[Stay In Tokyo Campaign] The Art Aquarium Museum brings excitement to Tokyo with “Tokyo After 6” admission tickets!

The Art Aquarium Production Committee will open the "Art Aquarium Museum" on August 28, 2020. The Art Aquarium, created by writer and general producer Hidetomo Kimura, is a museum with a new sensation that fuses art design entertainment with an aquarium. This year marks the 14th year and an exhibition boasting a cumulative total of 10 million visitors has opened its first permanent exhibition at a dedicated facility this summer. It will be the largest large-scale exhibition ever.

The Art Aquarium Museum provides safe and secure entertainment to everyone living in the Tokyo area in response to the fact that travel to and from Tokyo has been discounted for the time being at the Go To Travel Campaign. We will carry out the "Stay In Tokyo Campaign" in the hope that it will be bright and energetic as much as possible.

■ Support Tokyo! "Stay In Tokyo Campaign"

"Tokyo After 6" admission ticket sold at a special price Valid until the end of December 2020!

We will sell the "Tokyo After 6" admission ticket at a special price to all those in the Tokyo area who can not go far away due to the coronal blight to alleviate the concentration and congestion of visitors.
The Art Aquarium Museum is a new facility that allows you to have peace of mind and enjoy your life by observing the rules, even under the constraints of Corona. ① Since it is in Tokyo/Nihonbashi, you can easily go out to play. ② You can fully enjoy your stay. ③ Be intoxicated by the extraordinary world and calm your mind.
We hope that the Art Aquarium will provide healing and vitality, and have a fulfilling time.

Three types of support campaigns started!
At the Art Aquarium Museum, we will carry out the following three types of "support campaigns" for the new Coronavirus.
How to purchase: Please apply from the official ticket site ( https://ticket.artaquarium.jp/ )Expiration date: Valid until the end of December 2020 *As the number of tickets is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out

■ Enjoy in Tokyo! "Stay In Tokyo Campaign"
"Tokyo After 6" admission ticket for returning to work or school

Target audience: Those living in the Tokyo area, those who can visit after 18:00 Sales start date: July 27, 2020-
Selling price: 1,800 yen (additional 200 yen from the 2000 yen discount ticket on sale)
Note: You can enter only after 18:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also possible)
You do not need to specify the date and time in advance, you can come anytime as long as it is within the validity period If you live in the Tokyo area you do not need to be a citizen of Tokyo

■ Give your child the best memories of 2020! "Family bond project"
Free admission for elementary school students and younger!

Target person: Children and families under elementary school age Sale price: Free Note: One elementary school age or less is free admission for up to two elementary school children per adult accompanied by a guardian. (Normal charge from the third person)
(Example) If you have 3 tickets, you can enter up to 6 people free of charge for elementary school students and younger)

■ Limited quantity sales only now! "Open commemorative limited ticket"
Discounted "early discount admission ticket" and "VIP admission ticket" now on sale

Target person: All sales start date: Early sale admission ticket during sale: 2,300 yen → 2,000 yen (free for elementary school students and younger)
VIP admission ticket: 5,500 yen → 3,500 yen (free for elementary school students and younger)
Note: It is not necessary to specify the date and time in advance, you can come anytime as long as it is within the validity period. In addition, the "VIP admission ticket" is a ticket that you can enter from the priority entry lane Please wait due to the admission restriction due to the new corona measures In some cases


*Optional audio guide is available for WEB only from 600 yen to 500 yen. *The venue may be closed irregularly due to maintenance and special event reservations.*The admission date and time is urgent due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Details are subject to change at any time on the official website. Please be sure to check before you come to the official website: https://artaquarium.jp/

Main measures to prevent new type of coronavirus infection at Art Aquarium Museum<br /> At Art Aquarium Museum, we will take thorough measures to prevent infection so that all guests and staff at the Art Aquarium Museum can feel safe and secure.

[Whole venue management]
・Always assign a hygiene manager.
・Any part you touch with your hands will be sterilized with alcohol once every 15 minutes.

[Customer infection prevention measures]
・Please wear a mask.
・Please refrain from conversation between customers as much as possible.
・Please enter the room after disinfecting your hands with alcohol. In addition, we will install rubbing alcohol in various places in the venue.
・Temperature is measured by thermography before admission, and only those below 37.5℃ can enter.
・Promote manners to prevent infection. (Voice by staff, signboard installation)
・Antibacterial soft film will be attached to the places where customers may come into contact.

[Staff infection control measures]
・I will always wear a mask.
・Wear hygiene gloves.
・Acrylic board (entrance, each cashier counter) will be installed.
・A face guard will be attached when necessary.
・Staff will be all temperature-checked when they go to work to manage their physical condition. In the unlikely event of a cold or fever, we will stop working immediately.

[Countermeasures against close/close/sealing]
・The number of people entering the hall will be limited by the introduction of the designated date and time ticket.
*After the limited number of tickets are sold, it is necessary to specify the date and time when purchasing the ticket.
* We will introduce our own ticket system and limit the number of visitors by hour.
*Same-day tickets will be sold only when the frame is empty. Advance reservations are recommended to ensure your admission.
・Introducing an AI camera with a function to count the number of people *The number of people entering and leaving the venue will be measured to prevent overcrowding.
・Install circulators at various places in the venue to constantly circulate and discharge air. In addition, we will consider and change as appropriate in consideration of the policies of the government and local governments and social conditions.

