Organic non-heated in the first landing in Japan, nature reserve in Northern Europe Newly released at Honey Ginza LOFT store

All seven types of Kuma-san characters from April 26 (Fri)

Next Innovation O Inn (Tallin, Estonia), based in Estonia, will renew seven BEAR CUBS (Bear Cubs), an organic honey from Estonian honey food company Nordic Food Products, at Ginza loft store I will release it.

Honey formulated with Bee Pollen 1 and Bee Bread 2
So far, the first organic "non-heated juicing honey 120g" to be released in Japan is made by combining Hyakuhana Honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Bread and Bee Wax.

"Unheated squeezed honey 120g" ¥ 2,300 (excluding tax) Manufacturer: Nordic Food Products (Nordic Food Products) Country of origin: Estonia, harvest area: Lääne county Production type: Organic Retail package Dimensions: Width 76mm Height 45m

Nordic Food Products Managing Director Antero Nesterenko Comment “This is a great honor for me to convey the ancestral generations of pure nature and deep knowledge for the first time to Japanese people. To all those who made this opportunity possible Thank you very much."

※ 1 Bee Pollen: Rolled pollen collected by honeybees, which contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, etc., has been popular as a "super food" in recent years.
※ 2 Bee bread: Bee Pollen collected by bees and honey are naturally fermented in the nest.

110% increase <br /> Yano Research Institute of increasing 2022 1,964 billion forecast 2017 domestic organic food demand was announced in October 2018, "Organic food market scale transition and predicted" According to the 2017 Japanese organic market scale Is projected to be ¥ 178.5 billion, up 102.3% from the previous year, and ¥ 196.4 billion in 2022. With the increase of items in the organic market and the expansion of sales channels, the awareness of organic foods is rising with the holding of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, and the demand for organic foods of general consumers is expected to increase.

Japanese distribution amount of about 46 thousand tons of honey, domestic about 6% 2.8 thousand, according to import about 96 percent 43 one thousand tons <br /> Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in November 2018 of the "circumstances surrounding the beekeeping" Japan 2017 Honey is distributed about 46,000 tons, of which about 2.8 thousand tons is 6% and imported about 43,000 tons is 93%. About 55% of imported honey is for household use, and about 45% is for processing of confectionery, baking and cosmetics.

For "BEAR CUBS (Beakabusu)" seven

"One hundred flowers of forest 120g" ¥ 1,500

"One hundred flowers of the prairie 120g" ¥ 1,500

"Creamy Honey 120g" ¥ 1,700

"Soba fruit honey 120g" ¥ 1,700

"Dandelberry 120g" ¥ 1,800

"Linden Flower Honey 120g" ¥ 1,800

※ All prices are without tax

Sales place <br /> Ginza loft store Location: Ginza 2-4-6 Ginza Belvia Hall, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Opening hours of the first floor: 11 am-21:

E U organic certification and Estonia of certification, developed in the world in nine countries "Nordic Food Products (Nordic Food Products)" is the producer of the largest organic honey in Estonia. All apiaries are located in nationally designated nature reserves and are EU certified organic. It produces 200 tons of honey a year and supplies 100 tons. According to EU's organic certification, “areas within 3km radius around honey must be uncontaminated and covered with natural plants” “hives must be made of natural materials” “Beehivery is There are criteria such as "Don't prohibit honey consumption by honeybees".

Organic honey "BEAR CUBS (bear cubs)" by Nordic Food Products has eight flavors: "Hundred Flowers in Forest", "Hundred Flowers in Great Plains", "Creamy Honey", "Unheated Juice", "Soba Fruit Honey" " We sell Dandelion honey, Heather flower honey, Linden flower honey and Beepaulen in 9 countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, and Korea.

Estonian Organic Certification

EU organic certification

Japanese organic certification

Beekeeper Tarmo Jaanisk Comment "The world we live in is very wide, but at the same time people-to-people connections have increased and it has become very small. The honey of a very small country like Estonia is very good to reach Japan I'm happy."

Nordic Food Products (Nordic Food Products) for <br /> Headquarters: Harjumaa, Tallinn, Türi tn 3 , 11313, ESTONIA
TEL: + 372-5684-1490
Established: February 2011 Representative Director: Antero Nesterenko
Project Description: Bee keeping

Next Innovation OÜ  
TEL: + 372-615-5583
Established: March 2018 Representative director: Hiroto Kumagai Business: Import and export business