-Tokyu Stay “Private Telework Room” Now on Sale-

Supports comfortable telework/working for business users

Tokyu Resorts & Stay Co., Ltd. has increased the number of companies that have introduced telework in Corona at some stores of the stay-type hotel "Tokyu Stay" developed and operated nationwide, and avoiding the risk of spread of business user infection and more comfortable In order to meet the needs for a telework environment, we have begun selling "private telework rooms" that do not have beds in the room, and have created an environment that allows us to concentrate more on the work. I will propose.

This time, we are planning to use it for some stores in the Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kinki areas, and we also anticipate that it will be used as a work application to perform remote work while taking a vacation in a place different from the usual workplace. Therefore, we offer not only day-use plans that only use rooms during the day but also early check-in plans. At Tokyu Stay, we have installed many convenient facilities for medium- to long-term stays, such as washing and drying machines, microwave ovens, and kitchenettes, in many guest rooms, providing a room that is wider than other hotels, making it even more comfortable. We are preparing an environment for you.

Tokyu Stay Yotsuya (single C type 20㎡)

  • A space where you can concentrate more on your work
  • At "Tokyu Stay", new ways of using hotels will be provided to help prevent the infection of employees of teleworking companies, work style reforms, business user productivity improvement and work-life balance improvement. I will propose.
    In the "private telework room," the bed is removed from the guest room for normal accommodation. You can work intensively during the working hours during the day in a quiet room with a Wi-Fi environment. When you are a little tired, you can easily sit on the sofa or chair provided to change your mood and switch it on and off, so even if you are not used to working at home at all, or if you are worried about the surrounding voice during web conferences or business meetings, You can work efficiently. We also have rooms with a kitchenette, where you can cook pre-purchased meals using an electric kettle or a microwave oven, so you can complete your work hours without going out. At "Tokyu Stay Ginza" and "Tokyu Stay Yotsuya," a balance ball provided by Tokyu Sports Oasis, a Tokyu real estate group company, is placed in the guest room, and you can refresh yourself by doing simple exercises during your work. can also do.
    "Tokyu Stay" currently has 28 stores nationwide, many of which are located in a good location near the station, and many business users have stayed in the past, With the start of sales of the "Private Telework Room", we will propose a new form of hotel use without accommodation.

    Tokyu Stay Ginza (Superior Twin 25㎡)

  • Larger rooms that are excellent for medium to long-term stays
  • At "Tokyu Stay", many of the guest rooms are equipped with convenient facilities for medium- to long-term stays, such as washer/dryers, microwave ovens, and kitchenettes. We provide it. In addition to the Tokyo area, this time we are also targeting some stores in the Hokkaido and Kinki areas, and we also envision a scene where you can use it as a work application to perform remote work also on vacation. Therefore, we offer not only day-use plans that only use rooms during the day but also early check-in plans.

  • Implementation summary
  • [Target stores]
    Tokyo area: "Tokyu Stay Ginza", "Tokyu Stay Yotsuya", "Tokyu Stay Shibuya New South Exit", "Tokyu Stay Nihonbashi",
    "Tokyu Stay Takanawa (in front of Sengakuji Station)", "Tokyu Stay Monzen Nakamachi", "Tokyu Stay Shinjuku"
    *Plans for future expansion “Tokyu Stay Aoyama Premier”, “Tokyu Stay Tsukiji”

    Hokkaido area: "Tokyu Stay Sapporo Odori"

    Kinki area: "Tokyu Stay Osaka Hommachi"

    "Private Telework Room" usage plan 3,000 yen per person (tax and service charge excluded)
    * Available period and time vary depending on the store.
    *Please see the Tokyu Stay official website for other plans.

    Reservations are accepted on the official Tokyu Stay website.
    *It may not be available depending on the reservation situation. Please note.

  • Tokyu Stay Overview
  • Concept-A hotel where you can stay as if you were living-
    From "business" to "sightseeing" to "temporary housing such as transfer", we provide "comfortable space for one night, medium- and long-term stay" with the main target of medium- to long-term guests including overseas travelers. With this concept, a washer/dryer, microwave oven, and mini kitchen (some types) are installed in the guest room.

    Store development *As of July 1, 2020
    Number of stores: 28
    Number of guest rooms: 4,521 (*excluding Tokyu Stay Residence)