A long-established metal precious metal store GINZA TANAKA: Newly launched the pure gold large format and small format with the new era “Rekazu” and auspicious rising dragon

New item related products to commemorate the beginning of a new era, the second appeared in the popular!

The precious metal long-established GINZA TANAKA established in 1892 commemorates the beginning of the new era, and designs 50 g of "pure gold small format ore sum" which has designed the new era number ore sum, and 200 g "pure gold large format ore sum" The price 1,770,000 yen) will be released at GINZA TANAKA retail and online shops from June 1 (Saturday).

200g of "pure gold large format order sum"

"Pure gold small size order sum" 50 g (image)

The “pure gold small order sum” 50 g has the same design as the “pure gold small size order sum” 20 g sold from April 1, 2019. It is an auspicious, auspicious model suitable for the remake of the era, featuring the rise of the "Liwa" and the rising of the fortune, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, and prosperity. The “golden small format priced 20g”, which had been released first, received a big response from the initial release, and as of May 22, 2019 recorded about eight times the annual sales volume of 2020 pure gold size (20g), It has been very well received. “Pure gold small size dowa” 20g is often purchased by multiple customers, and in response to the voice of customers who want large-sized products that use a lot of pure gold, this time to meet more diverse needs, We have decided to release 50g of "Pure Kin Kobaru Ora" and "Pure Kin Daibori Ora.

The “Junkin Daiki Dowa” is a large format that uses approximately 200 g of pure gold, and the design has been completely redesigned from “Pure Kim Kojo Dowa”. A large and a small-sized traditional leopard pattern (Gosame) was given to the whole, and the large-sized center was treated with a powerful rising dragon. The wish of luck rise and luck is put in the figure of the dragon which flies to the heaven. In addition, because there were many requests from customers for products to commemorate the "Dera" "Year", in addition to "Dera", the "Year of the year" was given on the large-sized surface.

GINZA TANAKA has been selling pure gold large and small sizes for many years. Size development In addition to abundant oval and large format, we handle a variety of large and small formats that are based on the zodiac and euphoric rise and fall motifs. Pure gold large and small is a symbol of prosperous business and family success, and has high asset value, making it a popular product. GINZA TANAKA will continue to expand its product lineup so that the beauty of gold crafts and traditional craft techniques can be widely known.

<GINZA TANAKA "Pure gold small size order sum", "Pure gold large size order sum" Product summary>

"Pure gold small size order sum" 50 g (image)

■ 50 g of "Pure gold small size order sum"
Release date: June 1 (Sat)
Price including tax: 445,000 yen Material: Pure gold (K24) about 50 g
Size: Main body about 3.6 × about 6 cm ※ Sale place with chopsticks box: GINZA TANAKA Retail store, online shop ※ It is the same design as the "pure gold small size ore" 20g now on sale.

※ Reference "pure gold small size order sum" 20 g
Release date: April 1 (Mon)
Price including tax: 180,000 yen Material: Pure gold (K24) about 20 g
Size: Body about 2.6 × about 4.3 cm ※ selling place with chopsticks box: GINZA TANAKA retail store, online shop

※ We will receive time until 2 handed over ovals. (About 2 months)

200g of "pure gold large format order sum"

■ "Pure gold large format order sum"
Release date: June 1 (Sat)
Price including tax: 1,770,000 yen Material: Pure gold (K24) about 200 g
Size: Body about 7.5 × about 12.5cm ※ Sale place with chopsticks box: GINZA TANAKA Retail store, online shop ※ We will start delivering products from Monday, July 1.
※ The product may receive time until delivery depending on the stock status.

※ Please note that product prices (tax included), product information, store information, etc. may change without notice.
※ Product image is not full size

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