Happy Halloween at Shiseido Parlor Halloween Sweets♪

Shiseido Parlor will release "Halloween Chocolate" for a limited time and from September 10 (Thursday) to October 31 (Saturday), 2020. The ghost package is packed with 3 types of crunch chocolate that you can enjoy flavors unique to Halloween. With its cute Halloween charm, the "Halloween Chocolate" is so exciting that it's a great gift for a season.

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  • "Halloween chocolate"
  • * Handled at Shiseido parlor stores nationwide, mainly department stores, and online shops

    "Halloween chocolate 5 pieces" image

    Halloween chocolate 5 pieces 594 yen (tax included) <with charm>
    *3 pieces of crunch chocolate 5 pieces: 2 pumpkins, 2 caramel apples, 1 bitter

    "Halloween chocolate 5 pieces" package

    "Halloween chocolate 14 pieces" image

    Halloween chocolate 14 pieces 1,566 yen (tax included) <with charm>
    *14 pieces of 3 types of crunch chocolate: 5 pumpkins, 5 caramel apples, 4 bitters

    "Halloween chocolate 14 pieces" package

    Lively music from somewhere in the night when people sleep. A glittering space illuminated by a mirror ball. Clapping clapping and dancing footsteps in time with the lively record. It was a ghost's disco only once a year.

    [Product information]
    ◆Caramel apple : Crunch chocolate made by blending dry apple and caramel powder into blended chocolate of white and milk.

    Crunch chocolate "caramel apple" image

    ◆ Pumpkin : Pumpkin flavored crunch chocolate made by mixing pumpkin powder with white chocolate.

    Crunch chocolate "pumpkin" image

    Bitter : Adult bitter crunch chocolate that can enjoy the rich aroma and bitterness of cacao.

    Crunch chocolate "Bitter" image

    ※The photograph is an image.
    *Even during the period, sales will end as soon as the number of products reaches the limited quantity.
    *This information is as of August 2020. Service and product information may change without notice.

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