British rain goods that parent and child Corde can enjoy. Rainwear and HUNTER POP UP created by LAVENHAM will be held for a limited time from April 26th at BRITISH MADE

At the BRITISH MADE (British Maid) stores that deliver "a story with a lifestyle with the concept of Stories with British Life", LAVENHAM (Ravenham) Rainwear and HUNTER (Hunter) POP UP April 26 It will be held from Sunday (Fri).

We will be holding a pop-up of rainwear made by the British quilted jacket, Ravenham, and rain goods royal road brand hunters of the British royal designer in the British maid.

The rainwear that Raven Ham handled with British Maid Bespoke this time is a lightweight, water-repellent, stretchable material, and it is a packable specification that can be folded and carried small, so it is likely to be a bulky trip or business trip on the go It is an item which plays an active part from spring to summer such as rainy day.
In addition, hunters who become the first handling in British maid develop rain boots, folding umbrellas, vinyl umbrellas, and sacoches. Both brands are items that men and women can enjoy coordination with kids and families. Please take a look at this time when the rainy season and the festival season are ahead.

■ Holding period · Stores ※ Please be aware that the holding period varies depending on the store.
BRITISH MADE Ginza store: 4/26 (Fri) to 5/12 (Sun)
BRITISH MADE Shinjuku: 4/26 (Fri)-5/31 (Fri)
BRITISH MADE Online shop: 4/26 (Fri) to 5/31 (Fri)
BRITISH MADE Marunouchi Store: 5/17 (Fri) to 5/31 (Fri)

LAVENHAM / <br /> Founded in 1969 in a small beautiful village in Suffolk northeastern London.
In the same year announced the hose blanket. In 1972, the diamond quilted jacket that represents Ravenham was released. The classic diamond quilt that symbolizes Ravenham uses frangible polyester upper threads and crossed nylon lower threads to prevent fraying and improve durability by crossing the corners of the diamond shape. All products are manufactured in their own plant in Sudbury, Suffolk. Carefully selected fabrics, studs, webbings, etc., products made carefully are practical and durable.

HUNTER / Hunter
Founded in 1856, Hunter is a progressive British well-established brand, and is known for its name as an original boots that is also a brand symbol, and has been designated as royal commander by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. With a long history of innovation, the brand has created designs that protect the pioneers from the harsh natural environment. Currently, in addition to the original boots, we are developing new shoes, outerwear and accessories.

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