Limited time shop “VIDEO GAME TOKYO” with apparel items is now open at Tokyu Plaza Ginza!


A limited time pop-up shop of “VIDEO GAME TOKYO” operated by Lam Co., Ltd. and Ikurie Co., Ltd. will open on Tokyu Plaza Ginza 6F from January 5 (Sun)-February 29 (Sun), 2020.
“ VIDEO GAME TOKYO '' is a brand that Japanese creators and designers redesign game titles of a wide range of ages and genres from their own viewpoints, incorporating special prints and embroidery from T-shirts to caps, sacoches, totes and other miscellaneous goods The design is high.

At this pop-up shop, you will find a variety of popular titles such as "Pac-Man", "Space Invaders", "Kiki Kaikai", "Darius", and "Druaga Tower". -G] and "Wagyanland" collaboration items are also on sale. Also, new “ Pac-Man x Ninja Box '' and “ Taiko Master x Ninja Box '' kids T-shirt collaboration items, as well as products from CAVE with “ Death Smiles '' and “ Mushihime-sama '', and during the period Check out SNS as new product sales and pre-order sales begin!

Tokyu Plaza Ginza 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 6F

January 5 (Sun)-February 29 (Sun) 2020

【business hours】
11: 00-21: 00

Pac-Man full color canvas porch table 1,200 yen

PAC-MAN full color canvas pouch back 1,200 yen

Ninja box x Pacman full color canvas pouch Back 1,200 yen

Wagyan Land Canvas Pouch Table 1.200 yen

Ninja box kids T-shirt red 3,000 yen

Ninja box kids T-shirt red 3,000 yen

Ninja box kids T-shirt blue 3,000 yen

Ninja Box x Taiko Master Light Blue 3,000 yen

Ninja box x drum master Yellow 3,000 yen

Death Smiles Logo T-shirt Green 4,500 yen

Death Smiles Logo T-shirt Black 4,500 yen

Death Smiles Silhouette T-shirt Brown 4,500 yen

Death Smiles Silhouette T-shirt Gray 4,500 yen

Mushihime reco line drawing T-shirt White 5,000 yen

Mushihime reco line drawing T-shirt Sand khaki 5,000 yen

Mushihime reco Video Noise T-shirt Navy 5,000 yen

Mushihime reco Video Noise T-shirt Black 5,000 yen

Wagyan Land x NEOG T-shirt 8.000 yen

[Creator Information]

Design-manufacture and sale of apparel products, miscellaneous goods, jewelry, etc. at Made in Japan.

Designs, plans and sells licensed apparel for anime, games and manga. In many cases, core works are dropped into apparel.

-A design team formed in 2007 with the aim of producing graphics and illustrations expressing a hardcore world view with NC Empire Pop. In addition to working on artworks and designs for CDs, books, animations, etc., he also produces original goods and works.

● otooto22
Music, manga, games, ART, graphic design, etc. Influenced by the various cultures that exist in the world, clothing based on the concept of [real music & real art & real culture !!!], and various accompanying products Manufacturing and sales. He also creates collaboration items with artists of various genres.

● GraphersRock
Art Director / Design designer Tamho Iwaya has designed and produced various CD jackets and music-related designs from indies to major labels. He collaborates with various companies and brands, and continues to lead and present the design of Tokyo pop culture in the Tens.

● Okd
Freelance web site and product design. He has developed many designs using pixel art.

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