Summer vacation is a big season to choose kimono sleeves New type corona measures At stores and venues with perfect measures, even if the adult ceremony is postponed or canceled, you can choose peaceful kimono

Ichizo will give a full refund if the adult ceremony is canceled due to the new Corona

Ichizo Co., Ltd., which develops kimono and wedding businesses, is taking measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, including the installation of an ozone generator, which was pioneered in the industry, in the store even during summer vacation, which is a major season for choosing kimono. After taking all possible measures, we will welcome the young lady and her family.
In addition, due to the lack of prospect of termination of the new coronavirus infection, and the progress of adult ceremonies in each municipality, we decided to provide special support if the adult ceremonies were postponed or canceled. It was We are closely studying the anxiety of the young lady and her family who are turning the age of 20, and are actively studying alternative measures for the adult ceremony.

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A big season for choosing kimono, summer vacation. It is easy to match the schedules of a young lady who is usually busy at school or work with her family. Especially for a young lady who lives away from her parents, summer vacation is a limited opportunity, and many customers come to choose kimono sleeves every year.

We will meet the needs of such customers, and will fully welcome the new coronavirus infectious disease even during the summer vacation, and welcome the young lady and family.

  • About new coronavirus infectious disease measures

  • We are implementing the following measures from the viewpoint of ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees.

    ■We will thoroughly wash our employees' hands and wear masks whenever possible.
    ■ Employees are obliged to perform temperature measurement before going to work, and if a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher is confirmed, we will stop working.
    ■ Alcohol disinfectant and alcohol wet tissue are installed in the store and event venue.
    ■We may ask you to measure the temperature.
    ■Depending on the situation, business hours may be changed, stores may be closed, or events may be canceled.

    Ozone generator

    In addition, we are the first in the industry to install an "ozone generator" in the store.

    A study at the Nara Medical University proved that ozone could detoxify the new coronavirus, and ozone was also used to decontaminate the new coronavirus on that cruise ship.
    Ozone drifts in the air to reduce the risk of infection and provide a safe environment for our customers.

    The above measures will be appropriately mitigated and strengthened according to the future social situation.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • About adult ceremony correspondence due to new coronavirus infection
  • Please see the following site for our support contents

    Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, our lives have changed significantly in the last few months.
    The usual way of life is now taken for granted, and a new lifestyle has already begun.

    Over the past 29 years, we have been supporting young women and their families at the turning point of their 20th year of age through the ceremonial ceremony.
    Even if it becomes a new lifestyle, I will not refrain from celebrating the age of twenty.
    I would like to continue to cherish the glittering eyes of a young lady who goes through an adult's sleeves, and the emotional look of the family who see the young lady who has finished wearing the furisode.

    In order to get closer to everyone's anxiety, we have decided to offer a maximum full refund if the adult ceremonies are canceled due to the new coronavirus infection.

    We will continue to support the ceremonies of the young lady and family so that they can share the same feelings as everyone who is celebrating.

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