The typeface exhibition event “Morisawa ✕ Ginza Ashiya Shoten Type Design Discovery” will be held from Wednesday, September 4 to Sunday, September 8.

Morisawa Co., Ltd. held a typeface display event “Type Design Discovery” at Ginza Ashiya Shoten from Wednesday, September 4th to Sunday, September 8th, 2019. It will be held.

This exhibition event recruits original typefaces from all over the world, displays winning works of the “ Type Design Competition 2019 '', which received over 800 works, as well as 30 years of progress and typeface production of this competition Introducing the backside.

Focusing on fonts born from past prize-winning works, including the award-winning works, we will follow the story of this competition over 30 years. We will also introduce the Morisawa typeface production process, along with the actual tools used and the original drawing paper. A text installation covering the entire ceiling welcomes you at the venue. Enjoy the opportunity to see the typeface and touch it for five days to discover the appeal of the typeface.

In addition, in the venue, we will sell original goods of “MORISAWA TYPE PRODUCT” such as type towels and incense that imagines the scent of the typeface “hibi × Morisawa type of daily scent.” “Pinbatch decorated with letters” . “MORISAWA TYPE PRODUCT” is a project to produce original goods that combine typeface and Japanese manufacturing. Delivering the splendor of Japanese culture with excellent design, quality and functionality to the world.

<Event summary>
Morisawa 銀 Ginza Ashiya Shoten Type Design Discovery
Schedule: September 4 (Wed)-8 (Sun), 2019 10: 00-22: 00
Venue: Ginza Ashiya Shoten GINZA ATRIUM (free admission)

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Type Design Competition 2019 Award Ceremony Schedule: September 3, 2019 (Tue)
Venue: Kanda Myojin Hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Participation method: Application is necessary for participation. Please apply from the following URL. (First-come-first-served basis)

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