[Ukiyo] Introduction in some areas
Indulge in the gorgeous and gorgeous world of Edo's flower district

■Ukiyo's "Oiran way" created by the representative work "Oiran"

Hanamachi was the most gorgeous and innovative place in the Edo period. The most brilliant and symbolic moment in that flower town is "Oiran Dochu". A masterpiece composed of various "Oiran" which is a masterpiece of many art aquariums. The advanced lighting and sound systems give you an unprecedented sense of realism.

■The entrance to the world of Flower Street "Goldfish Daimon"

A long time ago, Daimon, which was said to have been at the entrance to the flower district, appeared as the "Goldfish Daimon," which holds a large lantern with goldfish dancing wildly. Beyond the Goldfish Gate, you will find a more gorgeous world.
When you look up at the Goldfish Daimon, you can see the "ceiling goldfish", in which countless goldfish swim on the ceiling, and the "reflectorium" on the left and right, where the mysterious appearance of the goldfish appears, creates an entrance to another world.

[Mystery] Introducing some areas <br /> Inviting you to a mysterious world with mysterious beauty on an overwhelming scale ■ "Goldfish Forest" lost in the mysterious world
The Goldfish Forest can be seen from the 1st and 2nd floors of the venue. You can experience the enjoyment of viewing one work in multiple ways, with a production that can be viewed differently depending on where you look.

[State from the second floor]

The goldfish forest is designed to look down from the second floor. You can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the mysterious beauty of the world that you have been wandering around until now. Enjoy the mysterious and fantastic space production of the Art Aquarium that uses the entire space in combination with the dynamic 3D image as if a goldfish is swimming in the air. The image changes depending on the season.

[State from the first floor]

If you walk and appreciate the mysterious world where many life-sized columns of water line up like a forest and many goldfish swim, the boundary between the world under water and the outside world becomes ambiguous It is rare.

■Appreciating from the perspective of space "Earth Aquarium Japonisme"

"Earth aquarium that expresses the earth, which is a water planet. Nishikigoi swims brilliantly and wraps the earth seen from space with the mystery of Japanese beauty.

Equipment outline

Facility name: Art Aquarium Museum (English notation: ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM)

Opening date: August 28, 2020

Location: 1-3-9 Nihonbashihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Hanzomon Line "Mitsukoshimae Station" Exit A1 2 minutes walk Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Tozai Line, Toei Asakusa Line "Nihonbashi Station" Exit D7 walk 7 minutes
5 minutes walk from Exit 5 of "Shin-Nihonbashi Station" of JR Sobu Line Rapid Line/Yokosuka Line

Business hours: 10:00 to 22:00 (subject to change)
Closed days: Open all year round *The venue may be closed irregularly due to maintenance and special event reservations. Details will be posted on the official website from time to time, so please be sure to check before visiting.

Number of floors: Two stories

Site area: About 2,132㎡

Infection prevention measures: We will thoroughly open new coronavirus infection measures and take appropriate measures before opening. Specific measures will be announced in the future. We will make appropriate examinations based on government policy and social conditions, and change appropriate measures.

Sponsor: Art Aquarium Production Committee

Representative executive union member: Amuseum Parks Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Takaaki Kamei, Yu Yoshitake

Writer/Producer: Hidetomo Kimura (Art Aquarium Artist)

Planning and production: Aquarium Creators Office

Special cooperation: Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Official site: http://artaquarium.jp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artaquarium_official/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artaquarium1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/artaquarium

Ticket Inquiries Art Aquarium Museum Ticket Inquiries
E-mail: support@artaquarium.jp
HP: https://ticket.artaquarium.jp/contact/

Facility concept "Museum of Life"
The Art Aquarium, which has been loved as a summer tradition, will go to a large permanent exhibition that creates a seasonal space throughout the year.
It will be a museum with a new sensation that will change and new discoveries with each arrival. This is the first time in Tokyo except in summer.
In addition, he produces an original space that stimulates the sense of life, light, sound, incense, and taste. Now that it is a turning point when changes in people's values towards entertainment are coming, we have been particular about "feeling with our five senses" and thoroughly pursued art that "you cannot taste unless you visit" and "realistic". It is such a "living" museum.

Art Aquarium Art Aquarium artist Hidetomo Kimura, who has established a unique art field called "Art Aquarium" by fusing art, design, entertainment and aquarium, is a new art exhibition from Japan to the world.
The exhibition, which started in 2007 as the "Sky Aquarium", has evolved into an "Art Aquarium" that specializes in goldfish and is composed of a fantastical world view reminiscent of the flower district of Edo. The “Art Aquarium” that has been held every summer since 2011 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo has grown into an event that can be called the summer tradition of Nihonbashi. So far in Japan, Hokkaido, Nagano prefecture, Ishikawa prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Hiroshima prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture, Okinawa prefecture, overseas in 2015 Milan Italy, 2018 China We have held a total of 37 exhibitions around the world such as Shanghai. The unique view of the world has received high praise both in Japan and overseas, and has accumulated a cumulative total of 10 million visitors to date.