With the online ordering service of the order suit specialty store “GINZA Global Style”, you can now order the “order shirts” that were often requested online! Full-scale orders supported by stylists online!

On September 4, 2020 (Friday), Tangoya Co., Ltd., which operates the global style of order suit specialty stores, started to support "order shirts", which were often requested for online orders! You can easily order high-quality custom shirts even at home.

On September 4, 2020 (Friday), Tangoya Co., Ltd., which operates the global style of order suit specialty stores, started responding to the often requested "order shirts" in the online order service exclusively for members. !!

You can easily order high-quality custom shirts even at home.

Even when ordering online, you can order with the same variation and quality as when ordering at the store. Counseling services such as coordination suggestions by veteran stylists are also substantial.

▼ GS Online Order Service page

The online ordering service for custom-made shirts has many convenient functions such as a search function such as "color pattern" and "brand", and a "favorite" function that allows you to save your favorite shirt fabrics.

On the detail page of each fabric, you can check not only the price and color pattern, but also the material, brand, and delivery date in detail. Of course, we also provide counseling services such as suggestions and answers to questions from stylists.

Of course, the online ordering service can be used on both PC and smartphone devices.

▼ Smartphone screen image

What is a GINZA Global Style custom-made shirt? ]

① Beautiful silhouette that fits your body <br /> Unlike ready-made shirts, this is a custom-made shirt that is tailored to each individual size. You can freely change the fit of the arm circumference, waist circumference, and armhole according to your body shape, so you can experience a comfortable fit with a smart silhouette.

(2) Wide variety of fabrics to choose from <br /> In Global Style, we offer shirt fabrics with various colors and patterns, including overseas imported brand shirt fabrics. You can choose the one you like according to the purpose and coordination.

③ Design customization that allows you to enjoy ordering <br /> For global style custom shirts, 62 types of collar types, 14 types of cuff designs, and other back styles and pocket types are available with a wide range of customization options. You can enjoy customizing with TPO of dressing and taste of your choice.

For online ordering of custom-made shirts, it is easy to choose various collar types and cuffs with easy-to-understand contents. Please enjoy your order with your favorite details.

What is GINZA Global Style's online ordering service? ]
① Industry's first! Supported by professional stylists!

Simply select the image you want and the fair that is being held, and a professional stylist will propose a suit that suits you. While online, you can order a suit that will satisfy you with the same counseling as a store. For counseling, you can choose your favorite method such as e-mail, telephone, web conferencing (video chat).

The global style online ordering service is only available to experienced professional stylists, not customer support without suit or sizing expertise. This is the industry's first service that eliminates anxiety such as "I'm worried about the internet even though it's my second order" and "I want to change the size a little".

② The finished image is easy to understand! Complete with catalog

Global style has more than 5,000 kinds of fabric variations, which is the largest number in the industry. The online order catalog ( https://www.global-style.jp/online-order/catalog/ ) provides easy-to-understand information on the finished image, fabric price and details.

Of course, we also support ladies' orders. We offer the same fabric variations as men's, and you can order from 4 types of jacket models and 3 types of pants, including the "colorless jacket" that was just released in June.

③ It is possible to tailor and upgrade options!

You are free to choose the customization options that are the real pleasure of ordering.

[Order flow]
① Select the desired image fair from the dedicated form and send it ② A professional stylist will contact you back. We will propose the order contents by e-mail, telephone, web conference and the method that is convenient for you.
③ We will send you a quotation after hearing.
④ If there is no problem with the quotation, please pay by credit card or bank transfer.
⑤ About one month later, the product will be delivered to you. * You can also choose to pick up at the store.

■ About GINZA Global Style

"I want business people to enjoy custom suits more easily. I want to propose new ways of custom suits." From such a thought, a new custom suit shop was born with the concept of "ENJOY ORDER!". Utilizing the unique purchasing network of a long-established fabric wholesaler, we offer high-quality and fashionable suits at a reasonable price.

■ GINZA Global Style Store List (* As of September 2020)
・ GINZA Global Style Ginza new main store (ladies' store)
・ GINZA Global Style Ginza Main Store ・ Main Building ・ GINZA Global Style Ginza Main Store ・ New Building ・ GINZA Global Style COMFORT Omotesando Store (Ladies' Store) * New!
・ MARUNOUCHI Global Style Main Store ・ GINZA Global Style Ginza 5-chome Store ・ GINZA Global Style Kanda Chuo-dori Store ・ GINZA Global Style Shinjuku 3-chome Store ・ Global Style Shinjuku South Exit Store ・ GINZA Global Style Ikebukuro East Exit Store

・ GINZA Global Style COMFORT Yokohama West Exit store (ladies' store)

・ GINZA Global Style Diamor Osaka store (ladies' store)
・ GINZA Global Style Osaka Honmachi store (ladies' store)
・ GINZA Global Style Namba Skyo store

・ GINZA Global Style Kyoto Sanjo Dori Store ・ GINZA Global Style Kyoto Shijo Store (Ladies' store)

・ GINZA Global Style Dai Nagoya Building Store ・ GINZA Global Style Nagoya Unimall Store ・ GINZA Global Style Nagoya Central Park Store

・ GINZA Global Style COMFORT Hakataeki Chuogai store (ladies' store)
・ GINZA Global Style Fukuoka Tenjin

■ About Tangoya Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1949, Tangoya Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the wholesale business of fabrics, and in 2009, it launched the custom suit shop brand "Global Style" by utilizing its unique purchasing network. In order to fundamentally change the custom-made suit industry, which is often thought to be "expensive," "old-fashioned," and "difficult to enter," we offer reasonable prices, offer a wide range of suit models and fabrics with an emphasis on fashion, and are fashionable. Under the brand concept "ENJOY ORDER!", We continue to pursue the support of business people through custom-made suits by repeatedly devising various space designs.

■ Company Profile <br /> Company Name: Tangoya Co., Ltd. President: Hiroshi Tashiro Headquarters Location: 3-5-1 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Tangoya Building Capital: 80 million yen Industry: Fashion (Men's Apparel)

■ Inquiries regarding this matter <br /> Tangoya Co., Ltd. Net Marketing Headquarters Public Relations, Ishiguchi 1-5-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 3rd Taiyo Building 5F (Tokyo Branch)
TEL: 03-6264-4740
MAIL: info@tangoya.co.jp