Collaboration with artists active in the city of art, Ginza Art Gallery Hotel “Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” opens to stimulate the senses!

Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd., a hotel management company, will open “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” in Tokyo Ginza on July 26th.

“Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” is based on the concept of “Art Gallery Hotel”. Collaborate with galleries based in Ginza, a city of art, and adopt wall art featuring the four seasons of Japan by up-and-coming artists throughout the building. Produces an art space that is stimulated. In addition, we plan to enjoy a Ginza gallery tour, a plan that allows you to experience Ginza, and various other items that you can enjoy using your five senses.
Immerse yourself in the creative world in a space like a gallery as you would expect from a concept and enjoy your stay in Ginza.



■ Art Experience Center “Art Gallery Hotel” 3 Experiences (Experience 1) Collaboration with Ginza Gallery. Immerse yourself in the creative world -Art Gallery Hotel-
(Experience 2) Go around the city of art. Experience Ginza -The Ginza Art-
(Experience 3) Enjoy your stay with your five senses -Increase Sensitivity-

<Three experiences of art information center "Art Gallery Hotel">

  • (Experience 1) Collaboration with Ginza artists. Immerse yourself in the creative world -Art Gallery Hotel-

Ginza is a gallery treasure house where many galleries gather. Since ancient times, it has developed as a transmission spot for old and new art, from classical paintings to contemporary art. As a hotel unique to Ginza, this hotel will create an art space that will stimulate your creative mind with the concept of “ Art Gallery Hotel ”.
The interior and interior of the hotel collaborated with up-and-coming artists in collaboration with a gallery based in Ginza. Wall art featuring the four seasons of Japan is used in the lobby and guest rooms, which are based on white accented with “Gin” from Ginza. You can enjoy a space surrounded by a creative and fantastic world. In addition, the lobby is a gallery space that displays several selected works in collaboration with the Ginza gallery . Currently, works of artists belonging to “nada art gallery” based in Ginza are on display . Please enjoy the seasonal arts such as up-and-coming artists who are attracting attention in Ginza, and works with seasonal styles.

Wall art design image <br /> Upper left: Wind swell, blooming early summer wisteria upper right: Summer festival goldfish scooping, fireworks watering Lower left: Waiting for spring, snow melt

★ Examples of linked galleries: nada art gallery
Wall Art Artist: Maya Ogata
After graduating from university, while working for a graphic design company, he exhibited as a painter in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In addition, the venue for activities will be expanded and mural paintings, wall art, and live events will be held nationwide in guesthouses and stores, indoor and outdoor event spaces.

  • (Experience 2) Experience the art city of Ginza -The Ginza Art-

Ginza has nearly 200 galleries, such as Japanese paintings, Western paintings, contemporary art, and antiques, in the direction of Yurakucho and Higashi Ginza around Ginza Station. Many of them are free of charge, and all are located within a few minutes on foot, making them popular as places where you can appreciate art at once without spending money. This hotel has collaborated with a gallery in Ginza and created an original map to enjoy the gallery tour . In addition to information on the gallery, the map also introduces information that can deepen understanding of the exhibited works. There are also local information such as shops in the surroundings that can speak English, pubs and bars. During your stay, you can enjoy Ginza as a whole, not only for art viewing but also for shopping and dining.

  • (Experience 3) Enjoy your stay with your five senses -Increase Sensitivity-

The hotel has a special plan that allows you to spend a free and creative time.

・ Wake up from inside the body

As a breakfast buffet, we offer 5 types of soups that change every season of the chef's choice. It is recommended for easy nutrition that will warm your body. You can also take out to your room, so you can enjoy your own morning time in a private space.

・ To a space that enhances your own sensibility <br /> Bluetooth speakers are available in all rooms. Spend a free and creative time listening to your favorite music in a space surrounded by art.

