9/29 (Tue) is “Maneki Neko Day” / Craftsmanship calls fortune! Fujimaki style “20 beckoning cats” special page OPEN!

Released on September 7th (Monday). Enjoy every day full of good fortune and abundance with "20 cats".

September 29th (Tuesday) is "9 (coming) 29th (fortune)" and "Maneki Neko Day"! On the EC site "Fujimaki Department Store" where you can meet gems with the theme of "Japan", there is a special page "Craftsmanship brings good fortune! It was released on Monday, July 7th.
Maneki Neko has long been popular in Japan as a "messenger of good fortune" who brings various benefits such as good luck, good luck, thousands of customers, and prosperous business. This time, we have carefully selected and introduced 20 items with the theme of such lucky creatures "cat" and "Japan". Please take a look at "20 cats" unique to Fujimaki Department Store, where craftsmanship shines.

▼ Craftsmanship calls fortune! Fujimaki style "20 beckoning cats" special feature

  • Introductory items (* some excerpts)
  • Divided into 6 categories, we introduce a total of 20 cat items that shine with Japanese craftsmanship unique to Fujimaki Department Store. Enjoy every day full of good fortune and abundance with "20 cats".

    ■ Craftsman x craftsman collaboration

    [Kakinuma Doll x Yamamoto of Inden] Koshu Inden Edo Kimekomi Special Collaboration Manekineko
    15,000 yen (excluding tax)

    "Edo Kimekomi Doll" and "Koshu Inden", a collaboration between two traditional craftsmen! A premium beckoning cat that is so cute that you can't stop being excited.

    ■ Luxury mood lucky charm

    [NAGAE +] Manekineko Platinum gold leaf / Silver leaf
    12,000 yen (excluding tax)

    Glitter of gold and silver, a million cars in hand. A luxurious beckoning cat with pure gold and platinum foil. If you literally decorate a gem that "shines" with craftsmanship, you will definitely improve your fortune! ??

    ■ Kakinuma Doll

    [Kakinuma Doll] Maneki Neko Feng Shui Small
    5,333 yen (excluding tax)

    A fusion of traditional wood grain technology and crepe material! A palm-sized beckoning cat that makes you want to touch it with its soft round shape.

    ■ Maneki Neko of pottery

    [Yoneda Tokado] Kutani ware Maneki Neko
    5,500 yen (excluding tax)

    Raise your right hand to invite money, raise your left hand to invite people. And the black that is familiar to "Fukuneko" and the red that protects against illness. The charm and gorgeousness is perfect! It is a beckoning cat packed with various "lucky so-called".

    ■ Maneki Neko to wear

    [Ikenohata Silver Leather Store] Cramp Double-wrapped breath (Maneki Neko Diamond)
    15,000 yen (excluding tax)

    A silver cat with diamond eyes tied leather! It's not just about decorating, it's a fashionable choice of "a beckoning cat to wear". If we were together, we wouldn't wait for the arrival of good fortune.

    ■ Extra edition Cat goods

    [Kaya Glass] Cat Kiriko Rock Glass
    16,800 yen (excluding tax) ~

    If you hold it in your hand and look into it, you will see some pretty "cats" at dusk! A popular work that fascinated Kiriko fans and cat lovers with the surprising combination of "Kiriko x Cat".

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