From Eggs’ n Things, a pancake with extravagant seasoned andean melons is on display. “Andean melon and honey pancake” from June 1 (Sat) to June 24 (Mon), 2019

EGGS 'N THINGS JAPAN Co., Ltd. sells “Andean Melon and Honey Pancakes”, with plenty of seasonal Andean melon during the period from June 1, 2019 (Sat) to June 24, 2019 (Monday) I will.

Product Name: "Andean Melon and Honey Pancake"
Sales price: 1,480 yen (excluding tax)
Sales period: June 1 (Sat)-June 24 (Mon)
Stores: All domestic stores
Eggs' n Things LaLaport Nagoya Minato Acruz
Eggs' n Things Coffee Takasaki OPA
Excluding Eggs' n Things Coffee 髙 ス テ ー シ ョ ン Station Mall

Eggs' n Things will sell "Andean Melon and Honey Pancake" for a limited time from 1st June (Saturday) to 24th June (Monday).
A rich custard cream with honey and rich flavor and a season of Andean melon served in a pancake. Please enjoy the luxurious collaboration of sweet and fresh andean melon and rich custard with honey flavor.

● Andean melon and honey pancake selling price: 1,480 yen (excluding tax)
Sales period: June 1 (Sat)-June 24 (Mon)
Stores: All domestic stores
Eggs' n Things LaLaport Nagoya Minato Acruz
Eggs' n Things Coffee Takasaki OPA
Except Eggs' n Things Coffee 髙 Tsujishimaya Station Mall store
<br /> Finished with rich custard cream added with honey which is compatible with pancake melon which added lavishly andes melon of the season

< About Eggs' n Things>
Eggs' n Things has opened as a casual restaurant in Hawaii and for 45 years from 1974, it offers a wonderful Hawaiian breakfast in the best space with the concept of “All Day Breakfast”. The breakfast menu, made with fresh ingredients, has long been loved by locals as well as tourists from around the world.
Starting with the opening of Eggs' n Things Harajuku, which will be the first overseas store in 2010, Japan now has 21 stores nationwide. (※ Including Eggs' n Things Coffee)

< About Eggs' n Things Coffee >
A cafe-style store that inherits the world of Eggs' n Things. You can enjoy drinks such as Eggs' n Things's unique pancake and other hearty Hawaiian foods and 100% Kona coffee carefully extracted with French press, as well as in the store and in take-out. We have a large selection of snacks that are perfect for busy mornings, such as marasadas, bagels and cereals that are standard in Hawaii.

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【Company Profile】
Company name: EGGS 'N THINGS JAPAN Co., Ltd. establishment: October 23, 2009 Representative: Representative director Takuya Murakami Location: 〒 106-0032 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo Tokyo VORT Nogizaka I 2F
Phone number: 03-6447-0380
Description of business: Eggs' n Things store operations in Japan