[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Ikeise Ice Park will open this summer! A shaved ice with a unique character for its first appearance and collaboration

■Period: July 29th (Wednesday) to September 1st (Tuesday) ■Venue: Basement 1st floor = Side dish market special venue ■Number of stores: 14 stores in total

The Ikebukuro Main Store will open the “Ikesei Ice Park” again this year at a special venue under the department store from Wednesday, July 29th. The theme is "Enjoy the cold". The first appearance of shaved ice, gelato, etc. will be offered weekly. While many people refrain from going out with the coronal blight, you can enjoy unique cold sweets in the basement of the department store during shopping or after work.

  • <First week> July 29th (Wednesday) to August 4th (Tuesday)
  • ■ (First appearance) [Ginza] Parlor Binefull… A store where you can enjoy shaved ice and Espuma pancakes, which opened in January 2019. You can enjoy fluffy Espuma and sauce using carefully selected ingredients and homemade fruit vinegar.

    Parlor Binefull / Strawberries and pistachios Espuma shaved ice 1,301 yen

    Parlor binefuru / black sesame Espuma and brown sugar milk 1,100 yen

    Parlor binefuru / Targona coffee Shaved ice 1,100 yen

    Parlor binefuru / red shiso and myogato plum 1,001 yen

    Parlor Binefull/3 kinds rice cake 1,301 yen

    ■[Yamagata] Chazo / Matcha gelato

    Teahouse / Matcha gelato

  • <2nd week> August 5th (Wednesday) to 11th (Tuesday)
  • (First appearance) [Kawagoe] This is a shaved ice… A special shaved ice made with natural ice, you can enjoy a menu using original syrup created by the former pastry chef and matcha and potatoes unique to Kawagoe.

    This is shaved ice / wealth of Kawagoe potato 1,300 yen

    ■ popular gelato is to bring together the gelato festival … all over. (Gerato Torino, Malger Gelato, Sweet Sweet, Gelato Masmo, Shinhachi Chaya, Jerat Santo, ITALIA's Jeerato, Creat, Loyal, Ramie, Yumoku, Farma, Rice Farm, Yuma Farm, Kamata, Roma, Yumakuta, Ramie, Ruma Multi-channel, Dona Terows)

    Gelato Festival / Image is an image

  • <Third week> August 12th (Wednesday) to 18th (Tuesday)
  • (First appearance) [Kyoto] Japanese ice cream Sakuraka … An ice specialty store with the concept of Japanese. You can enjoy the flavors of ingredients such as brown sugar hojicha and kinako black honey.

    Japanese ice sakura / Shamisen ice (normal) 491 yen

    (First appearance) [Kyoto] Matsuya MATSUNARI × Ice House mamatoko… A confectionery store scheduled to open next year in Kyoto will appear for two weeks in collaboration with Ice House mamatoko.

    Matsuya MATSUNARI x Ice House mamatoko/Ichigo Yuzu 1,401 yen Sale: 8/12-18

    Matsuya MATSUNARI×Hyosha mamatoko/Sake lees Yuzu 1,401 yen Sale: 8/19-25

  • <4th week> August 19th (Wednesday) to 25th (Tuesday)
  • [Okinawa ] in BLU, (in blue)・・・ Gelato, a popular sweets shop on Miyakojima.

    in BLU, double gelato

    ■[Ehime] Tanabe fruits and vegetables jelly

    Tanabe Aika / Chuchu Jelly

  • <5th week> Wednesday, August 26-Tuesday, September 1
  • [Sangenjaya] Japanese kitchen planer… The decisive factor for shaved ice is a popular restaurant that carefully mixes seasonal ingredients as well as Japanese and Western ingredients to make them with great care.

    Japanese kitchen planer/pistachio and frambois milk quiche yogurt (price unknown)

    ■ [Italy ] Babi /Gelato

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