Limited to 9 days! In the summer, we will carry out a “Delivery fee 0 yen” campaign with Finder! Enjoy the food of a popular restaurant at your home.

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Ride-on Express Holdings Co., Ltd. offers “delivery” for 9 days from July 23 (Thursday) to July 31 (Friday) 2020 in the restaurant delivery service “Fine Dine” operated by Ride-on Express Group. We will carry out a campaign of "no charge". Normally, if you use the coupon code when you place an order during the campaign period, the delivery fee you receive will be 0 yen (free). (Until delivery on Friday, July 31)

■The delivery fee of 0 yen can be used by anyone and any number of times!

Not only those who use Finder for the first time, but also those who have used it up to now can use the coupon as many times as necessary during the campaign period. You can use it at all stores and restaurants, so please take advantage of it.

■You can use it by phone order, web order, application order, all order methods!
Coupons can be used on all order channels that can be used with Finder.
・Telephone order : Please tell the operator the coupon code when you place an order.
・Website/App order : Enter the coupon code in the coupon field in the order cart.

■ Famous restaurants are opening one after another! *The restaurants that can be delivered depend on the delivery area.

JS BURGERS CAFE Shabu-shabu hot vegetables Ginza Sushi Yamaken

[Outline of delivery fee 0 yen campaign]

The coupon code for "0 yen delivery fee coupon" will be published on the Finder official blog.
No matter how many times during the campaign period, if you use the coupon when ordering, the delivery fee will be 0 yen (free).

■Campaign period: July 23 (Thursday) to July 31 (Friday), 2020
■Discount: Delivery fee (depending on delivery area)
■ How to use: Enter the coupon code when ordering the official Finder website/app,

Or please verbally give the coupon code when you order by phone.
■Usage limit: You can use it any number of times during the period.
■ Expiration date: Until delivery on Friday, July 31, 2020 ■ Others: Food charges will be charged in addition to the delivery fee.
: Cannot be used with other coupons.

Details can be found on the Finder official blog.

[What is fineDine?]
This delivery service allows you to easily enjoy the authentic cuisine of a restaurant in the town at your home or office. "Findyne" is developing a store that acts as a delivery agent for a partner restaurant by utilizing the delivery and sales promotion know-how cultivated in the operation of its own brand (home delivery sushi "Gin no Sara", home delivery set "Kamatora" etc.) ..
As of July 23, 2020, we are providing services in some areas of Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.
You can check the finder development area (store) on the official website.
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