[CIBONE CASE] Holds a pop-up store for Kimura Glass shop “Kikats” series by domestic glass craftsmen


CIBONE CASE introduces items collected from various perspectives, regardless of genre, such as domestic and foreign creator products and modern Japanese manufacturing.

The “Kitsutsu Pop-up Store” will be held in the store from Wednesday, August 14, 2019, introducing the Kimura Glass Store's Kisatsu Series.

Detailed URL: https://www.cibone.com/news_exhibition/4565/

The Kikatsu Series has been newly designed using the antique glass from the good old days that Kimura Glass has collected until then as a design source. Glass is handmade by skilled glass craftsmen in Japan, and Kiriko asks Kiriko craftsmen in downtown Tokyo. The Kisatsu series facets require extremely delicate and high technology, and there are very few craftsmen with that technology at present.

In this pop-up store, 100 kinds of high-quality glasses line up in the CIBONE CASE.

  • About Kimura Glass

Glass manufacturer founded in 1893. Focusing on commercial use, planning and developing wine glasses and cocktail glasses. Although it is “ordinary”, it is easy to use and never gets tired. Currently, based in Japan, we are expanding the market to America, Asia and Europe.

  • Outline

Title: Kisatsu Popup Store Period: August 14 (Wednesday) – September 3 (Tuesday) 2019 SIX 4F) 104-0061 GINZA SIX 4F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:30 – 20:30 (according to GINZA SIX business hours)
Customer inquiries during the exhibition: 03-5537-3101 (CIBONE CASE)

Detailed URL: https://www.cibone.com/news_exhibition/4565/


Based on the concept of New Antiques, New Classics, it is a lifestyle shop that suggests "getting in touch with things" along a long timeline.

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