[Ginza Cruise Co., Ltd.] “Luxury House Restaurant” take-out menu will be on sale from May 7th.

The taste of a fine restaurant at home. A lineup of a number of special luxury lunches, such as dandelion double-tiered 8,640 yen, meat bar plate 3,000 yen, Japanese black beef and soft roast beef BOX 3,000 yen.

Takeout starts from May 7th at each store “Aoyama Hoshi no Naruki (Omotesando)”, “Cruise Cruise SHINJUKU (Shinjuku)”, and “Ristorante Benile Benelli (Omotesando Harajuku)”. Enjoy the take-out menu of luxurious materials just now.

From Thursday, May 7, 2020, Ginza Cruise Co., Ltd. (Chairman: Yuko Minami, location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will start selling take-out menus.
Take-out target stores are "Aoyama Hoshi no Naru no Ki (Omotesando)", "Cruise Cruise SHINJUKU (Shinjuku)", and "Restaurant Benéire Benile (Omotesando / Harajuku)".

From the Japanese cuisine "Aoyama Hoshi no Naruki", a luxury lunch box like a jewel box filled with many kaiseki dishes "Keido Ishii, the head chef, enjoys domestic ingredients, Sake Sake Dandanju 8,640 yen (tax included)" From "Benile Benile", a luxurious main dish that can be shared with families is a big impact "Meat bar plate-Japanese black beef, grilled chicken, Italian sausage-3,000 yen (tax included)", "Cruise Cruise Shinjuku" is ten grain rice and vegetables A box lunch full of carefully selected sommelier ingredients such as "Kuroge Wagyu Soft Roast Beef BOX (with 10 grain rice) 3,000 yen (tax included)".
In either case, you can't eat out, so why not have a table at home? We have a lineup of products that you can enjoy with a higher-grade lunch.


[Menu] * All prices include tax

■ Aoyama Star Tree, Exquisite Kasuzuke Bento 1,620 yen, Japanese Black Beef Sukiyaki and Kasuzuke Bento 2,700 yen, Keiichi Ishii General Chef Enjoying domestic ingredients

■ Restaurant Benile Benile pizza Quattro Formaggio 1,000 yen, pizza Margherita 1,000 yen, Italian spicy chicken frit 600 yen, French fries garlic anchovy butter 600 yen ) JPY 2,000-Meat bar plate-Japanese black beef, grilled chicken, Italian sausage- JPY 3,000

■ Cruise Cruise SHINJUKU
・ Japanese black beef soft roast beef BOX (with 10 grain rice) 3,000 yen ・ 100% beef stewed hamburger BOX (with 10 grain rice) 1,200 yen ・ Iberico pork and olive tomato stew BOX (with 10 grain rice) 1,100 yen ・ For young chicken Roast BBQ sauce BOX (with 10 grains rice) 900 yen, Cruise special beef lined curry (with 10 grains rice) 800 yen, Vegetable sommelier carefully selected grill & steam vegetable BOX 600 yen, Children BOX 500 yen

■ Take-out overview For take-out only, please call by phone (11: 00 ~ 16: 00), if you wish to pick up from 11:30 to noon on the day, please make a reservation by 16:00 the day before, take-out receipt time: It will be from 11:30 to 17:00. You can pay by credit card or cash at the store.