“Summer gift” by AKOMEYA TOKYO

Holding period: Monday, June 17-Thursday, July 11

When returning home or greetings, summer is a season with many opportunities for giving feelings. I would like to present something that conveys my feelings properly, with daily gratitude and concern for hot times. We have prepared items to meet such voices.

Let's go out to summer greetings with feeling, of course, for gifts for the superiors, as well as for small souvenirs.

A gift for loved ones and superiors

Add two new varieties of this year to popular "Jo dashi plum" and <br /> Add "Yawn plum" which burns the ripened south high plum of Kishu Minabe and finished fragrant "Kai plum" and a cypress from Kagoshima prefecture A relaxed "scissored plum" is a member. The taste is rich and the food goes on.

AKOMEYA plum dried set ¥ 2,800

Special castella with plenty of yolk
The origin is also called "Gosanyaki" because the raw material is "yolk: egg white = 5: 3". There is little ratio of egg white and flour to inflate dough, and even the castella craftsman of Nagasaki is a gem that only limited people can make.

Gold leaf castella ¥ 3,000

I want to drink cold, no added sweet sake <br /> AKOMEYA TOKYO original additive-free, non-alcoholic sweet milk made with only milk and rice bran. Contains 100 times more free amino acids than milk. It is characterized by a natural sweetness with a well-balanced nutrition. I want to give it to a health conscious person.

Milk sweet sake set 10 pieces ¥ 5,000

Noodles of commitment to summer greetings

Taste of summer that refreshing throat invites <br /> Udon of 100% of domestic wheat. The crunchy texture, mild sweetness and gentle smell of wheat spread in the mouth and make it appetizing. It is perfect for summer gifts, where heat is severe, as it can be enjoyed with the vine.

Sanuki Udon Udon ¥ 1,300

Luxurious texture and refined taste
Extremely cold inaniwa handicraft udon that has been handed down to skilled craftsmen for over 350 years. Because of the completely hand-made method, the strength of Kosi features. Shiny shine and good throat are perfect for a summer meal.

Inaniwa Udon Udon ¥ 1,600

Aging noodles rich in flavor and strong in stiffness <br /> A traditional method of making noodles carefully ripened by carefully trained by a skilled noodleer. It is equipped with crunchyness and stiffness by lying down, and there is no luster even if it is boiled.

Twin noodles ¥ 1,200

Multi-colored noodles to enjoy with the five senses <br /> Somen with added color and flavor. We blend natural color materials such as persimmon leaf, plum, purple sweet potato, kabosu, and are finished in Gomi five colors. You can enjoy the over-the-counter and glamorous dining table that you can only taste with Miwa Somen.

Dyeing noodles ¥ 1,200

A tool to enjoy summer noodles

At the table, the texture of natural bamboo.
It is processed by examining white bamboo, and the color and luster increase as you use it, and the bamboo blind. Of course not only summer noodles, but also tea confectionery or tempura. To accent the summer dining table.

Konagai Noodles Various buckwheat noodles ¥ 3,900-

Cool on the summer table <br /> A clear Tsugaru-bi-iro pot and glasses that are cool from the eyes. Cold noodles, of course, ice well and just good for sashimi, a bowl perfect for summer that has a distinctive hand-made texture.

Tsugaru biirro various bowl ¥ 2,000
Tsugaru biidoro free glass ¥ 1,300

Wrapping to feel the refreshing summer

We offer wrapping that feels a refreshing summer with wind bells and goldfish drawn.
Please use it as a wonderful gift that makes the person who was given a smile.
※ Number is limited. It will end as soon as it disappears.
※ It becomes service only for the store. There is no handling in the online shop.

※ All listed prices are tax-excluded.

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