Have a slightly luxurious dining table! Premium food fair

From Wednesday, August 5 to Tuesday, August 25 / Daimaru Tokyo store basement, the first floor food cheek town

The self-restraining mood left me unable to eat out, and forced me to cancel or change homecoming trips and summer vacation trips. Meanwhile, in the department store basement of the Daimaru Tokyo store and Depaichi, it seems that the purchase amount per customer is 16% + from the previous year, and it tends to be a little luxurious shopping. So Daimaru Tokyo will sell about 20 kinds of new premium products that you can feel a little rich. Why not enjoy a little luxurious dining table because it's such a summer?

Premium with meat!
Japanese black beef fillet chateau brian, sirloin steak and popular brand pork Tokyo X are seasoned with a secret sauce. Cook on the spot. (20 minutes will be charged)
<Hiyama> A nice steak lunch ¥7,560/basement

Luxury meat sushi that uses rare parts Tomosankaku.
<Paul Bocuse Deli> Roast beef sushi (5) 1,080 yen/basement

It's the best dish made by baking the exquisite fire, Chateau Brian, which is a rare part of a cow.
Irresistible soft texture!
<Western Ginza> Chateaubriand's cutlet demiglace sauce ¥1,998/basement

Luxury bento of Yonezawa beef steak and yakiniku.
<Aji no Umebachi> Yonezawa beef steak, yakiniku bento 1,780 yen *10 meals/basement for each day only

You can enjoy two kinds of beef tongue, one serving of thick beef tongue steak and one serving of green onion salted beef tongue and lemon flavor.
<Gyutan Kanezaki> Leek salt lemon gyogyutan bento 3,000 yen/basement

Three kinds of classic bento such as Japanese (salt), soy sauce and Japanese pepper, and four kinds of luxurious lunches of W pepper (seasonal).
<Karatori> Karaage All Stars Lunch ¥1,000/basement

Sandwich with Sangen pork!
<Sandwich House Marchen> Millefeu cutlet with Sangen pork cheese 756 yen/basement

Premium seafood!
A large volume of sushi containing 10 kinds of ingredients such as large jumbo scallops snow crab from Hokkaido.
<Shiretoko sushi> Northern big flyer 1,890 yen/basement

This tuna is made! I used 2 pieces of lean meat, 2 pieces of middle Toro, 3 pieces of large Toro, and plenty of plowed meat.
<Nakajima Suisan> This tuna iron-fired rice bowl 1,880 yen / basement

A luxurious gorgeous millefeuille with plenty of snow crab, sea urchin and headed shrimp!
<Creative Sushi Restaurant Takimoto> Luxury Triple Millefeuille 2,268 yen / Basement

Premium tempura bowl with fried shrimp and seasoned conger eel as well as shrimp.
<Tenichi Ginza> Summer shrimp conger eel bowl 1,350 yen / basement

Premium sweets bread!
(Top) Go beyond the number one popular Gouda cheese in Tokyo, France! ? New product to do. Look at the amount of cheese.
<Paul Bocuse> Hot water-made Gouda cheese bread 1 864 yen, 1/2 432 yen ,
(Bottom) Luxurious French bread with 5 types of cheese (smoked, gouda, red cheddar, mozzarella, camembert).
<Paul Bocuse> More radical cheese France 1 piece 993 yen, 1/2 piece 496 yen/basement

Gato is inspired by traditional sweets "cassata" using ricotta cheese from Sicily, Italy, and pistachio, a typical Sicilian ingredient. The creamy taste of ricotta cheese.
The mellow, thick cream, crispy sable, and the crispness of caramelized pistachio create a premium contrast of texture.
<Pierre Herme Paris> Elena 1 piece 864 yen / 1st floor

Gummy caramel nougat and premium assortment.
<Pububure> Premium cup set 2,500 yen/basement

Unique formulation with more yolk than usual. You can enjoy the rich fragrance of eggs.
<Mori Koshiro> Mori Koshiro's Kasutera cosmetic box 2,376 yen / 1st floor

The large shape is luxurious Baumkuchen! The outside is crisp, the inside is aged, and the essence of Baumkuchen.
Original only for Nenrinya.
<Nenrinya> Mount balm Firm bud 3 mountains 1 piece 4,860 yen/1st floor