Antenna America (Nagano Trading) x EXBAR TOKYO (TAITO) Limited time pop-up shop information

Stimulate your senses with a game that adults and children can enjoy with an American craft beer in Ginza Corridor-gai

Nagano Trading Co., Ltd., which imports and wholesales American craft beer, will open a pop-up shop of its own American craft beer bottle shop & tasting room "Antenna America" from September 18, 2020 (Friday). It will open for a limited time in Ginza Corridor-gai, Tokyo.

A limited-time pop-up shop will open on September 18th (Friday) as an American craft beer shop & tasting room "Antenna America" on a part of the store site of "EX BAR TOKYO" in Ginza Corridor-gai, Tokyo. In addition, as a special open campaign, we will offer all draft beer for 750 yen for a week from the official opening at 11:30 on September 18th (Friday) to September 24th (Thursday) !

[Stimulate your five senses with a game that adults and children can enjoy with an American craft beer in Ginza Corridor-gai]

"Craft beer cutting-edge area" In addition to more than 180 types of craft beer directly imported from the United States through strict quality control, "Selzer" and "cider" that are popular in the United States, and even beer lovers have a lineup A lineup of rare brewery goods that you will want to buy.
"Antenna America" is a space where you can experience new breweries, new products, and cutting-edge "America" that are added every month. Not only can you enjoy it on the spot, but it is also recommended for home use and for purchasing gifts. Also, in the adjacent "EXBAR TOKYO" zone, it will be a new initiative to stimulate craft beer and the five senses, where you can enjoy meals while enjoying various games from adults to children with beer in one hand!

Store name Antenna America EXBAR TOKYO

Business hours Mon-Thu 16: 00-22: 00, Friday / Saturday 11: 30-22: 00, Sunday / Holiday 11: 30-21: 00 (planned)

Period September 18th (Friday) -December 31st (Thursday) (planned)

* Photo taken at Antenna America Yokohama store


The inside of "EXBAR TOKYO", which provides free space and fun time through "food" and "play", is a shooting attraction "Gun Arena CE" using actual BB bullets, and "Multiple battles on a large screen" Not only is there a lineup of games that adults and children can enjoy forgetting time, such as Space Invaders GIGAMAX, but we also offer a self-server system that allows domestic craft beer to be selected by weight and American food that goes well with beer. It is an extraordinary space to do. (Drinks and food provided in the EXBAR TOKYO area are managed and provided by Taito.)

[About Antenna America]

Antenna America is a bottle shop and tasting room where you can experience craft beer "America only". Operated by Nagano Trading, an importer trusted by America's leading cutting-edge craft brewery. With the motto of creating a space where you can experience "America anytime", we offer fresh beer from top quality breweries. With a rich lineup of over 150 types, you can enjoy craft beer from the online store as well as eating and drinking in the store and taking it home.

[About Nagano Trading Co., Ltd.]

Company name: Nagano Trading Co., Ltd. Representative: Akemi Balmas Established: August 2004 (Nagano Trading Co., Ltd.)
Location: 5-4 Yoshidamachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 6th Yoshida Building 4th floor