The theme is “black” with various expressions! Launched a collection of black-colored collections from 3 brands of “Worthy”, “Basile 28” and “Beta”

Five Fox Co., Ltd. is making clothes with the mission of “pursuing traditional Japanese beauty and creating new sensibility in harmony with the West”. This time, we will propose fashion under the theme of “black”, one of the most notable colors of the season, under the three brands of “Artisan”, “Basile 28” and “β (Beta)”. Black is not a single color, but has a variety of color expressions since ancient times. Stores will be opened sequentially from Thursday, September 5th.

[Binro Jiguro] ~ A dignified black with bluishness ~

[Artisan] Pullover 51,840 yen (tax included)

[Wet feather color] ~ Black with glossy and elegant luster ~

[Basile 28] jacket 96,120 yen, pants 46,440 yen (all including tax)

[Purple Black] ~ Black with deep luster, like painted lacquer ~

[Beta] Parka 57,240 yen, dress 46,440 yen (all including tax)

■ Developed stores ○ 9/5 (Thu)-Comsa Stage Ginza Store, Comsa Stage JR Nagoya Takashimaya Store, * Precious Smile Hankyu Umeda Main Store, * Precious Smile Iwataya Main Store

○ 9/6 (Friday)-Precious Smile Matsuya Ginza

○ 9/14 (Sat)-Comsa Stage Hakata Hankyu

○ 9/18 (Wednesday)-* Precious Smile Isetan Shinjuku Store * Precious Smile Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

(Shops marked with an asterisk (*) in front of the store name are also available at comfort stores.)
[Comfort stores and 12 stores in total]

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