Meisen’s technology and design that surprised the world “Isesaki Meisen-Meisen Dies Again” is being held at Design Gallery 1953 on the 7th floor of Matsuya Ginza until March 23 (Mon)

The Japan Design Committee is holding the 764th Design Gallery 1953 Special Exhibition “Isesaki Meisen-Meisen Will Die Again” until March 23 (Mon).

A display scene of Meisen, which focuses on the technique. Photo Nacasa & Partners

Meisen is a daily wear of silk fabrics that gorgeously colored women from the Meiji era to the early Showa era. This exhibition focuses on the advanced technique “Heiyoga-suri”, a technique unique to the world, produced in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, which is a representative production area. This is a valuable opportunity to see many of the Meisen collections. In recent years, Meisen has gained a reputation overseas as it has influenced famous fashion designers. The "21st Century Meisen" exhibited at this exhibition is currently being held at the Victoria & Albert Museum (V & A) in England. It will be released simultaneously at the exhibition Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk . Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of Isesaki Meisen's amazing technology and novel design that the world is paying attention to now.

"21st Century Meisen" designed by Reiko Sudo
The first thing you will notice in this exhibition is the “21st Century Meisen,” a miraculously restored Kasuri technique that was created in 2016. Kasuri Kasuri is a technique that uses a pattern to dye both warp (weft) and weft (yokoito) in the form of a thread and weaves the thread to express a complex pattern. Due to its height, other production areas could not be easily copied, and it was produced only in Isesaki from Taisho to Showa, but once it was completely completed due to the westernization of Japanese people and its complexity Will be obsolete. The "21st Century Meisen" exhibited this time was led by Michiko Sugihara and Tamyo Kanai (both from Isesaki City) who rediscovered the overwhelming beauty and uniqueness at one time, together with craftsmen It was miraculously restored over the course of three years. For the restoration, textile designer Reiko Sudo, who is active around the world, provided the designs with volunteer designers such as NUNO members.

The restored "21st Century Meisen". Each has a motif related to Isesaki. Reiko Sudo << red brick >> Photo Masayuki Hayashi

Goto Daiki Photo Signal Tower Photo Masayuki Hayashi

Tsutsumi Yuki "Azalea" Photo Masayuki Hayashi

Meisen's Techniques Read from Photos and Illustrations <br /> This exhibition focuses on Meisen's techniques. We introduce variations of Meisen by technique such as "Kasuri". Meisen, a yarn-dyed fabric, is appealing for its soft design contours created by the subtle misalignment of threads called reeds, but the exhibition conveys the rich expressiveness of each technique along with its characteristics. In the venue, there are 14 photos and illustrations that introduce the production process of Kasuri, and tools such as brushes and patterns are on display, so you can see the craftsmen's passion for advanced technology and manufacturing.

The weft yarn with the pattern dyed by the printing work and the peony brush used for the work. Thereafter, the process proceeds to the weaving process. Photo Nacasa & Partners

Photo of warp printing. Photo Kosuke Tamura

Dyeing is performed while adjusting the positions of the prepared patterns as many as the number of colors. Photo Kosuke Tamura

The fast fashion of the Taisho and Showa eras, the world of Meisen's masterpiece <br /> In the early Showa era, one of two women who traveled around the city of Ginza was said to have dressed as Meisen. The climax of this exhibition is the Meisen collection at the time, which was a panel of 32 items lining the wall. Meisen, whose Japanese aesthetic sensation has developed into its own worldview under the influence of European and American cultures such as Art Deco, has boldly incorporated the breath of the times, and could be said to be the fast fashion of the time. You can get a glimpse of the women at the time who are enjoying the coming of a new era, from Meishen, where the world of various designs has blossomed, from flowers and birds to geometry reminiscent of modern art.

Coordination of old and new Meisen. Photo Nacasa & Partners

A large collection of 32 Meisen collections. Photo Nacasa & Partners

At the end of the 21st century Meisen exhibited this time, it was decided to store it in a V & A, and in Isesaki, a number of tools indispensable for its production were scattered, and the “ Kashiri Kasuri '' died for the second time. welcome. Now that the resurrection has been entrusted to the future, it is of great significance to let many people know the existence of the technology and passion that created “Isesaki Meisen” through this exhibition. Please enjoy the world of Meishen's amazing technology and creativity in this exhibition with valuable collections and materials.

● Exhibition summary

  1. Title: # 764 times Design Gallery 1953 Exhibition "Isesaki Meisen over Meisen is twice Shinu"
  2. Dates: Wednesday, February 26-Monday, March 23, 2020
  3. Holding time: according to the business hours of Matsuya Ginza
  4. Venue: Matsuya Ginza 7F Design Gallery 1953
  5. 〒104-8130 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone 03-3567-1211 (main representative)
  6. Organizer: Japan Design Committee
  7. Co-sponsored: “Isesaki Meisen Day” Commemorative Event Executive Committee
  8. Cooperation: 21st Century Meisen Project (Michiko Sugihara, Tamai Kanai) Jomo Shimbun
  9. Isesaki City Library Isesaki Meijikan
  10. Exhibition charge: Reiko Sudo

● Design Salon Talk
The Design Salon Talk scheduled on March 13 (Fri) will be canceled to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

● Podcasts Reiko Sudo and other interviews with people involved in the exhibition are distributed via podcasts.

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TEL.03-3561-2572 FAX.03-3561-6038 Email:
Contact: Mariko Tsuchida, Shisuko Hirasaka

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<Reference> View of "21st Century Meisen" at the Kimono Kyoto to Catwalk exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum. (Photo left)

<Reference> Reception of the exhibition. Michiko Sugihara (pictured right) and Tamyo Kanai (pictured left) played a central role in the 21st Century Meisen Project. With the exhibition's curator Ana Jackson (center photo).

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