Frank Müller | Cookies with a rich flavor debut-GINZA SIX

Frank Müller | Cookies with a rich flavor debut-GINZA SIX-

<Limited to GINZA SIX> From Frank Müller Patisserie, three new flavors of “coffee”, “tea”, and “maple” will emerge from the popular cookies with a slight sweet taste.

"Coffee" cookie finished with deep roasted coffee so that you can enjoy the richness and depth. You can taste the bitter and sweet mariage by kneading sweet chocolate into the dough.
“Tea” cookies are a cookie that allows you to enjoy the aroma and tactile sensation by adding orange peel as an accent while accentuating the rich aroma of Earl Gray tea leaves.
“Maple” cookies, made from carefully selected maple sugar from Canada, add white chocolate as an accent to the sweetness of the sweet maple.
Please enjoy high-quality taste for adults using carefully selected ingredients suitable for elegant tea time.

FRANCK MULLER PÂTISSERIE / Franck Muller Patisserie handles sweets with a deep taste for “enjoying time”.
Franck Müller has continued to add color and happiness to the theme of “time” through the creation of watches with outstanding aesthetics and advanced technology.

We propose joy and fun on a new canvas called sweets.

Coffee / tea / maple content: 4 pieces each Expiration date: 1,000 yen each (excluding tax) for 10 days after production

Frank Muller Patisserie 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX 2F
Business hours: 10: 30-20: 30
TEL : 03-3569-0663