TASAKI Timeless Christmas 2019 “Pearly Symphony” starts on Wednesday, November 13

From November 13 (Wednesday) to December 25 (Wednesday), TASAKI will promote a Christmas promotion “TASAKI Timeless Christmas 2019“ Pearly Symphony ””. Held at target stores nationwide, including the Ginza main store.

This holiday season will focus on “Pearly Symphony” and focus on the modern and playful charm unique to TASAKI's Pearl. Starting with the promotion, the new “Petit” Balance Note pendant and earrings with a musical note motif will be released. A variety of contemporary pearl jewelry unique to TASAKI, such as the new series “Fine Link”, which combines pearl femininity with strength.

During this period, the flagship store TASAKI Ginza main store will color the city of Ginza with a facade dyed in red in Christmas colors. In addition, a marble machine “The Castle of Symphony” specially produced by the art unit “invisidir” of “Invisible Designs Lab” appears in the store. A ball that looks like a pearl rolls, and a special production that plays a festive sound such as a bell makes the Christmas feel more exciting. In addition, during the fair period, wonderful original gifts are being prepared by closing the target products at target stores and online shops ( https://tasaki-shop.jp ) nationwide (ends as soon as they are gone).

“Petit” balance notebook pendant and earrings 180,000 each (excluding tax)

Enjoy the modern and sophisticated Christmas world of TASAKI through “TASAKI Timeless Christmas 2019“ Pearly Symphony ””.

[TASAKI Timeless Christmas 2019 “Pearly Symphony”]
■ Term: November 13 (Wed)-December 25 (Wed) 2019
■ Special site: www.tasaki.co.jp/holiday2019/