About 800 professional photographers give lecturers more than 800 courses a year Photography class “Nikon College” Start accepting applications for courses in July, August and September

-Many loan courses of "Nikon Z series" upgraded with "Hitomi AF" support prepared-

Nikon Imaging Japan Co., Ltd. will start accepting applications for courses in July, August, and September in Nikon College, a photo classroom operated by the company, on June 6 (Thu).

URL: https://www.nikon-image.com/nikoncollege/

At "Nikon College", courses are updated every three months, including courses to learn the basics of photography, photography courses tailored to the season, photography practice tailored to the subject you want to take, courses that you can try new products, etc. , Offers a variety of courses.
During this period, we plan to offer 216 courses at seven locations and nine venues * across the country on a wide schedule so that you can participate not only on weekdays but also on work return and holidays.
* Conducted at Tokyo (Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Ginza), Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka venues

<From July / August / September course, pick up! >
["Z series" lending many courses! Please experience the upgraded “Z Series”! ]
With the firmware version upgrade, we have prepared a number of rental courses that can be learned using the full-size (Nikon FX format) mirrorless camera "Z series" upgraded to support "Eye AF" during still image shooting.
It is recommended for those who are considering purchasing, as well as those who already have it, in order to learn various shooting content while actually acquiring the “Z series”.
The photographic experience that takes advantage of the unique features of mirrorless cameras will further expand your photographic expression.
URL: https://recept.nikon-image.com/nikoncollege/CourseSearch?term=68&cond=99&title=&status=1&status=2&status=3

[If you hold the basics, your photos will be fun! ]
I bought a camera because I wanted to take good photos, but many people said, "I don't know how to do it."
The photos come close to the photos that you thought you want to take such photos, just by pressing a little basics.
Nikon College offers courses that enable even beginners to steadily master the basics, so even beginners can attend with confidence.
URL: https://recept.nikon-image.com/nikoncollege/CourseSearch?term=68&cond=109&title=&status=1&status=2&status=3

[Let's go out to take Japanese summer-early fall! ]
We have prepared a variety of courses to learn while taking pictures of summer and early fall of Japan.
Let's acquire new photographic expressions by learning along the clear theme of each course while taking the scenery and events unique to Japan with four seasons and the scene that associates the season.
URL: https://recept.nikon-image.com/nikoncollege/CourseSearch?term=68&cond=110&title=&status=1&status=2&status=3

● Nikon College is one of Japan's leading photo classrooms that operates over 800 courses a year, with approximately 60 professional photographers serving as lecturers in 7 districts and 9 venues * nationwide. We have proposed a photography course that meets a wide range of needs, from those who are just interested in photography, those who want to enjoy their own photographic expressions, and those who want to enjoy taking pictures using camera functions.
* Conducted at Tokyo (Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Ginza), Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka venues

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Course inquiries:
Nikon College Office 03-6718-3020