Wako’s Christmas “Visit” — Visit Playful Ginza —

Wako's 2019 Christmas display is a large-scale installation in collaboration with designer Yuri Suzuki (Pentagram Design), who is active around the world, mainly in London.

Wako Inc. (Ginza, Chuo-ku) is holding “WINTER IN WAKO” until December 25 (Wednesday). Three large display windows on the central, east and west sides of the main building facing the Ginza 4-chome intersection. I see you. The original story of the Wako clock tower and chimes set in the Christmas Ginza, where many things and things gather, is applied to analog stories such as moire discs, plaxinoscopes, and zotropes, and the people walking around the city walk through the stories. We aimed to create an unprecedented animation (video) control.
Please enjoy the Christmas display that expresses playful Ginza, where Mr. Moonman, stars, animals playing musical instruments, etc. come from space, with the theme of “hospitating all the people who visit Ginza (* 1)”. .

Main window Central window “Mr. Moonman is bringing new numbers to the Wako Clock Tower as people and stars go shopping and animals play music.”
“Mr. Moonman is delivering new numbers for Wako's Clock Tower, while people and stars are going shopping and the animals play music.”

Main building 1st floor

Main building east window “A mechanical horse runs away from the circus and is playing music with other animals to Wako.”
“A mechanical horse runs away from the circus and go with the other animals to play music in Wako.”

Main building west window “Stars are preparing to fly to Earth to shop in Wako.”
The stars are getting ready to jump to the earth and go shopping in Wako. ”

Seiko Dream Square Window “Mr. Moonman and Star are producing new numbers for the dial of the Wako Clock Tower.”
“Mr. Moonman and the stars are manufacturing new numbers for Wako's Clock Tower.”

Christmas Card November 7 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed)
We give Christmas gift to customer who purchased.

Deployment place / period:
November 7 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed):
Main building, central window, round window, 1st floor showcase, 1st floor decoration,
Annex window, Seiko Dream Square window
November 21 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed): Grand Seiko Boutique Ginza Window
December 5 (Thu)-December 25 (Wed): Main Building East / West Window

* 1 The policy that has been pierced by Wako's show window is to “treat all people who visit Ginza”. The Wako show window is not only the face of the store but also part of the city's expression. We are trying to be a cultural presence that will entertain and resonate with the eyes of Ginza, the center of Japan, as well as promotions and product introductions.

・ Yuri Suzuki has selected the universe as a universal beauty motif from “Beauty” in 2019.
・ Yuri Suzuki / Born in Tokyo in 1980. He received a master's degree in design and product studies from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. As an artist who designs sound and experience, he is known for a variety of activities from installation to interaction and product. Design Miami received the Design of the Future award. His works are exhibited at world famous museums and festivals such as MoMA and Tate Gallery. In 2018, he became a Pentagram partner. Currently working in London.

Wako Chuo-ku Ginza 4-chome 5-11
(03) 3562-2111 (Representative)
Opening hours: 10: 30-19: 00 ◎ December 20 (Friday)-24 (Tuesday) until 20:00 Opening time of window display: 8: 00-22: 00
Open every day ◎ Until December 30 (Monday) within the year, and from January 3 (Friday) during the new year (both until 18:00)