Held an exhibition in Ginza in September-November, including the painting “Maria Exploding” inspired by the “Announcement” and glass works.

Gallery Hirota Fine Arts Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the gallery “Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria” (Date: September 27 (Friday)-October 12 (Saturday)) and “Sao Rio Sasaki Exhibition -Fancy And reality- "(Date: October 25 (Friday)-November 9 (Saturday), 2019).

Hiroaki Kano "Opening gambit" 33.3 × 33.3cm


[Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria-]
From September 27th (Friday) to October 12th (Saturday), 2019, "Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria-" will be held.
Hiroaki Kano is a very talented writer who has been active as an associate professor at Nara University of Education while currently producing and staying in Florence for two years after studying abroad at the Agency for Cultural Affairs after obtaining a doctorate from the University of Tsukuba.

This exhibition is based on the conception of the conception of 15th-century Italian painter Francesco del Cossa. When Kano looked at the “Conception Announcement” in the art book, he said that the gesture of Archangel Gabriel seemed to be pushing a button, and the Virgin Mary depicted in the painting was triggered by Gabriel's action. Seems to have got the vision of a big explosion. “Exploding Maria”, which is a subtitle, means an imaginary, life-threatening explosion, not an explosion such as destruction or violence. Gabriel pressing a button is a symbol of “selection” and “betting”, and at the same time it creates the only reality, and at the same time, this “selection” and “betting” become a turning point to create countless possible worlds. I am trying to express it.

“I have a myriad of possible worlds through daily choices and betting in the works of this exhibition with the main motifs of Gabriel Pressing Buttons and Explosive Maria. This is about 15 new exhibitions including Kano ’s masterpiece, “I am trying to express the dynamics and linkages of life that is created by collaborating with this only real world.

[Sao Rio Sasaki Exhibition-Fantasy and Reality]
From October 25th (Friday) to November 9th (Saturday), 2019, we will hold "Sasaki Rio Exhibition-Imagination and Reality-".
Rio Sasaki is a writer who studied glass at Osaka University of the Arts and Tokyo University of the Arts and resumed production after working for a fashion brand.

Sasaki is inspired by the artifacts created by people in the past, such as passenger planes and robots, and fictional creatures that swelled and unified in people's imagination. I'm very interested in the various processes that took place between "fantasy and reality", and when I was working for a fashion brand, what was designed by an individual came into shape through the hands of various people. It seems that they have experienced the process of becoming and reaffirmed that their interest is in the objects.

In this exhibition, which will be the first solo exhibition at Gallery Hirota Art, approximately 10 new works will be exhibited, which are three-dimensional works made of glass, plus the first two-dimensional work.

[Exhibition Outline]
Period: "Hiroaki Kano Exhibition -Exploding Maria-"
September 27 (Fri)-October 12 (Sat), 2019
"Rio Sasaki Exhibition-Fantasy and Reality-"
October 25 (Friday)-November 9 (Saturday), 2019
Venue: Gallery Hirota Art 7-3-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Zenya Building, 1st Floor Opening Time: 11: 00-19: 00 (Closed on Sundays and Holidays)
URL: http://www.hirota-b.co.jp/

[Inquiries about this exhibition]
Gallery Hirota Art Co., Ltd .: Miho Egami
TEL: 03-3571-1288
FAX: 03-3571-1293
MAIL: info@hirota-b.co.jp

Hiroaki Kano "Opening gambit" 33.3 × 33.3cm

Hiroaki Kano "Exploding Maria" 12F

Rio Sasaki “Fantasy Animal” Glass

Rio Sasaki “fish cut from the sun” glass