Strange banquet of fairy tales! ? The world of casual Italian that the Udagawa Cafe Group sends

Enjoy a selection of wines and fresh pasta in a decorative store

“Pasta Mercato,” a casual Italian from LD & K, which operates Udagawa Cafe and other facilities, has recently renewed its interior design. In a space like a fairy tale, you can feel the supper.

Paper graphics of various fashion magazines such as Soen,
Creative studio <KLOKA>, which has a reputation for producing unique spaces, is built at department store windows including Ginza Mitsukoshi and Isetan.

Renewed interior

The theme of the design created by Sayoko Yajima, the art director, was "Gourmand's Bizarre Supper."
Elegant and crazy, it's like a secret banquet, with bespoke art pieces strewn around to create a unique worldview.

Exquisite sticky raw pasta!

Mushroom cream sauce pasta

The cuisine is casual Italian with mainly sticky raw pasta.
Cream pasta that uses luxurious ingredients such as Kotake mushrooms, which surpasses matsutake mushrooms, is a repeater of its appeal.
In addition, you can also enjoy HOME MADE unique to the Udagawa Café Group, such as the standard menu “Ura Ginza Bolognese” and homemade tiramisu.
The location is close to Ginza's symbols, such as Ginza Six and Shiseido Parlor.
Join a secret banquet with custom-made decorations and table settings found only here.

*** Renewal campaign ***
Customers who check in and post on Instagram and other SNS will receive a bite dessert or glass sparkling wine!
Please show the posting screen to the staff.

[Store Overview] Name: Pasta Mercato
【Address】 〒104-0061
7-10-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome 1F [Phone number] 03-6228-5658
[Business hours] * Open all year round Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 23:00
[The number of seats] 49