Public art will be set up at Ginza Line Kyobashi Station, Ginza Station, Toranomon Station, Aoyama 1-chome Station, Gaienmae Station!

Announced in line with the renewal of each station on the Ginza Line

Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. is promoting the installation of public art in line with the new and renewal of the station with the aim of creating a comfortable and rich cultural space. Public art will be set up at 5 stations on the Ginza Line, which are renewing all stations.
The Ginza Line, which is the closest subway to the ground, completed the renewal of the downtown area (Asakusa-Kanda) in 2017, and is now a commercial area (Mitsukoshi-mae-Kyobashi), a Ginza area (Ginza), and a business area (Shinbashi- We are renovating Akasaka Mitsuke) and trend areas (Aoyama 1-chome to Shibuya). The public art will be released to the public at the five stations, Kyobashi Station, Ginza Station, Toranomon Station, Aoyama 1-chome Station and Gaienmae Station, from April onwards.

Going forward, the Ginza Line will gradually set up public art in line with the station renewal. When using the Ginza Line, please enjoy public art works along with the new station.

The outline of the work is as follows. Please expect release.

■ Kyobashi Station “Stripe Drawing – Flow of time” (Released on April 1, 2020)
The glass placed in the stripes represents the wind and air flow that blows through. The light passing through the glass surface changes color depending on the angle and moves over time. I hope that the space of colors created by light will bring comfort to the time flowing through this place.

・ Original picture: Nobuhiro Nakanishi ・ Size: Approx.2.0m in height and 7.0m in width
・ Installation location: Near Exit 3 ・ Sponsor: AGC Corporation

■ Ginza Station “Crystallize” (Scheduled to be released in June 2020)
Light sculpture by Tokujin Yoshioka. The myriad of glows emitted by the crystal glass become one great light, reflecting the world's peace and a shining future. The sculpture of light gives the people who come and go shine and becomes a new symbol of Ginza Station.

・ Original picture: Tokujin Yoshioka ・ Size: about 1.65m in height and about 3.5m in width
・ Location: Near B6 Exit ・ Sponsorship: Shiseido Co., Ltd.

■ Toranomon Station "White tiger is watching" (Scheduled to be released in June 2020)
Group sculpture of girls wearing a white tiger mask. Due to the illusion caused by the concave relief, it changes direction in conjunction with the movement of the viewer's body and looks as if they are looking at it. The motif itself is hollow, with the contradiction of being “absent”, but showing different expressions depending on the viewpoint, creating an intimate relationship with each person passing in front. It will be a new symbol to watch all people coming and going at Toranomon Station.

・ Original picture: Michiko Nakatani ・ Size: Approx.2.0m in height and 9.0m in width
・ Location: Home to Shibuya ・ Sponsor: Morimura Shoji Co., Ltd. ・ Nippon Land and Building Co., Ltd. ・ Nomura Real Estate Co., Ltd.

■ Aoyama 1-chome Station “Everyone's Friends” (to be released in June 2020)
The concept of Aoyama 1-chome Station is “Graceful cityscape”. A stained glass reminiscent of fresh plants was installed at the corner of the station where many people come and go, where Mr. Akemi Nomiyama was in charge of the original painting. The vividly drawn works were created with the hope of becoming a rich place to connect people.

・ Original picture: Akemi Nomiyama ・ Size: about 2.0m in height and about 5.4m in width
・ Location: Near the ticket gate for Shibuya ・ Sponsor: Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Metro Cultural Foundation

■ Gaienmae Station "Kyoku no Mori" (Scheduled to be released in June 2020)
A sprinter that runs through the Ginkgo Namiki Road at full speed. Athletes who do their utmost in a number of legendary stadiums that are ahead of their eyes. This is the Meiji Jingu Gaien, known as a sports forest. Jingu Gaien becomes a lively forest when people from all over the world come together for excitement in sports. This stained glass is painted with the image that viewers are sucked into the world of work. We hope that the art that brings visitors to the excitement of genuine sports will continue to be popular.

・ Original picture: Ryohei Yamashita ・ Size: Approx.
・ Installation location: Near Exit 4b ・ Sponsorship: ITOCHU Corporation

* Schedules for release at each station are subject to change.