s choreography, with night view of Ginza.

Besides this, we have raised the first year anniversary of business opening with various projects such as the shopping party event “BLOOM PARTY” citing all the buildings scheduled to be held on Friday, March 24, sales of each shop limited item and anniversary menu I will.

Please spend a special spring time at “Tokyu Plaza Ginza” which celebrates 1 year anniversary.