Moomin 75th Anniversary Moomin Comics Exhibition Held!

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Moomin, Matsuya Ginza will hold the "Moomin Comics Exhibition" on September 24th (Thursday), which will unveil more than 280 original drawings of manga serialized by Tove Jansson, the original author of Moomin fairy tales, and his younger brother Lars Jansson. ) -It will be held from October 12th (Monday).

[History of Moomin]

The first manga by Tove Jansson (1914-2001), the original author of the Moomin fairy tale, was published in the Finnish "Ny T id" newspaper for two years from 1947.
After that, from 1954, the serialization began in the British "Evening News" newspaper, and with the cooperation of his younger brother Lars Jansson (1926-2000), it will continue for more than 20 years.

The existence of this Moomin comic has made Moomin widely known and has led to the popularity of Moomin today.
In this exhibition, we will focus on Moomin comics and introduce character settings, sketches, original drawings, etc.

Please enjoy the rich world of Moomins through the 280 points that will be released for the first time in Japan.

Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson

Tove Jansson "" Maigo no Mars "

[Exhibition structure]


Introducing the Moominvalley friends with 17 hand-drawn drawings for Tove's Moomin fairy tales.

【Chapter 1】

Episode 1 "Moomin Alone" 1954, Episode 11 "Maigo no Mars" 1957, Episode 18 "Golden Tail" 1958, etc., 17 episodes of character settings, etc., drawn by Tove Jansson 34 Exhibits 45 points and sketches.

There will also be stories and attractive characters unique to comics that are not found in Moomin fairy tales.
Some of the sketches are on display for comparison with "Moomin Comics" translated by Chikuma Shobo and Mayumi Tomihara.

[Chapter 2]

His younger brother Lars Jansson (1926-2000) was involved in the serialization of comics for collecting and translating materials, but when Tobe became busy, he decided to continue serializing by Lars alone from 1960. ..
In this corner, Episode 62 "Journey to Ancient Egypt", 1971, Episode 68 "It's Troublesome to Have Rich" 1973, Episode 71 "War and Peace of the Moomins", 1974 Introducing the final episode of Moomin Comics, Episode 73 "10 Piggy Banks", and episode 4 of 1975, with 180 original drawings by Lars, which will be released for the first time.

[Introducing the exhibited works! ]

Ⓒ Moomin Characters ™

Tove Jansson's "Golden Tail" Study

Sketch of Tove Jansson's "Maigo no Mars"

Lars Jansson "" Moomin and the Ten Piggy Banks "original picture"

[Introduction of exhibition limited products (example)] (Price includes tax)

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Square plate set ¥ 2,640

T-shirt (main visual) S-XL ¥ 3,190
Child size ¥ 2,750

Stainless mini bottle ¥ 1,980

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Cosmetic pouch ¥ 2,090


■ Exhibition name: Moomin 75th Anniversary "Moomin Comics Exhibition"

■ Date: September 24th (Thursday) to October 12th (Monday), 2020, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

* Closed at 7:30 pm on 9/27 (Sun), 10/4 (Sun), and 11 (Sun), and 5 pm on the last day.
Admission is 30 minutes before closing.
Business days and opening hours are subject to change.
Please check Matsuya HP before coming to the venue.

■ Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square (3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku)

■ Admission: Specified date system / General 1,200 yen (900 yen) High school students 700 yen (500 yen)
Junior high school students 500 yen (400 yen) Elementary school students 300 yen (300 yen) Advance fees in parentheses * Please check Matsuya HP for how to obtain admission tickets.

■ Organized by: Moomin Comics Exhibition Executive Committee

■ Special cooperation: Moomin Characters

■ Cooperation: Rights and Brands, Chikuma Shobo, Kodansha

■ Support: Embassy of Finland

■ Comics translation: Mayumi Tomihara

■ Art Director: Yuki Otani

■ Planning and production: Toei

◆ Inquiries from readers and viewers: 03-3567-1211 (Matsuya University representative)
◆ Scheduled to visit 11 venues nationwide in 2 years