・ Japanese drink culture "SAKE"
A self-service sake server has been installed in the restaurant so that you can easily enjoy “Sake”, one of the Japanese food cultures.
We have two popular selections, the “Kai Label” and the “Zhu Label”, from the Kinjo Sake Brewery in Niigata Prefecture, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan, with a history of about 200 years.
“Matsura Label” is a freshly brewed liquor made from sake rice called “500 Million Stone” cultivated in the local Shibata.
The “Zhu Label” is characterized by a rich and smooth flavor made by a traditional 18th century manufacturing method called “Pillar Shochu”, which is made by adding distilled liquor made from rice.
For guests staying at the hotel, one free cup per person will be provided.
(The second and subsequent cups will be sold for 500 yen per cup.)

Watch, feel, touch the sound … Spend a free and creative time in a space surrounded by art, such as listening to music with sake in one hand.

  • [Guidance in the building]

● Public space

・ Entrance <br /> The entrance lobby is a gallery space that displays several selected works in collaboration with the Ginza gallery. You can also purchase your favorite works that match your sensibility on the spot.

・ Restaurant <br /> The restaurant can be used as a free space that only guests can use during the day. Enjoy a relaxed and relaxing time in a space surrounded by art while enjoying Niigata sake selected carefully from the drink server, and enjoying free coffee, tea, flavored tea and green tea.

● Guest rooms
・ Twin Room
<br /> This is a wall art space inspired by Japanese seasonal flowers, and you can enjoy your favorite music with the Bluetooth speakers installed in all rooms. Watch, feel, touch the sound … Spend a free and creative time.

[Hotel Overview]
Name Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza Opening Date Friday, July 26, 2019
Location 2-9-3 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Phone number 03-3545-1277
Facility scale: 9 floors above ground 103 rooms (37 single rooms, 9 double rooms, 56 twin rooms, 1 universal room)
Restaurant Express Cafe (for guests only) Breakfast 6: 30-10: 00 Cafe 10: 00-24: 00
Access 1 minute on foot from Hibiya Line "Tsukiji" station, 2 minutes on foot from Yurakucho Line "Shintomicho" station

[Operating Company] HMJ International Co., Ltd. “Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza” is commissioned by HMJ International, an operation company, and Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. is responsible for management.

★ Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. <br /> Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd. is a hotel management company that operates 20 hotels in Japan and 5,951 rooms. We operate a wide variety of hotels across the country, including “Oriental”, “Hilton”, “Marriott”, “Holiday Inn”, and other brands, as well as Tokyo Disney Resort (R) and partner hotels.

* Number of group hotels: 20 / Total number of group hotel rooms: 5,951 rooms / Total number of group hotel employees: Approximately 2,600 * 20 hotels in Japan

Hilton Narita (Narita, Chiba / 548 rooms), International Garden Hotel Narita (Narita, Chiba / 463 rooms), Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay (Urayasu, Chiba / 511 rooms), Hilton Tokyo Odaiba (Minato-ku, Tokyo / 453), Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Kamata (Ota-ku, Tokyo / 158 rooms), Hotel Oriental Express Tokyo Ginza * Scheduled to open in July 2019 (Chuo-ku, Tokyo / 103 rooms), Oriental Hotel Kyoto Gallery * September 2019 Scheduled to open (Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto / 150 rooms), Oriental Hotel Kyoto Rokujo * Scheduled to open in November 2019 (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto / 166 rooms), Hotel Nikko Nara (Nara City, Nara / 330 rooms), Holiday Inn Osaka Namba (Chuo-ku, Osaka / 314 rooms), Namba Oriental Hotel (Chuo-ku, Osaka / 258 rooms), Hotel Oriental Express Osaka Shinsaibashi (Chuo-ku, Osaka / 124 rooms), Orie Ntal Suites Airport Osaka Rinku * Scheduled to open in December 2019 (Izumisano City, Osaka / 258 rooms), Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel (Chuo-ku, Kobe / 319 rooms), Sheraton Grand Hotel Hiroshima (Higashi-ku, Hiroshima / 238 rooms), Oriental Hotel Hiroshima (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City / 227 rooms), Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station (Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City / 221 rooms), Okinawa Harbor View Hotel (Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture / 352 rooms), Hotel Nikko Alivila (Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture / 397), Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa (Nago City, Okinawa / 361 rooms)