2019 “Shiseido Winter Illuminations” that illuminate Ginza will be lit.

Shiseido will light “Shiseido Winter Illumination” from November 22 (Friday) to December 28 (Saturday), which will color Ginza during the year-end season, for planting the head office building “Shiseido Ginza Building”.

The theme for this year, the 19th year since 1999, is “Kirame no ROUGE 2019” (“ROUGE” means “red” in French). An illumination of about 45 meters in length will grace the year-end of Shiseido's founding “Ginza”. This illumination expresses the red color, which is Shiseido's corporate color, using approximately 37,000 LED bulbs as beautifully shining jewelry rubies. In addition, a light bulb flashes on the two trees (tree species: Reylandi) about 8.5 meters high at the entrance of the French luxury restaurant “Loojier”, following the initial “S” of SHISEIDO. To give a light rhythm to the red “whisper”.
ECO compliance is carried out every year, and all the light sources used are LEDs, and the power supply used is within a total capacity of 1,500W, which is 1/10 of the normal capacity. LED light sources do not generate heat, so they have less impact on plants and trees.
* Shutdown for 2 years in 2011 and 2012 due to rebuilding of head office building

[Outline of illuminations]
<Lighting period> November 22 (Fri)-December 28 (Sat), 2019
<Lighting time> Every day during the period 16: 30-24: 00
<Tree height> about 8.5 meters <tree species> Ley Randy <number of light bulbs> about 37,000 balls

During the same period, the show window of the Shiseido Ginza Building is displaying an art work and arabesque objects / videos based on the theme of “new arabesque”, along with the “Shiseido Karakushi Painting Exhibition” held on the second floor of the building. The
* Exhibition period: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 to Friday, January 17, 2020

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