Enjoy Halloween at home 2020 in Ginza Mitsukoshi / October 14th (Wednesday) -31st (Saturday), 2020

At Ginza Mitsukoshi, from October 14th (Wednesday) to 31st (Saturday), 2020, from sweets and items that will liven up the Halloween mood, to transformation goods workshops, photo spots, posting campaigns using SNS, gifts, etc. Introducing various ways to enjoy Halloween.

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<Ginza Mitsukoshi Homepage> The video "Let's make transformation goods using masks!" Is being distributed.

Let's enjoy Halloween by making transformation goods with your mask, gloves and Katyusha! On the Ginza Mitsukoshi homepage, we introduce a video of "Making ghost cat transformation goods" by "Ukiashi Dakutsu" who handles various workshops.

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<Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 10th floor> Halloween photo spots have appeared!

Follow the motifs of pumpkins and ghosts on the floor to find cute photo spots! Umbrellas are also available to make the Halloween atmosphere even more exciting! * Please contact the staff for details.

<Instagram> "# Ginza Mitsukoshi Halloween 2020"

[How to apply] Follow the Ginza Mitsukoshi official Instagram account.

Please attach the hashtag "# Ginza Mitsukoshi Halloween 2020" and post it on your Instagram. Anything related to Halloween, such as transformation goods using masks, photos taken at photo spots, Halloween costumes, decorations, etc. are OK. We will give you a wonderful gift by lottery from the customers who participated.

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<Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building B2F> A large collection of sweets that will make you feel like Halloween!

Adult taste with rum raisins and cinnamon. A Halloween-only cake with a chewy crepe dough sandwiched with fluffy pumpkin cream.

<Frédéric Cassel>
Mille crêpes potiron
756 yen (1 piece) Made in Japan * The number is limited. Please forgive it when it is sold out.
■ Main Building B2F GINZA Chocolat

Two types of crispy and light-textured cat tongue are packed in a cute Halloween-only box. A limited-time package perfect for souvenirs.

<Antenor Ginza Boutique>
Halloween Assortment (S) (10 pieces)
648 yen * Limited to 200 items * Please forgive when sold out.
■ Main Building B2F Western confectionery

Rare cheese mousse made from Hokkaido cream cheese and sweet and sour strawberry mousse are wrapped in fertilizer to make a cute ghost.

<Antenor Ginza Boutique>
Halloween rare cheese
616 yen (1 piece)
■ Main Building B2F Western confectionery

A cute marshmallow that you can decorate and enjoy. Freely draw the ghost's face with a chocolate pen! Float on coffee or milk for a latte art look.

<Ishimura Manseido>
Halloween marshmallow
540 yen (chocolate marshmallow x 5, chocolate pen x 1)
■ Main Building B2F Kayuan

Mainly witches, assorted dried sweets with lovely Halloween motifs such as ghosts and bats.

Happy Halloween
594 yen (15 pieces)
■ Main Building B2F Kayuan

Jack-o-lanterns, bats, and ghosts with cute expressions are finished with sugar work. Molasses overflows in your mouth.

<Tawaraya Yoshitomi>
Molasses bonbon "Happy Halloween"
972 yen (12 pieces / 3 types x 4)
■ Main Building B2F Kayuan

* All prices include tax.
* All of these products are only available at stores.
* As the number is limited, please forgive it when it is out of stock.

Let's register as a member of the Mitsukoshi Isetan app!

During the period, the first 1000 people who present the "coupon screen" of the Mitsukoshi Isetan app will receive the Ginza Mitsukoshi original "Halloween drawstring pouch".

■ Location: Main Building B2F Food Information Counter / New Building 10F Baby Children's Goods Deposit Counter

■ Mitsukoshi Isetan App

* As the number is limited, please forgive it when it is out of stock.