New Balance Carbon Plate Shoes FuelCell TC / 5280 Finally Released Trial Campaign at New Balance Ginza / Nagoya Store

New Balance FuelCell carbon plate shoes will be pre-sold at the official online store from 12:00 on March 9 (Mon). Trial wear campaigns are also being conducted at New Balance Ginza and Nagoya stores. On March 28 (Saturday), sales at the New Balance Official Store, SteP SPORT, will also begin.

FuelCell TC

From the “FuelCell” collection, which combines a foam created with advanced technology and a dynamic carbon fiber plate, to “FuelCell TC” for training and racing, which was sold out last September and sold out We will sell limited quantities of the fuel cell 5280 (FuelCell Gonihachi Zero), an ultra-light carbon-based speed shoe, on March 9 (Mon) at 12:00 on the New Balance Official Online Store.

  • New Balance Ginza, "FuelCell TC" trial wearing campaign in Nagoya
  • Trial wear campaign

    In conjunction with the pre-sale, we will conduct a trial wear campaign that allows you to actually try fitting at New Balance Ginza and Nagoya stores. No reservation required, free. FuelCell TC is available in all sizes and sizes for both men and women. Please try the comfort that is unique to New Balance and the riding comfort with new technology.
    * The implementation period and content will differ depending on the store.

    [New Balance Ginza]
    Period: March 9 (Mon)-16 (Mon)
    Contents of the test: Try on the treadmill installed in the store or in the store Address: 3-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1st and 2nd floor of Maruto Ginza 3rd building Phone: 03-5148-1940
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    [New Balance Nagoya]
    Period: March 19 (Thu)-March 26 (Thu)
    Implementation content: Trial wear in the store or trial run on road run (1 hour) Address: 3-25-20 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
    Phone: 052-961-1906
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    Both stores accept reservations for FuelCell TC during the above period. Ask the store for details.

  • Store limited sales start on Saturday, March 28
  • On March 28 (Saturday), the following stores will start selling FuelCell TC and FuelCell 5280 over the counter. FuelCell 5280 is only available at some stores.

    [Sales store list]
    Out of the following stores (*), only FuelCell TC will be sold.
    New Balance Official Store New Balance Sapporo (*)
    New Balance Harajuku New Balance Ginza New Balance Tamagawa Takashimaya SC (*)
    New Balance Nagoya New Balance Osaka New Balance Grand Front Osaka (*)
    New Balance Fukuoka (*)

    SteP SPORT
    Step Sports Shinjuku Main Store Step Sports Tokyo Main Store Step Sports Osaka Store Step Sports Online Store

  • Product information
  • FuelCell TC (Training Competition)
    "FuelCell TC" was developed so that it can be used in both marathon and training scenes. The FuelCell midsole offers the same high rebound resilience as the "5280" and a full-length carbon fiber plate that enhances rigidity. Rubber is used on the outsole forefoot to increase durability and stability. With a smooth and breathable mesh upper and with sizing, you can select the size not only for the foot length but also for the foot circumference (around the instep), so you can experience the comfort of New Balance. The FuelCell TC, a new balance that combines bouncy ride comfort and durability for long hours of training, is a completely new technology, while also supporting the "fit" that New Balance has valued, and supporting runner performance improvement. To do.

    FuelCell TC Technology

    Product code: MRCXWM
    Color: WM
    Price: 24,200 yen (tax included)
    With / Size: D, 2E / 25.0-29.0cm

    Product number: WRCXWM
    Color: WM
    Price: 24,200 yen (tax included)
    With / Size: B, D / 22.0-25.5cm

    FuelCell 5280
    The "FuelCell 5280" was named after "5280 feet", which was converted from 1 mile (1600 meters) to feet. These shoes are designed for high-level runners to run at high speeds, assuming high-speed racing at short distances. The 5280, built from data from Jenny Simpson, the fastest road mylar on Team NB, is a new style of racing shoes that uses track spikes as road shoes. Combining a multi-directional carbon fiber plate with the midsole material “FuelCell”, a super-resilient midsole, boosts propulsion. The HYPOKNIT upper was strategically designed with elasticity, flexibility and support to support high performance. The DYNARIDE (Dyna Ride), which bites like the ground, is used on the outsole to securely grip the ground even during high-speed driving, leading to the next step.

    5280 Technology

    Product number: M5280
    Color: SOL
    Price: 24,200 yen (tax included)
    With / Size: D / 25.0-27.5cm

    Product number: W5280
    Color: SOL
    Price: 24,200 yen (tax included)
    With / Size: B / 24.0-25.5cm

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