“Mitsuhiko Imamori Exhibition: Satoyama Monogatari of Photography and Paper-cutting” will be held at Matsuya Ginza from August 28!

While introducing the lifestyle of Mr. Imamori who lives in Satoyama, we will approach the charm of Satoyama with photos and cutouts.

Mitsuhiko Imamori Gallery Talk & Signing will be held at the exhibition hall.

“Satoyama” where people and nature live together.

Mitsuhiko Imamori, a photographer who has been gazing at the rich activities that have been created.
Set up an atelier in the countryside overlooking Lake Biwa,
I have continued to shoot creatures gathering in rice fields and satoyama that change from season to season.
Mr. Imamori is also known as a cut-out artist who creates elaborate and lively works with butterflies, birds, and plants as motifs. With deep insight, works created from a single scissor include:
The vividness of plants and the strength of insects are expressed.
In this exhibition, while introducing the lifestyle of Mr. Imamori who lives in Satoyama,
Get closer to the charm of Satoyama with photos and paper-cuts.
Introducing about 80 photos including powerful large works and about 30 cutouts.
A beautiful satoyama landscape that connects nature and the people living there,
Please enjoy the joy and charm of living in close contact with nature.

Mitsuhiko Imamori Gallery Talk & Signing will be held as a special event for 4 days!
Please join us as it is a valuable opportunity to hear the secret story behind the creation of your work.

○ Mitsuhiko Imamori Gallery Talk & Autograph Session ○
To commemorate the exhibition, we will hold a gallery talk & autograph session by Mitsuhiko Imamori.
This is a valuable opportunity to visit the exhibition hall while listening to Mr. Imamori's precious story.
Please join us.

◆ Date and time 7 times (about 30 minutes each time)
August 28 (Wed) ①11: 00 ~ ②14: 00 ~
August 30 (Fri) ①14: 00 ~
August 31 (Sat) ①11: 00 ~ ②16: 30 ~
Sunday, September 1 ①11: 00 ~ ②14: 00 ~

◆ Meeting place exhibition Entrance in the venue (admission ticket is required to enter the exhibition)

* Autograph session will be held as soon as the gallery talk is over.
* The signing event is for all books purchased at the merchandise venue.
* Only books can be signed.
* Reservations for Gallery Talk & Signing are not required.

Original merchandise will be sold at the merchandise venue adjacent to the exhibition hall!
This time, for the first time, 15 kinds of cutout works will be sold as a Giclee print.
Other popular stationery, pottery such as bean plates and mugs,
A wide variety of items such as T-shirts, tote bags, and cushion covers are available.

Meat plate for each 1200 yen + tax

PET bookmark for each 250 yen + tax

Each T-shirt 2500 yen + tax

Tote bag left 2400 yen + tax right 2800 yen + tax

Giclee print image of cut-out works

○ Mitsuhiko Imamori Profile ○

Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1954. Photographer and paper writer.

After graduating from university, he studied photography technology by himself and became freelance in 1980.
Set up an atelier in the countryside overlooking Lake Biwa.
We continue to express the coexistence of nature and people with the keyword Satoyama.
20th Kimura Ihei Photo Award, 28th Domon Ken Award, 48th Mainichi Publishing Culture Award,
Won numerous awards, including the 56th Shogakukan Children's Publishing Culture Award and the 42nd Sankei Children's Publishing Culture Award.

○ Exhibition information ○
Mitsuhiko Imamori Exhibition Satoyama Monogatari of Photography and Paper-cutting: From August 28 (Wed) to September 4 (Wed) 2019
Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square Time: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm * Closed at 5 pm on Sunday, September 1 (5 pm on the last day and 30 minutes before admission is closed)
Admission: General 1,000 yen (700 yen), High school student 700 yen (500 yen),
Junior high school students 500 yen (400 yen), elementary school students 300 yen (300 yen) * Figures in parentheses are advance tickets.
Advance tickets are Yahoo! Pass Market, Lawson (L code: 33048),
Scheduled to be sold at 7-Eleven from late July to August 27 (Tue).

○ Exhibition structure ○
<Chapter 1 Satoyama Story>
Introducing beautiful and powerful satoyama photos taken around Kosai (west of Lake Biwa).
<Chapter 2 Satoyama Garden and Living>
From the photo book “Aurelian's Garden” published in March 2019, photo works taken in the garden where creatures gather,
I have an exhibition. You can see butterflies and insects gathering in the garden and the beautiful nature that changes with the seasons.
In addition, I will introduce Mr. Imamori's lifestyles that are close to nature and daily environmental activities.
<Chapter 3 Satoyama Atelier>
Cut-out works including large-scale latest works such as monochrome and color will be exhibited. Enjoy a group of exquisite and lively works created from a single scissor.

○ New book information ○
The latest book will be published in late August.
Mitsuhiko Imamori “The Rural Story of Light: The Road to Environmental Farmers”
Mitsuhiko Imamori's new challenge is to become a farmer and to restore the degraded land as a satoyama environment. In the corner where the beautiful terraced rice field named “Hikari no Den” spreads,
I struggle to get back the farmland full of vitality.
A spectacular fight with the bamboo basket that was left unattended, gifts from old trees and mountain gods.
A record of the challenge to regain the “beautiful scenery that a photographer living in a satoyama gives to the future”. .
■ B5 variant ■ Page 208 ■ Made ■ Price: 2,500 yen + tax

○ Other event information ○
A special event will be held at Crayon House Tokyo.

Science is great in space, on earth! Summer 2019 of a large collection of scientific picture books! !
Mitsuhiko Imamori special talk event
August 31 (Saturday) 14: 00-15: 15 Talk event & autograph session ◆ Place Crayon House Tokyo store 1F Children's main store ◆ Participation fee is free ※ Reservation required <Contact>

Crayon House Tokyo store 1F Children's book counter
TEL 03-3406-6492 (11 ~ 19: 00)
* Opens at 10:30 on weekends and holidays

○ Imamori-related TV program broadcast schedule ○
NHK BS4K and BS Premium will re-broadcast “Aurelian's Garden Mitsuhiko Imamori / Satoyama Living Enjoying the Four Seasons (89 Minutes)”.
August 20 (Tue) 13: 00-

August 29 (Thursday) 6: 45-
<BS Premium>
August 28 (Wednesday) 14: 45-

* Program contents are subject to change.
* Please check the program schedule for broadcast times.